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Bookings Hassle-Free

Already know what hotel or resort you want to stay in? What cruise or tour you want to take? I can book it for you at no extra cost.

Let me save you time and stress, along with getting you the best possible rates and special perks at thousands of amazing hotels, resorts, and cruises worldwide.

Personalized Itinerary & Planning

Do you want a trip that is truly a vacation even before you depart? This calls for my pesonalized itinerary planning serivce. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, I curate a tailor-made journey that perfectly matches your interests, preferences, and budget.

From researching and proposing the ideal destinations and accommodations to arranging transportation, activities, and sightseeing, I take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Let me handle the logistics, so you can focus on enjoying your trip your way and get VIP treatment.

Travel Proposal

Not sure where you want to go? Do you like to do the travel planning and have the time, but appreciate expert insight and are overwhelmed by all the information out there? Let me take care of the research and provide a personalized proposal of travel options to choose from.

Whether it be choosing a destination, hotel, cruise, or tour package, I’ll help you focus in on the best options to meet your desires and needs. You can choose to book your final choice yourself or have me book it for you.

Travel That Only Gets Better

Personalized Travel Recs

Customized travel planning with you in mind.


As a Fora Certified Travel Advisor, I provide expert advice from my own travels + the experienced community of my fellow Fora advisors.

Perk Things Up

Who doesn’t love perks! Enjoy free upgrades, breakfasts, spa credits, and more thanks to the ever-growing list of Fora Partners and VIP amenities at hotels, resorts, and cruises worldwide.

Personalized Itinerary & Planning

simple fees, memorable value


Minimum 4 days
Includes 1 destination
$60 per additional destination

or view examples below that list everything included and are ready to go.

Travel Planning Fee Quotes

Ready to go for Personalized Itinerary & Planning

custom travel planning

The Venturer

*Starting at $240

Customized Itinerary & Planning for
4 days (3 nights)

You’re craving a getaway and have a long weekend to venture to one special place where you can have a wonderful experience. Whether you’re going solo, with a partner, or with your family, this planning package is great for making the most of your precious days off. Start packing!

custom travel planning for the explorer

The Explorer

*Starting at $540

Customized Itinerary & Planning for
8 days (7 nights)

Even with one week, you can experience the best of two destinations, from hidden gems to iconic landmarks. Leave the logistics to me and immerse yourself in authentic experiences. Book now for an extraordinary adventure tailored just for you!

Custom Travel Planning for the journeyer

The Journeyer

*Starting at $1020

Customized Itinerary & Planning for
15 days (14 nights)

With this planning package you don’t have to settle for a generic travel experience. Let me transform your two week trip into an extraordinary adventure tailored specifically to you. Ideal for three destinations, I’ll plan everything so that you’ll enjoy the journeys from one place to the next as much as you revel in the destinations.

Not sure yet?

Book a 30-minute travel consultation with me, or contact me.

Spain Scouting Trip

Personalized Itinerary & Planning for Moving to Spain

*Starting at $599/destination

So you’re dreaming of moving to Spain! You’ve heard of this special and diverse part of Europe and you want to see if it is the best fit for you. A scouting trip is the way to go.

Before making such a big move, it’s great to check out possibilities in person, get educated and connected, and enjoy a great trip at the same time.

I utilize curated resources, our own firsthand experience living in Spain for more than eight years, an amazing network Spain-wide, and I get to know you, to create a personalized trip that will enable you to discover if Spain is your new home abroad.

Benefit from our knowledge and contacts across Spain. My husband and I live on the one-of-a-kind Costa Blanca in the Valencia Region and specialize in this area. We have also spent weeks and months in other parts of Spain and have family living for years in other regions of the country.

Can I help with scouting trips in multiple parts of Spain or even elsewhere in Europe? Absolutely! Let me know where in Spain or elsewhere in Europe you want to consider, or if you need help determining possibilities.

Amalia, Founder & Fora Travel Advisor at Move to Traveling

Meet Amalia Maloney del Riego

As your Fora Advanced Travel Advisor, I specialize in custom travel planning for trips throughout Spain and Europe, as well as scouting trips for moving to Spain.


Click here to learn what it’s like to live in Denia, Spain. 

living in Spain

Click here to enjoy valuable stories about living in Spain. 

Client Testimonials

five star travel planning reviews

Off the Beaten Path Exploring Extremadura, Spain

My husband and I are experienced travelers and have always preferred to make our own travel plans. That has changed now that we’ve traveled with Amalia’s help. We just returned from a terrific trip to Spain, in the Extremadura region. Our goals for the trip were to experience and understand Semana Santa festivities and immerse ourselves in the area’s history and culture. Working with Amalia we were able to achieve and exceed both!

At least half of the places we stayed and things we did we would not have found if we weren’t working with her. She really understood our travel preferences and made reservations and recommendations accordingly. From fine hotels with amazing views and VIP perks, to medieval castles, palace accommodations, Roman ruins, museums, charming small towns, a private tour of her mom’s art studio, and excellent restaurant picks, we enjoyed every moment – despite the rainy/cold front that hung over half of the trip.

As if that wasn’t enough, all of the details of our trip were neatly organized in a mobile app that Amalia updated as plans changed. She made and confirmed reservations, helped us cancel a bike tour when the weather was crappy, and was available on WhatsApp if we had questions or changes to make.

We’ve already engaged Amalia for another trip this year and plan to use her services in 2025 when we go back to Spain. We’ve referred her to three friends and I highly recommend her services to anyone. And if you are an experienced traveler who is used to making all of your own plans, you will be amazed at how much engaging Amalia improves your experience.

living in Spain

First-Time Visit to Denia

I’m so grateful to my travel advisor, Amalia Maloney, for recommending Hotel Chamarel and taking care of all the details. She has continued to provide outstanding service for my transition to Spain, and continues to exceed my expectations! Thank you, Amalia, for your expertise, kindness, patience and tremendous organizational skills. I don’t know how I could manage without you!

living in Spain scouting trip

Summer Trips in Spain, North & South

We have planned two trips with Amalia’s help, and she was great both times. The first time she helped us organize a four-city trip, helping us find accommodations and suggesting activities. The second time we returned to Denia, where she is based, and she was able to connect us to a local homeowner and to arrange rental of their lovely property, which was not listed, at a very good rate. She is a pleasure to work with!

living in Spain

Weekend in Murcia, Spain

Amalia is a professional travel coordinator and serves her client well. Her vast knowledge, ability to determine a client’s particular needs and wants, and then providing her experience and contacts to make the best recommendations is appreciated. I have recommended her to others, and will use her services again.


Move to Spain Consultation

Excelent service. I recommend Amalia, she is very friendly and very knowledgeable. You are in good hands!

living in Spain

Move to Europe Consultation

Just had my initial consultation with Amalia and she was great. Very informative and open to discussing moves to other countries besides Spain. Before we spoke she researched some areas in France that I had mentioned on the pre-call questionnaire – nice touch! Thank you Amalia for a great conversation and I look forward to speaking with you as we get further along on our move timeline.


Hotel Booking in Spain

Having Amalia’s assistance with booking a hotel for our trip was the best choice. She provided a few hotels to pick from and broke down what each had to offer for comparison. It was so much better using her services then blindly picking one myself. She provided hotels that were safe, had good reviews, and were close to the things we wanted to do in Girona. She was very quick to respond to my questions and a dream to work with! Hotel Bestprice was the perfect hotel for my stay thanks to Amalia.


Moving to Spain Consultation

Very resourceful and knowledgeable. She provided me great insight on how to navigate a move to Spain. She recommend great resources ranging from groups, lawyers, and learning Spanish.


Couple’s First Visit to Denia, Spain

We travel a lot and we are quite particular about where we stay. Amalia (our travel advisor) was recommended to us and she really impressed us. She knew exactly what we were looking for from our trip and her local knowledge was superb. We don’t think we would have got as much out of our trip without Amalia’s services.

living in Spain scouting trip

Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia and Eric, thank you for the comprehensive support your company offers! It goes beyond the data provided, and helps to instill confidence for people like me wanting to live in Spain. This process of transitioning from the US to Spain has been daunting! You know first hand what this journey is like and have provided a path; along with great contacts, to move forward. I will continue to work with you, and will be forever grateful!

living in Spain

Spain Summer Visit to Segovia & Oviedo

I loved our trip to Spain! Amalia was so organized and our hotels and apartment were so perfect! And comfortable. All the details were very well planned out. Our time to explore the cities and ancient cathedrals were so special. Spending time with the family was precious and I will remember the trip and time we spent together forever! Amalia was so helpful getting us our train tickets and booking unforgettable sites! Her planning and making arrangements for all our wonderful dinners made everything so easy and delicious. I will recommend her services to all my friends and family.


Moving to Spain Consultation

I really enjoyed working with Amalia from Move to Traveling. She is extremely patient and was able to refer me to some great resources. Highly recommend her and her team!


Spain Road Trip in Asturias, Basque Country, & Catalan Pyrenees

Amalia was a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive and took care of all our travel needs efficiently and effectively. We will definitely work with Amalia again and also will recommend her to our friends.


Moving to Spain Consultation

My wife and I had an extraordinary opportunity to consult with Move to Traveling for 30 minutes via Google Meet video (although other chatting options like WhatsApp, etc. are available). We discussed our initial thoughts/concerns for a scouting trip within coastal Spain and France along the Mediterranean in search of a location that’s a good fit for us in retirement living as expats.

Amalia, the owner, is so positive, a joy to work with, and she made us feel like we were on the right path – which was reassuring. She was also refreshingly forthright in saying she wasn’t super familiar with, but was aware of, one area we are interested in visiting. However, she was certain in her abilities to attain sound and reliable contacts and information that would help us have a positive experience in that location. This spoke volumes to us because she was humble enough to admit not being fully aware of a location but simultaneously confident in her ability to get more than what we’d need to make our visit to the location a good one.

We got great information and direction during the live video chat and then received (via a Google Drive docs email link) a recap of the conversation providing additional information that will not only be key to living in Spain but some of which can be used anywhere outside the USA (e.g. banking options, links to additional resources, etc.). All things we can readily use – even now while living in the USA.

With Amalia’s many contacts and talents, while also being a certified Fora Travel Advisor, we’re confident she’ll be able to meet our future needs in procuring trip plans, reservations for hotels, restaurant recommendations, etcetera. She even talked about an immersion experience that happens with locals in her area that sounded right up our alley and we’ll be sure to book our trip to coincide with the gathering(s).

If you fall across Move To Traveling online, follow them. Now! Your initial interest in seeing beautiful scenery will be met with learning tips about and getting links on daily living in Spain (Tesla Taxis in Madrid, rental options in Valencia, IG Live events, connections to other expats, restaurants, hiking locations, public transport, etc.). The longer you follow them, the more your intrigue of living in Spain and using Move To Traveling’s services will grow.

In the end, we are beyond pleased with the consultation and would highly recommend booking one, establishing a relationship with Amalia’s company, and taking advantage of their vast knowledge and travel services.

living in Spain
Russell Family

Spain Family Trip to Madrid & the Costa Blanca

The support provided in planning the trip, facilitating booking of the places, guiding in every step and monitoring that all requirements were met for a successful trip was outstanding! In a very short time we visited landmark historical places and enjoy the best restaurants of Madrid, Valencia, and Denia.

living in Spain scouting trip
Dr. Del Riego

Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia is so friendly and knowledgeable! She provided amazing resources that were tailored to my specific goals, and lifestyle, and made me feel more prepared for my travels to Spain. Highly recommend.

living in Spain

Surf Trip to Spain & Portugal

Integrity hard work and commitment are things that I look for in a travel agent. Amalia was all of that and more. I highly recommend getting her as your travel agent for your upcoming trips. She goes out of her way to ensure you are prepared and everything goes smoothly when traveling and throughout your trip. Not only did she organize my vacation, she took her time to give me many recommendations on where/what to eat, where to visit to make sure I get a full emersión experience of the Spanish culture. In addition she went above and beyond when I had issues with lost luggage. She was there every step of the way to help me fight and resolve my issue and even reached out to the airlines and travel insurance to make sure I was properly taken care of. I will definitely be using her services again in the future!


Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia is an outstanding advisor for anyone interested in traveling/moving to Spain. She has a wealth of recourses available for just about any situation. She is also very personable and easy to work with. Maria and I highly recommend her.

living in Spain scouting trip
Marshall & Maria

Denia Meet & Greet

We were absolutely delighted with our experience. Amalia and Eric were a fantastic source of information and had so much to share in terms of useful resources tailored exactly to our requirements. So much local knowledge cannot be underestimated, especially for people considering a big move to Spain and this was an invaluable meeting for us. It was followed up by an excellent summary and briefing document filled with even more information and links to useful websites, contacts etc. We have already used lots of the recommended resources. I would also like to add that Amalia and Eric are a charming and lovely couple who were so easy to chat with and we very much look forward to being neighbors and meeting with them again!

Denia Meet and Greet for living in Spain
Martina & Bert

Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia listened to my needs, questions, and aspirations and provided excellent recommendations. I feel very lucky that I found her. I highly recommend her services to anyone considering visiting or moving to Spain.


First Visit to Denia, Spain

Amalia, you did a great job. I really enjoyed your recommendations without which my stay would have been much less memorable. Wonderful job!


Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia was very kind and informative during our consultation. She was willing to answer all my questions. She even supplied me with resources that could help me take the next step in moving to Spain. She’s definitely worth talking to if you’re considering moving there!

Denia Meet and Greet for living in Spain

Two Week Vacation on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Working with Amalia on all of the details was a breeze. I very much enjoyed how organized the trip was. The one page document on my phone was easy to share and find on my journey. Thanks Amalia!


Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia was so great! Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and organized!

living in Spain scouting trip

First Family Visit to Spain

Thanks Amalia for all the information and recommendations. We really enjoyed all the places. It was wonderful to have your guided assistance. It was easy for us.


Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia is kind, patient and an expert on all things Spain. Highly recommend you use this service before moving or booking a trip to this wonderful country. Her contacts and relationships will help you to streamline your time so that you can just focus on your journey.


Visit to Sweden & Norway

As a veteran international traveler I had always booked and arranged my own travel plans, but with Amalia’s help at Move to Traveling I’ve been able to enjoy traveling more. I highly recommend Move to Traveling to anyone who wants to travel with ease while receiving world class support from a genuine travel expert.

Amalia’s customer service and clear communication made my trip from Spain to Sweden and Norway enjoyable and smooth providing possibilities I had not been aware of, while giving me a great sense of security. Move to Traveling will be my go to for all of my future adventures.


Moving to Spain Consultation

Amalia was so generous with her time, information and resources, answering all my questions and understanding exactly what I was going through. I am looking forward to working with her and hopefully meeting her in person, as she is truly a wonderful person!

living in Spain

Family Summer in Spain

It was wonderful working with you! Really appreciate your hard work, availability, and thoughtfulness.


Moving to Spain Consultation

I had a great time chatting with Amalia as she gave me hope for my future move to Spain. She also gave me insight on areas to move to and connected me with a residency lawyer in Spain. I look forward to meeting her in person soon!


Moving to Spain Consultation

How fortuitous it was to have come across your service. Thank you so much for your recommendations and introductions to help us on our journey. We have a dream and your encouragement and support have set us on the right track to making it a reality. Thank you again!

living in Spain

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Additional Information

*Price can vary due to any of the following factors:

  • Additional services are desired that are not within the scope of service.

Trip Start Date:

    • If my Trip Planning Services are hired within three months or less of the trip start date, a rush charge may be applied to the total service cost, depending on the amount of time available for planning the trip. It is preferred that my services are hired at least five to six months in advance.

Fora Advanced Travel Advisor:

  • I am an independent affiliate/contractor of Fora Travel, which is my host agency. They provide me with the best certification, ongoing education, top of the line supplier partnerships worldwide and consortiums, and an incredible community of fellow travel advisors around the world. This brings immense added value because it supports and furthers my exclusive expertise, network, and resources (VIP perks anyone?) that I use for planning your trip in ways that surpass what you can do on your own.


Fora Advanced Travel Advisor Certification

The Magic of How it's Done

Service Fees:

  • I charge a fee for certain planning services so that you can benefit from my time and expertise spent on research, custom itinerary design, booking arrangements, and support that create a bespoke trip for you. It’s a great way to value your time, to value my time and experience, and to support a small business.


  • I do not book flights because it is an item that is best for you to book yourself due to the difficult and restricted nature of changing tickets. I can research flights to provide options and consultation, but I do not provide exact pricing quotes since there are multiple, detailed factors when booking that you can choose to add to your flight.

Travel Insurance:

  • I strongly encourage all clients to get travel insurance. As part of my services, I provide travel insurance options from some of the best providers so that your trip costs are protected and you can travel with peace of mind.


  • I'll send you a trip inquiry form to gather your desires for your next trip. Not sure of where you want to go? No problem! I can help provide some great ideas and options to consider based on the information you provide about your preferences and desires.
  • From my Travel Consultant relationship with vendors, I check for ways to maximize your trip with any exclusive promotions and benefits that I can access.
  • When you've decided on what you want me to book, I'll provide a secure online credit card authorization form that ensures we have a record of the amount you're authorizing me to charge your method of payment for the booking. Sometimes bookings may be paid up front and other times at the property, depending on the conditions.
  • I'll make sure to send timely reminders of any upcoming payments for bookings.
  • Your bookings and details will be compiled into a convenient, online itinerary that includes links and real-time flight tracking to notify you of delays or cancellations. It's mobile friendly to view in your browser and also downloadable as a PDF.
  • You'll embark on your trip and can be in touch with me for any help needed during your travels that pertains to the trip in general and the bookings I made for you. The same applies if anything needs to be resolved after your trip.

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