Curious about living in Spain?

We love living in Spain! And we’ll be real – actually living in Spain never gets old. Yet most importantly, if it’s a dream of your’s, it’s definitely possible. So throw your excuses and hesitations out the window! We’re living proof that you don’t have to wait for when you retire or win the lottery.

Our ‘Living in Spain’ series is full of our first-hand insight and the expertise of others. We feature interviews with real estate specialists, local town halls and international relations departments. Add to that stories about every-day life, the culture and people, and the quality and costs of living, and you’re already making a move to Spain while enjoying the journey that gets you there.

What are your questions about living in Spain? Get in touch, or leave a comment in one of the posts below, with any questions or a specific topic you’d like us to write about. At the end of the series, we’ll be compiling and answering more questions in a closing post and hope you take part!

26 Great Reasons to Live in Spain

To live in Spain seems to be catching on for a lot of people today. If you’re thinking about moving abroad, here’s plenty of reasons to consider Spain.

Living in Spain as an Artist

Guest blogger, and prolific artist, Angie Del Riego, shares with us about what it is like, living in Spain as an artist. Read about the surprising journey.

Our Expats Interview on

We recently took part in an expats interview by Read more about living in Spain and resources for being an expatriate anywhere in the world.

Ooh…That Feeling of Spain!

There is an allure to Spain that goes deep in many of us. What are these feelings that she evokes? For me, it drew me back.

Halloween in Spain

People wonder, do they celebrate Halloween in Spain? Yes, they do. It’s interesting to see how it’s being adopted into a long-time Catholic culture.

Choosing Where to Live in Spain

People ask us often how we chose where to live in Spain. So here’s our fist-hand insight and tips on what to consider for your move, or visit, to Spain.

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