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Our Insider’s Take on What to Do in Denia on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Make the most of what to do in Denia with insider insight. Enjoy its castle, beaches, gastronomy, and more on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

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Our Top 7 Reasons for Living in Denia, Spain as an Expat

Are you considering living in Denia? From friendly locals and preserved culture to marinas and more, see if our top 7 reasons are similar to your own.

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Why Denia, Spain?

We’re Amalia and Eric, and Denia, Spain is where we’ve decided to call home. As time goes by, we continue to learn so much about this ideal Mediterranean town, especially through its residents and local culture.

So what is it about Denia that keeps locals here and also draws foreigners?

To enjoy the ongoing nature of answering that, this is where we’ll share news specifically about Denia and feature stories and videos that introduce you to its residents, the Denizens of Denia.

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Where is Denia?

Denia, Spain

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