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I love spring in Spain and whether it’s a first-time or return visit for you, it can be an ideal time to travel here. But it helps to know what part of the country to focus on to really make the most of this beautiful season here. There are so many benefits to traveling in Spain during the spring season, from the already alluring terrain blossoming with escalated beauty to heartening traditional festivals to less crowds and milder weather.

After eight years of traveling and living in Spain, my husband and I have experienced what different areas of the country are like during this time of year. In March and April, some areas like the northern coast can get a lot of rain and still get quite cold, while other areas are sunny and warm. To help you plan your trip, here are three Spanish regions for truly enjoying spring in Spain.

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Visiting Valencia Region for Spring in Spain

spring in Spain - almond blossoms and lemon trees in Denia

Let’s start with where I know spring in Spain best – the Valencia Region of Spain. This is where we’ve lived for over eight years, starting with the city of Valencia and then the idyllic beach town of Denia.

This area of Spain is a prime spot on the Mediterranean Sea, being not too far south and not too far north. While some years it can get some rain, especially in the upper part and the inland mountains, there tend to be days of that perfect blend of warm sunshine and temperate breeze.

Throughout the entire region, the creative Fallas Festival takes place from March 1st to the 19th, with the last five days being the most important. The city of Valencia is where it is the most amazing to experience the imaginative, large effigies that are worked on all year.

The Marina Alta for Spring Almond & Orange Blossoms

Our own town of Denia is also a great place to see the Fallas, especially if you want it on a smaller, quieter scale. But be forewarned that plenty of noise is still involved.

Yet Denia, and especially inland in the mountains, is where you can enjoy the beauty of nature during spring in Spain. Almond trees are quite common here and begin to blossom in their white and pink glory, giving off their delicious fragrance.

Ride bikes or walk down the Via Verde on the outskirts of Denia to go right by an almond tree grove and orange groves. Within April, or sometimes sooner, the orange trees will blossom as well. It’s a heavenly scent and a beautiful scene.

For even more almond blossoms and scenic views, drive up to the Jalon Valley in what is known in this area as the Marina Alta. Make sure to also keep an eye out for the charming House Martin birds that return to this part of the Mediterranean at this time of year. They’re so adorable with their chirping and little bodies with white bellies.

Visiting Andalucia Region for Spring in Spain

visit Seville

Above ImageThe Plaza de España in Seville.

Ah, Andalucia… the iconic region that comes to mind when one thinks of Spain. At least until you live in Spain and get to visit numerous times. We love Andalucia and will continue to visit especially because there are still so many amazing places to see here!

Spring in Spain is wonderful for visiting Andalucia because you get moderate, sunny weather without the scorching heat of summer. It is also less crowded than in the summertime, but don’t be fooled; if you’re here during Semana Santa (Easter week), then you will encounter some crowds, although a large portion of people will be Spaniards.

For an epic experience of the famous Semana Santa celebrations, spend time in Seville and Malaga. These cities are known for their elaborate processions and days of celebrating. You’ll find that even in small villages, the Easter holidays are revered.

Other Spring Festivals in Andalucia

Spring in Spain is also a great time to visit Granada and tour its famous Alhambra in the temperate, refreshing weather of March or April. Make sure to also stop in Cordoba, conveniently between Seville and Granada, to see its incredible Mezquita and ancient architecture.

If you’re in Spain in early May, you can enjoy the tale-end of spring at Cordoba’s Fiesta de los Patios, where the local, traditional courtyards full of blooming, lush flowers, can be toured by the public.

Visiting Extremadura Region for Spring in Spain

spring in Spain - Valle del Jerte cherry blossoms

Above ImageThe cherry blossoms in the Valle del Jerte.

Heading north of Andalucia, we find ourselves in the less-frequented region of Extremadura. This is truly a hidden gem in Spain, less visited by foreigners, emanating old world energy, and full of ancient Roman ruins and Templar castles.

Just as its name sounds, it is a land of extremes and can be harsh, with cold winters and hot summers. Yet we’ve now been there in all seasons to visit my mother who lives there and I recommend it for whenever you can go.

I’ll never forget my first time visiting Extremadura in the spring. It was so refreshingly beautiful with sunny days and that perfect, soft breeze that is not too cool and not too warm. This part of Spain is wonderful for nature lovers and cyclists. During the spring season, the rolling hills dotted with olive trees become green and colorful wildflowers are everywhere. Small creeks (arroyos) fill with water, and various birds fill the air.

Cherry Blossoms & Festivals in Extremadura

In the northern part of Extremadura is the Valle de Jerte, well known for its amazing expanse of cherry trees that are the epitome of spring blossoms. The ideal time for this usually starts between March 20th and April 10th, lasting ten days, but of course it is never the same date and varies per year.

Throughout the towns and small villages, you’ll encounter beautiful processions and celebrations for the Semana Santa. Within the end of April and beginning of May is the Trujillo National Cheese Fair. Visiting this charming, historic village, and its neighboring town Caceres, is like going back in time. Some other fantastic places to visit in Extremadura are Merida, Zafra, and Jerez de los Caballeros.

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Fora Advanced Travel Advisor & Content Creator

I love living in Denia, Spain and traveling worldwide. My idea of a great time is ‘eating and drinking’ my way around a new place and meeting the people. As a Fora Advanced Travel Advisor, I specialize in custom travel planning for trips throughout Europe, as well as scouting trips for moving to Spain. Here on you can enjoy our Europe travel resources to experience Europe and live in Spain.


  1. Maya Bennett

    Hi! Great post!

    Last year I visited Granada with my husband and I got lost in Alhambra’s beauty – intricate designs, the stunning gardens, and the historical aura left me in awe.

    We’ve been there only for a day but managed to watch a flamenco show – highly recommend!


    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Maya. Thanks for being on our site and enjoying our blog post. I love Granada and had a wonderful time when I visited there years ago. Thank you for sharing about your experience. Keep enjoying Spain!


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