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One of the most common questions that we get from readers is ‘which neighborhoods in Denia are the best to stay in?’. There are so many great neighborhoods in Denia and the seaside town appeals to all kinds of different travelers and expats. Staying in a part of Denia that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle will ensure that you make the most of your time in this Mediterranean treasure.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy a visit, or making that momentous move to live here, here is what we can tell you about the neighborhoods in Denia and what to consider when choosing where to stay. To get the most out of this article, use the table of contents and map image below.

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Table of Contents

Area 1 – The Las Marinas beach area.

Area 2 – West of the castle and including the Raset Beach.

Area 3 – North (in front) of the Castle and across from the Marina Portet

Area 4 – South of (behind) the Castle.

Area 5 – East of the Castle and including Marques de Campo.

Area 6 – Eastern and Southern neighborhoods of the town center.

Area 7 – Along and east of the Avenida Joan Fuster and inland from the Marina de Denia and Marineta Casiana beach.

Area 8 – Sloping up along the bottom of the mountain Montgo.

Area 9 – The Las Rotas.

Area 10 – The suburb of Pedrera.

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Map of Neighborhoods in Denia

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neighborhoods in Denia

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Common Traits of Neighborhoods in Denia

neighborhoods in Denia

There are some great things that all the neighborhoods in Denia have in common. Of course, there’s the obvious – close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain Montgo, the Spanish and Valencian cultures, deliciously affordable restaurants and bars (we’re talking UNESCO City of Gastronomy here), and quite a variety of supermarkets and other conveniences.

But one of the most important things that a lot of foreigners ask about is safety. Is Denia safe at night? Is it safe for me as a woman alone to be out late at night in Denia? Will my home be safe from robbery? Is theft common in Denia? Is there a lot of crime in Denia?

A quick Google search will show that overall the crime rate in Denia is moderate. Violent crime such as armed assault and robbery is low.

From our personal experience, and that of many of our friends, Denia is very safe especially when compared to larger cities and other parts of the world. We’ve each been out walking alone very late at night (after midnight) in the various neighborhoods, and have never felt unsafe or experienced any threats. The reality of course is that it’s good to still be aware. Yet overall, the neighborhoods in Denia share the common trait of being very safe, year-round.

The neighborhoods in Denia also have a variety of foreigners staying and living in them. This can be more noticeable during the busier tourist season of summer. We love the variety of international residents and visitors that can be found in Denia alongside the local Spanish and Valencian people. It is true that some neighborhoods attract more foreigners or locals but it is a great blend and maintains a local, Spanish feel. We’ll get more into this further below.

Our Take on Neighborhoods in Denia

neighborhoods in Denia

Keep in mind that our idea of neighborhoods in Denia is not strictly according to the map. There’s the official designations and zonings by the town hall but we’re not going off of that.

We’ll reference most official neighborhood names but are grouping neighborhoods together into areas based on popular landmarks. Our goal for this post is to describe the neighborhoods in Denia according to common ideas of what appeals to various lifestyles for visiting and living here.

Denizens of Denia

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How to Find the Neighborhoods in Denia That are a Match for You

neighborhoods in Denia

It seems obvious but we want to state it nonetheless: to find the best neighborhoods in Denia for yourself, first put time into considering the kind of person you are. The exciting part is that it may be about to change. Maybe you’re moving to Denia now that you’re retired and you don’t want to drive a car around every day. Or maybe you work remotely online from home and want to have views of the Mediterranean. Asking yourself these questions can help you determine what you want from the area you’re going to stay in.

Questions to Ask Yourself for Finding the Best Neighborhoods in Denia for You

  • Do you want it to be very quiet?
  • Do you still work?
  • Are you retired?
  • Do you have a family/kids?
  • Are you single?
  • Do you love being active and outdoors?
  • Do you want to walk and/or ride a bike as your main means of transportation?
  • Are you going to have a car?
  • Do you love going out and having gastronomic experiences?
  • Are you social?
  • Is being close to the beach important to you?
  • Do you prefer being inland from the sea?
  • Do you prefer sandy or rocky beaches?
  • Do you prefer historic, Spanish style housing, or modern?
  • Do you have pets?

Learning the Neighborhoods in Denia

We’re going to present these starting from the west side of Denia and moving along south east to its other side. Keep in mind that a sense of direction is kind of tricky here because of how Denia is on a part of the coast that juts out into the sea like a horn. Being on the Spanish Mediterranean you would think that looking out to the sea would be looking south to Africa but that’s not the case in Denia. Most views to the sea are looking north and north-east, back up to inland Spain.

So without further ado, welcome to the neighborhoods of Denia.

Area 1 of Neighborhoods in Denia

From Las Marinas beach inland to Avenida de Gandia (VC-723), west to Playa Bovetes, and east to Restaurante Fernando.

where to live in Spain

Also known as Les Marines in Valenciano, this area extends north-west from Denia’s town center. It is known for its long, gorgeous stretch of sandy beaches. It starts right at the Beach Raset which is the closest beach to the town center.

The two-way street Carretera de Les Marines a Denia, parallels the coast here but is set back a couple of blocks from the water allowing for certain houses, apartments, hotels and restaurants to have a front-line beach location.

We lived here our first two years in Denia, right on the little dirt road Carrer Boga. It was ideal because the properties here are the closest to town (easy walking distance) while still being front-line on the beach. Carrer Boga can get busy in the summer and in winter it’s very damp and thus cold. But if a property here is well insulated, or at least off the ground, it can still be a great location year-round.

neighborhoods in Denia

In this area, the main tennis club in Denia is just about four blocks or so inland from the beach. There are also restaurants and a great supermarket called Aldi. Further down Las Marinas, heading away from town, there are also more grocery stores and restaurants.

The first kilometer of Las Marinas is the end closest to town. From here, it’s relatively easy to walk or ride bikes into the town center. As you make your way further away from town, it’s more essential to have a car. There is a public bus service called DeniBus that has stops all along the Las Marinas, as well as in the other direction down along Las Rotas (we’ll get to that area soon). As of when this was written, it costs 1.50€ per person each way for taking the bus.

Las Marinas tends to be quite busy and more crowded during the summer months, especially August. Then in winter months, it can be very quiet and some apartment complexes can be practically deserted, especially further away from town.

Overall, the Las Marinas area is a great place to be if you don’t mind walking a bit more to get into town center, have a car and don’t mind driving, and if you want to be able to get away at times from the more happening town center. It’s also ideal if you prefer a stand-alone home that can allow for some garden space and more room. Keep in mind that there are still a lot of apartment and townhome options here as well.

Area 2 of Neighborhoods in Denia

From Restaurante Fernando inland to Avenida de Alcol and west to Avenida de Andalusia and east to Ronda de les Murralles (the street with the Castle wall on it).

neighborhoods in Denia

On the west side of the castle, are plenty of apartments and a large Mercadona grocery store. This area is more modern-day built and while it doesn’t have any historical style to it, we mention it here to note that it can provide some affordable apartment options. Some of these apartments have views of the castle and it’s a close walk (5-10 minutes) to the Marina Portet and the Raset Beach.


One of the two entrances to the castle tunnel is located here right off the Ronda de las Murralles. It provides a quick and convenient way to cross from Area 2 to Area 3 by going underneath the castle instead of around it. Thi is especially nice if the weather is rainy or hot.

Points of Interest

Area 3 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by Placa Benidorm and over to Carrer del Mar.

At the front of the castle you’ll discover the authentic fisherman’s village of Baix la Mar. Here you’ll feel like you’re on the movie set for Pirates of the Caribbean (they’ve actually filmed pirate movies here back in the late 1950s). The accommodations are row homes of only three and four stories high amidst a select few palm trees and various pomegranate and orange trees decorating the sidewalks. It’s very pedestrian friendly here.

One of the stars of this area, for both locals and visitors alike, is the creative, market-style food court of Els Magazinos. Featuring gorgeous outdoor and indoor spaces amidst a variety of restaurants, this is one of Denia’s best gastronomic experiences – we love this place! Just around the corner is the traditional Plaza de Mariana Pineda, with more wonderful places to enjoy delicious food.

Points of Interest

Area 4 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by Avenida de Alcol and Ronda de les Murralles down to Avenida d’Alacant and over to Carrer de Diana.

neighborhoods in Denia

From the back of the castle (the end opposite from the sea), extends the Les Roques neighborhood. This is such a charming area with its old-world style and narrow one-way streets, complete with Spanish tiles on the roofs and overflowing jasmine and colorful bougainvillea flowers. It includes the popular pedestrian, gastronomical street, Calle Loreto.

Along with the fantastic restaurants and bars, there’s even an old convent still existing here. The homes are row home style and also consist of apartments. If you’re looking for a romantic, European/Spanish vibe with easy access to everything, this could be the ideal area for you!


The entrance to the Denia Castle is at the end of the street Carrer Sant Francesc.

Right along the back eastern side of the castle is the Plaza de la Constitución where the town hall (ayuntamiento) and the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción are located. There are some wonderful apartments in the old world, traditional buildings located here. This is also where the Calle Loreto starts.

Accommodations in Denia

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Area 5 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by Carrer de Diana, Calle del Mar along the side of the castle, over to Carrer de Patricio Ferrandiz, and all the way down to the Carrer Denia a Xabia (CV-7301) along the water’s edge.

neighborhoods in Denia

Above ImageThe main street of Marques de Campo with the Festa Major parade.

A few streets over from the east side of the castle, is one of the other popular landmarks in Denia, the Carrer Marqúes de Campo. This is Denia’s main street which is now a pedestrian walking area lined with restaurants, shops, and beautiful Sycamore trees. Rising up with those trees are plenty of apartments. The style is a mix of modern and early 20th century – one building will be glass and steel and the next one French balconies and hand painted tiles.

In between the castle and Marqúes de Campo is the parallel street of Carrer de la Mar, which is also a great option for this part of town. In between the Carrer de la Mar and the Carrer Marqúes de Campo, you’ll find the Mercado Central (Central Market). Keep in mind that there is also a primary school in this area and Carrer de la Mar has Denia’s handful of nightclubs and an Irish Pub. So it can get a bit noisy here on weekend evenings and during festivals.

neighborhoods in Denia

Heading east a couple of streets from the Marqúes de Campo, we run into the Carrer de la Via, a wide pedestrian street with cafes, one of our favorite pizzerias Senza Nome, and where the mercado de viernes (Friday market) takes place each week. These two streets are also where the town parades take place for annual festivals like Los Moros y Cristianos in mid-August (the Moors and Christians), El Día de Los Reyes Magos on the evening of January 5th (Three Kings Day on January 6th), and the Bous a la Mar in mid-July (the running of the bulls to the sea).

Marqués de Campo runs into the perpendicular road of CV-7301, which runs right along the water’s edge. This is also home to several apartment buildings that have great views of the super yachts docked here. If you like apartment living and to be in the center of the action, you’ll adore the Carrer Marqúes de Campo and its parallel streets.

Points of Interest


The prior areas of two, three, four, and five are truly the heart of it all and where the action happens. The historic center consists of the older and most historic neighborhoods of Les Roques (Area 4) and Baix la Mar (Area 3), which are to the front and back of the Castillo de Denia (Denia Castle).

Area 6 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by Carrer de Patricio Ferrandiz to Avenida Joan Fuster, and Carrer Denia a Xabia all the way up to just past the Torrecremada Park. 

Above ImageFrom left to right, Park Chabas and Park Torrecremada.

Continuing southeast from Carrer de Patricio Ferrandiz to Avenida Joan Fuster are several streets, one of them being the parallel street of Passeig de Saladar. The Denia train station is also in this area. This local train runs from Denia southeast along the coast, stopping in various little villages and towns like Calpe, Altea, and eventually ending in the city of Alicante. The latest news from the town hall is that the train will be back up and running sometime in 2023.

This area of town has an eclectic array of architectural styles and residences. At the end closest to the water, just off Carrer Denia a Xabia, are two historical blocks that used to be fisherman homes decades ago. Each block is very similar, with the charming rowhomes forming a U-shape with a central area.

Then there are some nice apartment buildings behind the train station, while some of the buildings can be hit and miss when it comes to style and age. But keep heading further inland and there are some nice spots with lovely residences, such as the Parque Chabas, along the Avenida Joan Fuster, and around the Park Torrecremada. 

Points of Interest

Area 7 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by Avenida Joan Fuster, inland to the suburb of La Pedrera, and up to the sea along the Carrer de Denia a Xabia.

neighborhoods in Denia

Now we come to a part of town dear to our hearts, because it’s where we live! On the northeast side it has the Nautical Club, Marina de Denia, and the beach Marineta Cassiana. From here it extends south (inland) to the Pedrera. Centrally located are also Lidl and Consum supermarkets.

The Avenida Joan Fuster has some good apartment buildings all along it and it is one of the major streets for coming in and out of town. Most of these buildings have views of the mountain Montgo and of the sea, thanks to the openness on the Montgo side of the street.

This area overall can be an ideal location and for us feels very local. The closer to Avenida Joan Fuster, the closer it is to easily walk or bike ride into town. Another benefit is that it’s not in the very center where it can get a bit more congested and crowded during certain times of the year.

neighborhoods in Denia

Above ImageThe Chiringuito Club Nautico Denia (year-round ‘beach’ bar)

Then as you head east, away from town, there are also more homes and villas, along with apartments, that are just in from the Marina de Denia and the sandy beach of Marineta Cassiana. The proximity to this beach, as well as the gorgeous rocky coves of Las Rotas, is one of our favorite things about this neighborhood in Denia. Technically, it is considered the Las Rotas neighborhood by the town hall.

There are also some quaint looking urbanizations throughout this area that have a charming Mediterranean style to the architecture. Keep in mind that overall, the further east/southeast you go into this area, the more likely that you will want to have a car for getting to town. Having an electric bike in this area is also ideal.

Area 8 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Sloping up along the bottom of the mountain Montgo. There are so many little streets here that we’re not trying to identify exactly which ones border the area. 

neighborhoods in Denia

As you start to head south from Denia, there is what we like to refer to as the Montgo neighborhoods. This area slopes up towards the bottom of the majestic mountain and is known for plenty of charming villas. There are also some complexes of bungalow style townhomes and apartments that can be nice to consider.

A reader and fellow denizen of Denia who lives in this area summed it up perfectly: “It’s kind of the opposite of Las Marinas. A lot of people live in this area all year and as such the difference between summer and winter is minimal“.

It is good to keep in mind that while you can walk into town from most of this area, it’s a further walk. You’ll want to have a car if you’re going to be in this area. Many of the streets do not have good sidewalks and can be curvy and narrow, especially the higher up you go towards Montgo. Villas in this area can have great views of the sea and town

Another thing to be aware of in this part of town is that in the winter, the higher up the slope you are, the less sun you get throughout the day because of the shadow cast by the mountain. In the winter, this means that it can feel colder in the homes. But then of course, that will vary according to the house and its construction. 

Area 9 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by the Cerretera de Denia a Xabia (CV 7361) and the water’s edge along the beach area of Las Rotas.  

neighborhoods in Denia

Above ImageThe little cove just past Restaurante Pegoli.

We love the fact that Denia has two kinds of beaches – sandy and rocky. Las Rotas is the rocky coastline that stretches southeast of Denia and in the direction of Javea. It is great for snorkeling and starts at the end of the horseshoe-shaped cove of the Marineta Cassiana beach. It’s wonderful to walk along the water’s edge here and while it is a small road, there are portions of it that are pedestrian-only. In true Mediterranean style, there are also a handful of cafes and restaurants that are perfect for tapas or a meal right on the water.

There are some spectacular homes here, definitely villas, and even various apartment buildings. The key with this area is to explore the little streets that extend inland from the water. These are filled with beautiful, fragrant pine trees and plenty of homes to consider for rent or purchase. Many of these homes are holiday homes but some are lived in year-round.

neighborhoods in Denia

Above ImagePunta Negra, our favorite for snorkeling.

From this neighborhood in Denia, it’s a lovely 20 to 40 minute walk into town, depending on how far down Las Rotas you are coming from. It’s also a lovely bike ride, although quite a bit bumpy in a few places. If you’re staying out here for long, it’s best to have a car for going into town.

Points of Interest

Which Neighborhoods in Denia Are Most Suited for You?

Area 10 of Neighborhoods in Denia

Bordered by the train tracks, the mountain Montgo, and the road Cami Pou de la Muntanya. 

La Pedrera is a suburb of Denia that hugs the side of the mountain Montgo. It has a quaintness to it and some of the properties here can have some nice views. It’s also where the main local hospital is located. Aside from residences and the hospital, there is not much else here.

If you like the idea of being somewhere a little more quiet but still close to Denia, this may be the area for you.

Points of Interest

We hope that this guide to the neighborhoods in Denia has been helpful to you. If you’re coming to visit, perhaps you’ll come to visit more than once and get to experience more than one area.

If you’re moving to Denia, then we suggest spending time scouting out the different neighborhoods, at least before purchasing property. A great way to do this is to first do a scouting trip before your move. One of the specialized services I provide as a Travel Consultant is organizing your scouting trip in Denia, and other parts of Spain. You can identify where you want to settle in Spain and enjoy a vacation at the same time! To learn more, schedule a free consultation with me.

For purchasing real estate, we highly recommend working with a trusted professional. Visit our Valencia Region Real Estate resources page to learn about the select professionals who we have handpicked after our years of being here. They can help with the latest information and provide the best real estate help in Denia, Valencia City, and the Marina Alta and Costa Blanca areas.

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