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What are We All About?

MTT is a lifestyle blog about some of our favorite things in life – travel, gastronomy and culture.

We feature stories and videos that bring the beauty and joy of these aspects of life, even more into our every day lives.

Here at MTT, we (Amalia and Eric) share our first-hand experiences of living abroad in Spain and our travels to see more of our world.

Who is Move to Traveling for? Anyone!

Our website is for anyone who loves travel, is a traveler, or is an expat or seeking to be one.

Maybe you’re in love with the inspiring energy and feeling of travel stories.

Or perhaps you want to travel more throughout the year or experience more of the local culture of where you visit.

You may even live abroad or are dreaming of moving to another country.

Whatever your travel style is, you are most welcomed here.

What Does MTT Feature?

Drool over travel pictures, watch videos to get a feel for being there, and learn from our lessons (and laugh at our mistakes).

Equip yourself with the latest travel tools and trip-planning tips, like self-guided walking tour apps and insightful guides.

Stay up on helpful travel news, and let your heart-strings get tugged with personable stories that immerse you in the local culture.

And when you need a break to eat, enjoy our recipes and travel food recommendations. 

How does Move to Traveling exist?

As a traveling-couple, Amalia Maloney Del Riego and Eric J. Trujillo manage Move to Traveling for enjoying their writing, film and travel passions. Their first-hand experiences living a traveling lifestyle, and the people they meet, are the inspiration. They love sharing it with you here through stories, photography and videos.

Who is behind Move to Traveling?

We’re partners in life and have our own businesses that allow us to work online. Both of us love traveling and in the Spring of 2015, we left Denver, Colorado to move to traveling. It was pretty funny when people would ask us where we were moving to. And the only answer we gave at the time was that we were traveling. We’d then list off the first set of places we were traveling to… (Costa Rica, Scotland, Spain).

Today, we find ourselves happily based in Denia, Spain and continue to travel, creating lifestyle inspiring content for our readers and other brands.

In our work for Move to Traveling, Amalia specializes in blog writing, social media content, organizing our trips and project details, and assisting with video production.

Eric creates videos, spanning the styles of mini-docs to promotional, and with extensive skills in photography, filming, animation and production.

Here are some interesting facts and sites to learn more about us.

  • We still work, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Amalia has dual-citizenship with Spain. Definitely helps.
  • We call Spain home now, but we don’t own a home and still rent.
  • Experts? Specialists? More like experimenters! We love experiencing travel, gastronomy and culture, and are happy to share about it with you.
  • We don’t know what to expect or where the journey will take us next. But we know that it’s going to be great.

Other Businesses That We Own & Manage – Our film and video production company. – Eric’s branding, design and animation company. – Amalia’s business providing content and website creation, and featuring her creative writing and self-published poetry.  

Click to read our post "Having Businesses So We Can Travel and Work From Anywhere"

And no, it’s not something we’re going to ask you to pay into or sell. We’re just sharing, in case it inspires some ideas for your own travel passion.

This sidebar includes affiliate links that we may receive a commission from, at no extra cost to you.

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