Events in Denia Spain and How to Find Them

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There are so many wonderful events in Denia to enjoy, from festivals to concerts, cook-offs, markets, and more. It’s one of the many things that we love about living here. Our idyllic Mediterranean beach town has plenty to do year-round. Yet many times it feels like we hear about events at the last minute, or worse, after they’ve already happened. We have found that we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

So in this post, we share a kept-up list of resources for how to find events in Denia, information about what kind of events are common here, and some insight on what to keep in mind regarding this aspect of expat life in Spain.

Current List of Resources for Events in Denia

If you have resources that you find helpful for discovering events in Denia, please tell us about it in the comments below. We’ll keep this post up to date with the latest resources shared with us and that we find over time. Thank you. We appreciate your help! Agenda Page

This is the tourism website for Denia and it tends to feature a variety of events. There are cultural festivals, film showings, family activities, art exhibits, musical concerts, courses, and more. Most events seem to be organized or sponsored by the town hall (ayuntamiento). This is also one of the better websites for finding events in Denia because it functions well. However, we have noticed that if you select for the site language to be in English, only one event shows up.

events in Denia Agenda Page

The town hall, or ayuntamiento, runs this website and keeps events in Denia posted on their agenda page. The website is not the most user-friendly but it’s still usable. A tip for using the events search page – leave the field ‘Tipo’ set to ‘todos’. Otherwise, no results come up.

events in Denia Agenda Page

This media and journalism website is the main source of local information about Denia. Their agenda page has a nice simple list of the latest upcoming events, along with search filters. Something to keep in mind is that for their articles that feature businesses, it seems clear that it is paid advertising. So, for example, an article about the top 10 restaurants in Denia does not seem objective to us. It’s pretty obvious that it’s restaurants paying to be featured in the article.

events in Denia Events Guide

On this website, you can find out about events throughout the entire Costa Blanca region. This is very helpful for getting out to explore not only Denia but the surrounding areas. It doesn’t seem to have a search feature but scroll down to the ‘What’s On Guide by Month’ for events organized per month. The only thing is that they don’t seem to always list Denia events that far in advance, so still check the other sites as well.

events in Denia

Some other great forums online for learning about events in Denia are by joining Facebook Groups. One of the most popular is the Denia Connect Community Group (strictly no adverts).

Most Popular Events in Denia

Moors and Christians festival

Above Image – The Moors & Christians Festival

All year round there are various events that take place which are held every year. Most of these fiestas are cultural events. It really does feel like there’s always a party going on. Even if you don’t hear about it in advance, it’s likely that you’ll run into it if you’re out and about in Denia. Keep in mind that there are a lot of saint’s days which involve religious activities but also feature local events.

Here are the annual events in Denia that keep the tradition of local fiestas alive.

January 5th is the parade of the three wise men, or in Spanish Los Reyes Magos.

January 26th is the pilgrimage of Saint Paula’s Hermitage. This usually involves a small parade and a traditional market afterward.

Early February is the red prawn of Denia cooking competition, or Concurso Internacional de Cocina Creativa de la Gamba Roja de Denia (we know… such a mouthful). This full day event usually takes place at the Mercado Central and celebrates this delicious creature that is local only to the waters of Denia.

Three Kings Day in Spain

Above Image – The Three Kings Parade

End of February to March 19th is one of the biggest festivals in Denia, the Fallas. While the main dates are actually March 16th through the 19th, a lot starts to take place at the end of February. For example, starting March 1st through the 19th, there is the daily Mascleta which is a loud gunpowder blast that is shot off at 14h. This celebration involves each neighborhood, or casal, building a giant, beautiful effigy that on the last night is burnt down. The Fallas takes place in each town and city of the Valencia region. In the city of Valencia it involves thousands of people and is massive.

events in Denia

Second Sunday of May is the saint’s day for the Lady of the Forsaken, which is the patron saint of sailors.

First fortnight in June is for celebrating the Lady of Rocio pilgrimage, which involves music and parades.

June 20th through 24th is the festival of San Juan which culminates with the bonfires of San Juan on the night of the 23rd. This is when people gather on the beaches and light bonfires that they then jump over.

events in Denia

June 28th through 29th is the Saint Pere festival which happens on Saint Peter’s Street with music and dancing.

First two weeks of July is a time called the Lord’s Holy Blood but is better known as the Festa Major. This entails parades, concerts, and the renowned Bous a la Mar which is the running with the bulls into the sea. But the far more incredible event that takes place is the Correfoc, a mesmerizing run through fireworks along the Marques de Campo (Denia’s main street). It’s out of this world!

READ MORE: Our First Correfoc in Spain – Denia’s Mesmerizing Fire Run Caught on Video

Mid-August is the other biggest festival in Denia (and throughout the Valencia region), the Moors and Christians. For a full week there are amazing reenactments of the historic time period in Spain when the Christians drove out the Moors from these coasts. There are also parades, concerts, and fireworks. It really is an incredible event!

events in Denia

End of October and beginning of November is actually celebrated with Halloween festivities here (the western influence has succeeded with that). They usually turn the tunnel under the castle into a spooky experience to walk through that is fun even for adults. Around this time there are also religious activities that take place for All Saints Day. A large fair for children takes place in the park Torrecremada.

Mid-December is the pilgrimage to Saint Lucia’s hermitage, which is usually celebrated with a fair and the beautiful Night of the Lights, or in Valencio la Nit de la Llum. This is one night when thousands of candles are lit all along the main streets in the town center and shops feature discounts and stay open until midnight. It takes place mainly on the Marques de Campo and Loreto streets. It’s a beautiful site to walk around and enjoy.

Types of Events in Denia

Correfoc in Spain

Above Image – The Correfoc

As you can see, a lot of local events in Denia are religious-based, however you don’t have to be religious to enjoy them. There is a huge cultural aspect to these events as well.

Other types of common events in Denia are art exhibits, concerts, markets, theater and film, and family activities. For example, there are concerts held in the Denia Castle in July and sometimes in June as well. There are even wine tasting festivals and courses that are promoted and can be taken, like art classes and language classes.

A lot of events happen in the Casa Municipal de Cultura and the Teatro Auditorio Centro Social. The Museo de Juguete de Denia (museum of toys) also has an art exhibit space where different artists show their art on a rotating basis.

Remember this About Events in Denia

events in Denia

Above Image – A parade in the Festa Major.

True to the stereotype about Spanish culture, many events are not shared until what we consider to be last minute. It’s simply one of the things that takes getting used to when you live here. But it’s completely worth it and with time you’ll learn to adapt and embrace the other positive aspects that come with the lifestyle in Spain.

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