Visit Caceres for the Charms of Old World Spain – 2-Day Itinerary

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To visit Caceres is to truly travel through old world ages and the best of its romantic splendor. Just strolling the narrow, stone streets between classical towers and overhanging flowers, makes it worthy of your Europe travel bucket list.

The historic center of Caceres is abundant with architectural styles from across the eras yet particularly unique because of the lack of external modernity. This has caused it to be an ideal location for filming and the popular series Game of Thrones has many scenes filmed in Caceres. To enjoy this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage City in Spain, here is our two day itinerary to visit Caceres.

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How to Get to Caceres

visit Caceres by car

To visit Caceres, you get to venture into Spain’s lesser-known region of Extremadura. This beautifully rural area borders Portugal and is north of the more well-known region of Andalucia.

To drive from Madrid to Caceres takes approximately three hours. The route passes through the charming Medieval village of Trujillo, which is only a half hour drive east of Caceres.

You can also travel by train from Madrid to Caceres, which also takes around three hours.

Day 1 to Visit Caceres

visit Caceres

Above ImageThe view of Plaza Mayor from our studio apartment at Apartamentos Plaza Mayor 35.

To start on the right foot when you visit Caceres, take into account that on Mondays almost all the historical sites are closed. On Sundays, sites have limited hours and usually close by 2pm.

Where to Stay in Caceres

When you visit Caceres, we highly recommend staying in the historic center, the heart of the city.

If your style is to stay in a hotel full of historic charm, enjoy the Parador de Caceres. Situated inside a 14th-century stone palace, the 4-star hotel and its terraced restaurant will immerse you into the beauty of Caceres’ historic center.

For fantastic apartment accommodations in Caceres, make yourself at home in the Apartamentos Plaza Mayor 35. Located right in the scenic Plaza Mayor, the various studios and one bedroom apartments have privileged views and are beautifully decorated. Relax in the community inner-terrace or book the penthouse unit for a private terrace with magnificent views of the plaza.

visit Caceres - Arco de la Estrella

Above ImageGazing at the Arco de la Estrella from the Plaza Mayor.

The Plaza Mayor in Caceres

Start in the Plaza Mayor where the Caceres tourist office is located as well as a multitude of charming local restaurants and bars.

Admire the main sites here, such as the town hall building and the Arco de la Estrella. This historic arc features ramparts and a shrine, and makes for a great photo opp.

Make sure to tour the Torre de Bujaco in the Plaza Mayor, climbing to the top of this most famous tower in Caceres. It is one of thirty Islamic towers that still stand in the city.

visit Caceres by strolling the beautiful streets.

Learn About Caceres

Make your way through the Arco de la Estrella to venture further into the historic center and the most iconic sites of Caceres. Enjoy simply being amongst the ancient stone buildings. Around every turn, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

Make your way to the Caceres Museum so you can learn the history of this city that goes back to 25 BC when it was founded by the Romans. By understanding its Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian cultures over the centuries, you will be able to have an even deeper appreciation of your visit.

Above ImageThe views from one of the two bell towers in the Iglesia San Francisco Javier.

The Best Views in Caceres

Then head to the Iglesia de San Francisco Javier, an 18th century church that stands out with its distinct white facade and double towers. There is a small price to enter. You can tour the main and upper floor, but it is especially popular to climb the stairs to the top of the tower. From here you’re awarded with some of the best views of Caceres and its historic center.

Just outside the Iglesia de San Francisco Javier, spend a few moments resting in the peaceful garden (jardín) of Doña Cristina de Ulloa.

Above ImageThe Iglesia San Francisco Javier and the Torre de Sande, lit up at night.

Caceres Historic Center at Night

One of the most beautiful times to explore the historic center of Caceres is at night. The play of light and shadows on the romantically historic buildings feels like you’re in another world. Make sure to spend time in the evening to wander this part of town.

Dinner in Caceres Historic Center

For a delicious dinner of local cuisine in a historic, stone palace, dine at the Restaurante del Parador de Caceres. Their outdoor terrace area is especially beautiful for enjoying your evening meal.

visit Caceres - a church view at dusk.

Above ImageA view of the Iglesia de San Mateo.

Some Main Historic Sites for Your Visit to Caceres

Whether it’s daytime or evening, just walking the old streets of the historic center is the highlight when you visit Caceres. Here are some of the other main historic sites, many that are not open to the public yet still wonderful to see from the outside.


Day 2 to Visit Caceres

visit Caceres - A cafe on Gran Via

Start out your day with breakfast in the Plaza Mayor. Or for a change, go to one of the many restaurants located on the Calle Gran Via. This is one of the beautiful streets that extends from the Plaza Mayor, behind the town hall.

On the street, you can also enjoy viewing the Plaza de San Juan and the Iglesia San Juan Bautista. There is also the Casa de Ovando Saavedra to admire from the outside.

visit Caceres - garden of Palacio Carvajal.

Above ImageThe garden in the Palacio de Carvajal.

Palaces and Churches in Caceres

The nice thing when you visit Caceres is that everything is quite close together and many sites can be seen in a short amount of time.
With that in mind, make your way to the Palacio los Golfines de Abajo. This 15th-century palace is now a museum that can be toured. It has a general admission of 3€ per adult.

From there, head to the Iglesia de Santiago del Mayor to poke your head inside.

Next, visit the Palacio de Carvajal for a smaller tour of another palatial palace. The small garden area is especially charming to see.

Above ImageThe inner open-air courtyard at the Restaurante Torre de Sande.

Lunch in Caceres Historic Center

Time for a relaxing lunch at the Restaurante Torre de Sande. Make sure to book in advance and ask to be seated in the central open-air courtyard if the weather is nice. With its green foliage, flowing fountain, and views of the ivy-strewn Torre de Sande, you will feel royalty.

They have a variety of local and Spanish wines, tapas for sharing and scrumptious main plates. We highly recommend the tapa of fried broccoli with kimchi sauce and cinnamon and the steamed empanadas stuffed with pork in a foie and mushrooms sauce.

Above ImageThe Arco del Cristo and countryside vistas from the Jewish Quarter.

The Jewish Quarter in Caceres

If you don’t need a siesta after lunch, meander over to the Caceres’ historic Jewish Quarter. Here you can visit the Casa-Museo Arabe Yusuf Al-Burch to delve into the rich heritage of this part of the city.

Make sure to walk through the Arco de Cristo and the Olivar de la Judería. From this area you can enjoy vistas of the surrounding countryside and be in the presence of old world architecture.

visit Caceres - tapas and drinks on the Plaza Mayor at sunset.

Enjoy Sunset in Caceres

Join the elegantly swooping Swifts back in the Plaza Mayor for a picturesque sunset. These local birds come out especially at this time of day and you can hear and see them filling the sky.

For a gorgeous view of the Plaza Mayor with a drink and tapa, get a table on the terrace that is to the right and just above the stairs leading into the Arco de la Estrella from the Plaza Mayor. There is nothing on Google Maps indicating that a bar or restaurant is there, but somehow there is one.

Dinner in Caceres

To end your visit to Caceres, savor your last dinner at Restaurante Nolasco. In the cozy midst of exposed stone walls and wood timbers, you can enjoy traditional local dishes made with quality ingredients.

Indulge in anything vegetable and definitely get the starter of Migas. This is one of the most traditional dishes in the region of Extremadura and is essentially ‘stuffing’ but served with an egg. For meats, try the pork dishes since this region of Spain is also the home of the most famous Iberian pigs.

Admire the Birds When You Visit Caceres

Caceres is rich with wildlife, especially the birds that call this place home. Make sure to admire the graceful Storks (Cigüeñas) and their massive nests that are found on top of bell towers and churches.

There are also many Peregrine Falcons and Spanish Kestrels in the historic center of Caceres and the countryside. They seem to love the old towers and we saw many of them over the ivy-covered Torre de Sande.

And of course, the Swifts and Swallows can be seen and heard frequently throughout the city. They also are drawn to the older buildings in the historic center, making their homes in the stone walls.

Other Sites to See When you Visit Caceres

visit Caceres - historic center

There are so many wonderful sites to see and simply such historic beauty to enjoy in Caceres, that spending more days here can be easy to do and well worth it.

If you have time, enjoy strolling the Paseo de Cánovas, a historic tree-lined walkway with vendors. Then spend time enjoying the nearby Parque del Principe. This gorgeous city park has pleasant walkways and trails, a couple of cafes with outdoor terraces, and an outdoor auditorium for events.

For venturing a little bit outside of the city center, visit the Cave of Maltravieso. This cave is home to the world’s oldest cave painting, a red hand stencil, which is over 67,000 years old. Along with it are hundreds of other prehistoric cave paintings.

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

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