What’s So Cool About Hiring a Travel Consultant – 6 Top Reasons

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One of the biggest assumptions out there is that working with a travel consultant (aka, travel advisor) is not needed or desired in our world today. After all, we have so many booking tools available to us online at any time. Yet the role of travel consultant has greatly grown in demand and value. And no wonder! There’s so many benefits to having a travel consultant plan your next trip. Are all the cool travelers doing it? More and more every day!

When I decided to become a certified travel consultant, it was because people were already coming to me for help with their travel plans. I wanted to make sure and be able to provide others with the best help possible for their trips. It doesn’t hurt that I love to plan travel, whether for Eric and me, with our families, or with a group of friends. So what’s so cool about hiring a travel consultant? Here are six reasons why hiring a travel consultant is definitely a cool thing that will take your trips to the next level.

Reason 1: A Travel Consultant Saves You Time

travel consultant

Above ImageQuite the vintage clock on the tour of the Ducal Palace in Gandia, Spain.

Ah, that lovely aspect of life, time. It’s what seems to fly by so quickly. Your time is valuable and you most likely want to enjoy your well-earned time off when you travel on your next trip. Yet before the trip takes place, someone needs to plan it, which requires plenty of time.

Working with me as a travel consultant saves you time so that you can still focus on your work, your family, and enjoy your trip. I’m dedicated to putting the time needed into this work so you don’t have to, especially if you don’t enjoy details and planning. You simply get to dream it up and then choose between researched options curated just for you. I’ll even help you dream up some things you may not have thought of. You’ll show up for your trip energized and ready to enjoy it, rather than exhausted and feeling behind on other things in life.

Reason 2: A Travel Consultant Spares You Stress

travel consultant

There are things about traveling that most people do not think of which can cause some serious stress for you before, during, and even after your trip. As a travel consultant I pull from my specialized experience and knowledge to think of the big picture, anticipate things, and to plan in such a way so everything goes as well as possible.

Another key aspect of traveling is who you are traveling with. And let’s admit it, the average family or group trip comes with its own stresses. Where do you think that saying ‘herding cats’ comes from?

Working with a travel consultant is great for planning trips that involve family or a group of friends. There are other things to keep in mind for these kinds of trips, especially when it’s six or more people. There may be people flying from different locations, different needs per traveler, and of course personal preferences. Make sure you can enjoy the trip as well by having a travel consultant organize the trip and everyone.

This is especially important for trips that are centered around a special occasion, like a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or birthday. With something so momentous to celebrate, why not make sure to get professional help so you can focus on what’s most important about the trip.

Reason 3: A Travel Consultant Gets Special Access

travel consultant

Above ImageAn exclusive boat ride through the canal locks of Montreal, Quebec.

Of course we get special access! Travel Consultants have various professional associations that they can be part of, along with a host agency (unless they start their own agency from scratch which is a lot more money and work investment up front).

Suppliers, like tour agencies and even booking sites, love travel consultants because we’re essentially part of their sales force and advocate for them. This means that we can get discounts, special promotions, and the opportunity to visit places specifically to scout it out firsthand for clients.

There are so many suppliers that travel consultants get to go to directly. This provides exclusive benefits for our travel planning that range from special search tools, packages and pricing to support, unique deals, and the latest travel industry news.

Maybe you’re wondering if we get perks as travel consultants? We do, and better yet, we get them for you, our client!

Meet Fora, My Host Travel Agency

I’m proud to have Fora as my host travel agency. One of the many reasons I’m a Fora Travel Advisor, is because of their amazing preferred partnerships they have with some incredible travel vendors. That and I love their classiness, which really shows in their impressive list of preferred vendors. 

This means you benefit from special perks when I book hotels for you. From free upgrades, spa credits, breakfasts, and more. 

Hearing terms like ‘preferred vendors’, maybe you wonder if I can book any hotel for you. I certainly can, plus much more. You can read more about that further below. 

Reason 4: A Travel Consultant Provides Support

travel consultant

Above ImageVisiting the historical village of Trujillo in the Spanish region of Extremadura.

Another cool reason for hiring a travel consultant is that I provide you with support before, during, and after your trip. If changes need to be made before your departure date, I can help with that. Do you have a flight cancellation or miss your train while on your trip? As a travel consultant I’m there to help you with that as well.

Even after your trip, I provide assistance with any travel insurance claims you need to process or if you left that favorite jacket at your last hotel and can’t get a hold of them to ship it to you.

Reason 5: A Travel Consultant Is Made for This Work

travel consultant

Above ImageIn Denia, Spain

Truly, I think this has got to be the biggest reason why it’s so cool to hire a travel consultant. We’re made for this kind of work, while you on the other hand… Does the idea of planning all the details of your trip make you cringe? Not to say it’s a bad thing! It’s simply a fact that most people don’t enjoy planning a trip. Know thyself and if it’s not your strength, or even if it is but you don’t enjoy it or have time for it, then delegate and have an expert like myself do it for you. Think of how much more you’ll enjoy your trip, even before you’ve left because you get to simply look forward to it!

As a travel consultant, we are naturally great at the skills required for this job and we have experience keeping these skills sharp, be it in the travel industry and perhaps previously in other work. A travel consultant is organized, detailed, and great at researching. This is essential for creating itineraries that flow smoothly for everyone involved. We’re also timely, attentive and provide helpful customer service so that even if something unexpected comes up, we’re there to resolve it for you.

A travel consultant thinks of the big-picture, is thoughtful and considerate, making sure to effectively gather your preferences and get to know you. This is how I create a fantastic trip for you, giving you just the right amount of recommendations to choose from based on your desires and with all the details in mind.

Reason 6: A Travel Consultant Makes You Feel VIP

travel consultant

Above ImageHot air baloon ride in Monteregie, Quebec.

Let’s admit it, we all like to feel VIP now and again, especially when we’re traveling. Travel in and of itself can be quite the luxury, and I believe we all deserve some luxuries in our lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re blowing a lot of money or have people gawking at you.

I had a client recently who traveled with their two young girls around Spain and they said that they loved the private taxi transfer that I arranged for their airport pick up because the driver was waiting for them with a sign with their name on it, just like in the movies. And by arranging that in advance for them, it was a better, guaranteed price than if they had taken just any taxi from the airport.

It really comes down to what is important to you and what makes you feel special, cared for, secure and happy on your trip. What is a luxury you would like to experience while traveling? Hiring a travel consultant is a wonderful luxury in and of itself.

With that being said, it’s also true that hiring a travel consultant is not for everyone. If you’re wanting to have the cheapest, budget-tight trip you can possibly have, then my travel planning services are not a good fit for you. But great news! You can still easily benefit from the free travel resources that I’m always sharing here.

Ready to Travel Europe?

Let us help you make the most of your visit with our custom trip planning services.

What’s Cool About How Travel Consultants Work

travel consultant

Above ImageSunset view from the Denia Castle.

There are various different ways that travel consultants work, from having a niche to what destinations and type of travel we focus on.

I specialize in crafting bespoke trips throughout Spain and Europe that are customized for you and can involve boutique accommodations, special activities, and quality transportation.

Another speciality I provide is planning scouting trips for moving to Spain, particularly Denia where I live on the Costa Blanca. As a travel consultant, it’s one of my biggest goals to make you feel valued and supported before, during, and after your trip so that you have the best time possible.

Another aspect is that some travel consultants do not charge any service fees and make their living solely from the commissions. This has changed quite a bit over the past two decades though, especially since in the 90s when the airlines stopped paying commissions altogether. I also find that most of the opportunities for earning commissions are for travel packages and all-inclusive deals.

I charge a fee for some of my planning services. One of the biggest reasons why is because I can then find the best customized options for you as my client, regardless of whether I am making a commission from the booking or not. This also provides you with my time and expertise spent on research, custom itinerary design, booking arrangements, and support that create a bespoke trip for you. It’s a great way to value my time, your time, and support a small business, all while taking your travel style to that next level. Here’s to your next trip!

Ready for Your Next Trip?

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Fora Advanced Travel Advisor & Content Creator

I love living in Denia, Spain and traveling worldwide. My idea of a great time is ‘eating and drinking’ my way around a new place and meeting the people. As a Fora Advanced Travel Advisor, I specialize in custom travel planning for trips throughout Europe, as well as scouting trips for moving to Spain. Here on you can enjoy our Europe travel resources to experience Europe and live in Spain.


  1. Bernadin C.Custodio

    I really think its a great job..being a travel consultant and I can tell that you got along way to go.until now you still can.alot of travel experiences also…the excitement to travel and the chance to ba able to meet alot of travelers coming from the other countries….I think being a travel consultant is a remarkable work and acheivement in your life.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Bernadin. Thank you for being on our blog and for appreciating my career as a travel consultant.
      Travel really is a wonderful thing to enjoy and I’m glad to help others enjoy that too.
      I hope you enjoy traveling yourself and let me know if you’re ever interested in hiring my services.
      Take care!


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