Our Top 7 Reasons for Living in Denia, Spain as an Expat

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We truly don’t mean to brag, but we can’t say enough great things about living in Denia as expats. It’s been four years since we moved to Spain and three years since we first discovered this hidden gem just south of the vibrant city of Valencia.

Why did we decide to call it home? It practically checked off all the desires we had on our list for where we wanted to settle in Spain.

We have a feeling that your own criteria for your expat home base may be similar to ours, or might give you ideas of what to look for. So here are our top seven reasons for living in Denia as an expat.

#1 – Living in Denia is Authentically Spanish

Above ImageEric cooking on the ‘barbecoa’ at the first home we had in Denia.

A lot of Mediterranean beach towns in Spain have been overrun by expats in such a way that it’s not even like being in Spain anymore. Urbanizaciones (or what us Americans like to call suburbs) have popped up like weeds in many areas. In these foreign mini-me’s you won’t hear a lick of Spanish spoken, can eat fish and chips, and may hardly interact with the locals. Or some places have had the entire town transformed into a free-for-all for drunk tourists, such as the renowned Benidorm.

Denia, on the other hand, is what we love to call authentically Spanish. For that matter, you could say it’s also authentically Valencian because let us not forget, the region of Valencia that it is in has its own strongly distinct culture and even its own language.

Above ImageFalleras and Falleros wait at the foot of the castle during the annual Fallas Festival.

There are traditional Spanish styles of architecture, local cuisine, and traditional festivals and ways of life that are still being preserved and enjoyed today. Local businesses, many of them here for generations, are supported and encouraged. There are also no large hotel chains or tall skyscrapers that fence in views of the sea.

Over time, we’re seeing that the town is doing a lot to maintain this authenticity, fostering conscious and sustainable tourism, and not allowing for over-development.

#2 – Denia is a Year-Round Town

Above ImageEvery year on January 5th is the parade for Three Kings Day.

This is one of the biggest questions we get from people considering moving to Denia. A lot of the beach towns in this area are dead in the winter. And we know – we lived in the nearby tiny village of Xeraco for six months during our first winter living in Spain. While we had a great house right on the beach, it was seriously like the film set of an apocalyptic movie (you know, where no one is left on Earth, not even zombies). Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get what we mean.

In Denia, however, the town is thriving all year round. Some businesses will of course still close in the winter for their holiday, but it’s usually only 2 – 4 weeks at the most and in February. Either way, there’s still plenty going on for locals in the winter. There’s still dinner shows at the local Condado Theater, live music at restaurants, and activities hosted by international groups and great language classes.

Above ImageEven in the refreshingly cooler weather of winter, people still get out in Denia, especially to walk along the beautiful Las Rotas beach and hang out at Helios.

What’s really great is that living in Denia during the winter gives you the opportunity to really feel like a local. If you’re like us and most other expats here, you’ll come to love it and have this feeling like the town and its locals are all your’s again after the influx of summer tourists have left. We also feel like Denia is not too big and not too small, which is a lot coming from us city-lovers who moved from downtown Denver and later downtown Valencia.

#3 – A Castle by the Sea

Okay! This was actually one of the biggest wishes on our list. We really wanted to live in a Spanish Mediterranean town that had a castle right on the sea. After all, we’re living in Spain, the land of more castles than westernized shopping malls (thank god). Why not enjoy having a local castle in your everyday life?

Denia’s 11th-century castle is in the heart of its historic old town, and at the edge of where the town meets the sea. Sitting romantically on top of a small hill, it’s surrounded by the old, colorful row homes and fisherman quarters of ages past. You can tour the castle, walking its ancient terraces, stone walls, and climbing up into Moorish towers.

At the top is the archeologically museum, which we definitely recommend visiting. It’s located in what was the governor’s palace and included in the entry fee of €3 (for adults). Denia’s castle is also handicap accessible and is a fantastic spot for enjoying a picnic or a drink and snacks at the little cafe located on the top.

Insider Expat Tip: Once you get your residency and have your NIE card showing your Denia address, you can get into the castle for free.

No matter where you wander on the castle grounds, there are gorgeous views in every direction. You can gaze at the turquoise waters of the sea, the beaches along the coastline, the town, and the impressive mountains inland. But make sure to especially admire Denia’s beloved and closest mountain, El Montgo.

#4 – Denia has Two Marinas

Above ImageEnjoying a ‘rosado’ at the Marina el Portet.

The lure of the Mediterranean Sea was key in our expat home search. Of course, we also wanted to be walking distance to a great beach (and we got three in Denia). But that’s usually a given when you have a marina, so we didn’t list that reason here.

Both of us love this part of the world and want to sail more. This means that a good marina was top of our list. Not only does Denia come with a marina; it comes with two marinas. Double the sailboats and double the sailing lifestyle.

There’s the Marina el Portet, which is the worldwide headquarters of the Balearia Ferry company. From here you can get ferry rides to that bohemian island icon of Ibiza and the other enticing Balearic Islands.

Above ImageThe Marina de Denia.

At the other end of town (which is easy walking distance) is the Marina de Denia, which is the main marina and considered to be the more upscale, yet more expensive for slipping your boat. On your way there, make sure to also stroll through the Real Club Nautico of Denia, which has a restaurant, an indoor pool and gym, and a great year-round chiringuito (beach bar) next to some of the boat slips.

Not into sailing or boats? No biggie. You can still enjoy both marinas for great dining at several delicious restaurants featuring local cuisine. Or enjoy a stunning sunset from one of the bars on the seawall while sipping on a tinto de verano (what Spaniards actually drink in summer instead of Sangria). Between the restaurants, bars, and boutique shops, Denia’s two marinas provide a great time in a stunning setting with views of the castle and the mountain El Montgo.

# 5 – Denia’s Epic Culture of Gastronomy

Probably one of the best-kept secrets in all of Spain is that Denia is designated by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy. Getting to be a part of this network of cities worldwide isn’t available to just any town. Denia has a rich culinary heritage and continues to pair it creatively with the innovation of gastronomy today.

This means that the traditional recipes from generations past are not only being preserved and savored, but also shared with the world. What does this mean for you? There are so many restaurants in Denia that eating at a different one each day would take you over a year. Another great reason for living in Denia. You need time to go restaurant-hopping. And if you’re a foodie, you’ll be right at home with 3-starred Michelin restaurant Quique Dacosta and up-and-coming, innovative restaurant Aticcook.

Above ImageThe annual cooking competition of the Gamba Roja de Denia takes place in the winter.

Here, the traditional Spanish and Valencian cuisines are enjoyed in very traditional ways, new creative ways, and alongside influences and dishes from other parts of the world. You’ll quickly experience that food here is a big part of everything that goes on.

Everyday life will involve shopping fresh, local produce at the weekly Friday market held outside by the Mercado Central, and taking home freshly baked bread and mouth-watering pastries from any of the artisan bakeries still owned by local families.

Like all places in Spain, Denia also loves its fiestas and has several centered on gastronomy, like the annual Gamba Roja Competition and the newer DNA Gastronomy Festival that takes place each September.

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#6 – Quality of Life & Affordability

Above ImageThe view from our current home in Denia (and views of the sea are just to the left).

Here in Denia, the two go hand in hand – the quality of life is superb, also because it is so affordable (shockingly so for many of us expats from the US).

Compared to similar towns further south along the popular Costa del Sol, or north in the Costa Brava, Denia is less expensive when it comes to practically all costs of living. Actually, this is the case regarding most of Spain, especially the larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Above ImageDinner on our terrace made with all local ingredients (except the hot sauce).

We’re talking primarily about housing costs, groceries, and dining out. Yet even utilities and transportation are still about half the cost or less than their equivalent in the US, for example where we were from in Denver, Colorado. Even organic foods and natural products are more affordable here, services and renowned healthcare.

Overall, you can be living in Denia very comfortably, as a couple, for around €3000 a month. Depending of course on what your lifestyle is and how much you like to shop (Denia has some great shopping).

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#7 – The Community When Living in Denia

Above ImageA birthday bash with local and foreign friends.

At the heart of living in Denia is truly its wonderful community. The locals are welcoming and friendly. They love sharing their culture and traditions, stories and creativity. We love going out to have tapas and having conversations with the establishment owners who recognize us and welcome us in. They’re patient with our Spanish-speaking and say hello when we pass them elsewhere in town as well.

The international community is fantastic in Denia, with a great diversity of people from all over the world. It’s easy to see that the majority of them are living in Denia for similar reasons and value assimilating into the local community. There are also intercambio groups for learning Spanish with local Spanish-speakers learning English, taking excursions around the area, even taking dance classes, painting classes and more.

Above ImageMeeting with Denia’s Department of International Relations.

Thanks to this beautiful community of locals and foreigners, Denia also has some great resources for expats living in Denia. The ayuntamiento (town hall) even has a Department of International Relations and Citizen Participation, which teams up with foreigner-based groups such as the U3A and supports the intercambio language exchange programs.

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Living in Denia as Expats

Above ImageHaving a homemade paella dinner with some of our closest, local friends. Great Spanish practice!

We could really go on and on about Denia. There are many more great reasons for living here as expats. Now that we’ve been here longer, we find ourselves falling even more in love with this Mediterranean beach town. And we’re not the only ones.

Many people, locals and expats alike, say that they don’t want more people to find out about Denia and that they want to keep it to themselves. Yet we all know, especially as expats, that change is inevitable and growth is important.

Living in Denia, we see changes and growth being carried out in conscious and sustainable ways. It’s why it is the town that it is today. And we believe that it can continue that way and is attracting people who support that and want to be a part of Denia. We’re so proud to call it our Spain home base. You could be too. 

What are your top criteria for finding your expat home base? Do you have any in common with us? What do you think of Denia? We would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you have. Just comment in the discussion area below. And let us know when you’re in Denia!

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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

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  1. Viktoria

    Hola Amalia and Eric,
    My name is Viktoria.
    I really enjoy reading your blog about Denia. Thank you so much for taking time to answer questions and provide some very valuable information. My husband David and I love to travel and are working our way to relocate from US to Spain or Portugal. We have visited Barcelona a couple of years ago and really enjoy our time there. Denia looks very charming and beautiful and we are super excited to make this cozy town our home base while we are exploring the rest of the country.
    We feel very fortunate and blessed to be able enjoy the magic of both mountains and the ocean near our home in US and we have found Denia’s gorgeous Montgo natural park and the cozy local fishing marina will be wonderful to meet.
    Dave was born in US and does speak good Spanish. And I
    ( Viktoria ) was born in Estonia and so excited to learn the language. Thank you for providing schools info in Dénia in the previous comments.
    Currently we are looking on “Idealista“ , “kyero” and
    ”think Spain” for a short term ( we think about 3 months ) to get to know the area and feel the vibe. We are looking to be next to the green area ( not sure how far away would be from El Montgo neighborhood but looks very pretty ) hopefully walking distance to town to enjoy local markets and community life. Dave and I enjoy walking and outdoors so we wouldn’t mind some extra steps to make it.
    We have learned from the previous comments that you would recommend Mr. Paul Millward as a realtor in Denia and Mr. Dominic Finan of Marina Alta Living to help with the rental property. Would that be ok to contact them?
    Thank you again for all you do and great pictures. Dave loves to bbq and is looking forward to learn
    how to host a parrillada.
    Kind regards,

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Viktoria,

      Thanks so much for enjoying our blog and sharing about your own journey. That’s really exciting that you’re looking to spend some time in Denia. We’re glad that our articles can be of help to you and please let us know of any other questions. And when you’re here, we’d love to meet up so stay in touch.

      And yes, you can definitely contact Dominic and Paul. They want their information to be shared and will be happy to hear from you.

      From what you have described that you and Dave enjoy, we think you’re going to have a wonderful time in Denia.
      We hope to stay in touch and to see you here often on our blog.

      Thank you!

  2. Matthew Hambrick

    I’m coming through there this week, looking for a part of the year place to live besides Alaska. Can you recommend a real estate agent? I’d be looking for a project house , fixer upper. Also curious about local trades and what it takes to work in Spain . I am a General Contractor. Thanks for any recommendations.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Matthew. Thanks for being on our blog and for the great question.

      We highly recommend Paul Millward for a great real estate agent here in Denia. We just emailed you directly all his contact information so you can follow up as you wish. Please check your spam folder if you’re not seeing the email at first.

      That’s great that you’re going to be in Denia this week. Let us know if you’d like to meet up. Have a great time!

  3. Ms Deirdre McCann


    I’m moving to Denia this week as a permanent move and your blog has really inspired me!

    I’m moving there on my own and I need to learn Spanish and find activities that will help me meet me new friends. Do you have any tips to help me on this?


      • Ms Deirdre McCann

        Hi Both
        Unfortunately I didn’t receive your email, could you try again?
        Many thanks

        • Amalia and Eric

          Hi Deirdre,
          Thanks for letting us know. I just forwarded it to you. Make sure to check your spam folder as well in case it went there. And let us know if you still don’t get it.

        • Franko

          Good morning, I am thinking of moving to Denia this year and would like to purchase near the beach. Can you suggest a good realtor and information on dual citizenship

          • Amalia and Eric

            Hi Franko. We have a great reference for a wonderful realtor here in Denia.
            Here is his information:
            Paul Millward
            Tel: +34 96 648 2480
            Mob: +34 637 844 891
            [email protected]

            Please tell him that Amalia and Eric from Move to Traveling referred you.

            Regarding information on Dual Citizenship, we would suggest asking your local Spanish consulate. Are you in the US? The paperwork required for processing your Spanish citizenship usually starts from within your current native country where you’re living and have citizenship and the documentation required can vary according to the embassy (at least in the US). Regarding the topic in general, I (Amalia) have dual nationality with the US and Spain. I got my Spanish second. And I had to start the process in the US and then complete it in Spain. Also, some say that you can’t have dual citizenship with the US and other countries, but that’s obviously not true since I have it and others I know have it as well.

            Hope that helps and let us know of anything else. We hope to see you here on our blog often. Thank you.

  4. liz allan

    Hi I love Denia not familar with Las Rotas would appreciate your opinion as to what it is like in the winter
    Thank You Loz

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Liz, If you love Denia than you should really get to know Las Rotas. It’s on the western side of town and starts right where the Marineta Casiana Beach ends (this beach is right next to the Marina de Denia). In the winter it can feel pretty chilly because it’s humid and right on the water. But it’s still a wonderful place to go walking. Many locals and visitors walk along Las Rotas in the winter and stop for a drink or lunch at one of the few restaurants that are spread out right on the rocks and with great views of the water. It’s also easy, level walking and parts of pedestrian-only. From about halfway down Las Rotas, you can get a great view of the Cape Saint Antonio (Cabo San Antonio) and especially from the very end of Las Rotas.

      Oh, and keep in mind that there is a DeniBus that for only 1.50€ each way goes from the end of Marques del Campo to the end of Las Rotas, with optional stops along the way. Here’s the schedule:

      Getting back to what it’s like in winter – there’s plenty of days of sun and when the sun is out it’s so nice. Being in the shade can be chilly, so wear layers. It can also get windy some days, especially in the afternoon so mid-morning/mid-day is ideal for walking along Las Rotas.

      We hope that this helps. Please let us know of any other questions you have and we’d love to hear what you think of Las Rotas. Hope to see you here on our blog often. Thank you!

  5. Miguel Rueda

    Perfect that I came across this article… We live just outside of Denver and are planning a trip to Denia this summer. I have read a great deal about Denia and wanted to visit to see if it makes sense as a place for us to retire. We will be celebrating a few things on this trip and will be bringing our college-bound son and two HS age children. Can you recommend an area of Denia we should look at for lodging to keep all happy and entertained?

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Miguel. Thanks so much for enjoying our post. We love meeting fellow Coloradans too. How great that you’re right outside of Denver where we used to live. So it will be your first time coming to Denia? What time of year are you planning for the trip?

      We have some great ideas as to where to stay. If you’re here in summer and want to be on the beach, we’d recommend somewhere along the Carretera de Las Marinas, but not further down than kilometer 1 or so. That way you’re still close enough to town to walk or ride bikes in.

      But an ideal area is just in from the Marina Portet (remember that Denia has 2 Marinas). There’s plenty of vacation apartments for rent in that area on AirBnB or other sites. It’s also where the fisherman’s quarter is, the new Els Magazinos (restaurants and rooftops), and best of all the Castle and steps to the main street Marques de Campo. But even in this area, you’re very close to walk down to the El Raset Beach which is right at the beginning of the stretch of Las Marinas beaches (the sandy beaches).

      If you’re coming in winter/early spring, the water will still be quite cold (up until about mid/late-May), then you can consider charmingly renovated units in the old historic part of town that is behind the castle (the end opposite the water). The center of that area is Calle Loreto which is the pedestrian street lined with restaurants and bars.

      Another beach option for summer (May – end of September/early October), is the other side of town just in from the Marina de Denia. This is the Las Rotas area where we live and that is very local. It has the Nautical Club, Marina de Denia, and the Marineta Casiana Beach which is a sandy beach in a very tranquil bay that has a promenade and is great for paddleboarding. From there’s it’s only steps to still walk into the center of town, but also only steps to go the other direction and walk along Las Rotas, which is a long stretch of gorgeous rocky inlets. It’s beautiful and ideal for snorkeling with a lot more sea life to see because it’s a protected area. Just in from the Marineta Casiana Beach are many apartments or even houses that can be rented as well as along Las Rotas, but that’s getting further away from town center.

      Overall, Denia is such a great size, that staying in either of these areas will still have you close to everything. The furthest away area would be going down Las Marinas beaches or Las Rotas beaches. We really recommend staying in a place where you won’t need to use the car because driving and parking here is a pain in the summer and will not be relaxing. And there really are so many places in town that are practically ‘at the beach’ and with plenty variety for all members of your family to enjoy the town and themselves.

      Let us know of any other questions you have and if you would like us to email you directly. We’re happy to help and would love to meet up for a drink if you like when you’re here. Thanks for your comment and we hope to see you here on our blog often. Have a great trip!

  6. Cynthia

    Wow – just last night I watched a Househunters International show on Denia (not sure when it was filmed, but housing prices are low compared to Toronto Canada). This site is full of very interesting information – it seems you have become full time Denia supporters and consultants. On behalf of all of us, thanks so much for taking the time to impart lots of useful information.
    We’ve already made plans for travel up to late September of this year, but are thinking of going to Denia for 6 weeks or so. I checked and it looks as if October is the wettest month in Denia, but still fairly warm. We were in Spain this October (Andalucia), and it seemed very dry/arid/parched. In your experience, are we likely to get a lot of rain? When it rains, is it mostly short showers, or are we likely to see days of rain?

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Cynthia, Thank you so much for enjoying our blog and for your kind words. We really do love Denia! That’s great that you’re making plans to visit as well. It’s hard to say when the rain will come, but this area is more green and verdant than Andalucia. October can have more rain than other months, but it just really depends. This past October we did have some rainstorms, but it can still be a great month to visit because it’s not too hot or too cold. When it does rain, it tends to be short showers, but once or twice a winter we get what they call the ‘gota fria’ which is usually a good two to three days of heavy rain and very strong winds. It can flood some during those storms as well.

      We hope that this helps and please stay in touch with any other questions. If you like, we’d be happy to meet up in Denia whenever you do visit. Happy travels!

  7. John Stevens

    Hi Amalia and Eric!

    I really appreciate your article about Denia! Especially the part about it being a year-round town. I was lucky enough to make some great friends who live in Denia and I’ve spent several months with them in both the winter and summer seasons and can testify that one is no better than the other! I love this town any time of the year and the winter time is great to get the local experience.

    I’m a recent college grad and I’m hoping to spend the upcoming summer living and working full-time in Denia. My Spanish is quite good, but not perfect. I also know that there are many english tourists in Denia during the summer. Do you guys have any general advice or know of any businesses that may be hiring for seasonal work in Denia? I’d greatly appreciate any pointers!

    – John

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi John, It’s great to have you here on our blog and thanks for your great questions. We love that you’ve been able to experience Denia at different times of the year and that you appreciate you so much. We continue to just love it and even yesterday got back from traveling and loved ‘coming home’ to Denia.

      Congrats on having graduated! From what you’ve expressed, we think that teaching English here in Denia could be a great job possibility. We don’t know of exact language schools that teach English, but we know that they exist here and we’d recommend searching for them online and contacting them. Aside from that, we’re not really sure unless we knew more about what experience you have and what kind of work you’d like to do. What did you get your degree in? Is it something that you could get online work for yourself and work online while in Denia? There’s English teaching jobs that are online too. Or do you have experience sailing? Maybe you could contact the Denia Nautical Club about possible jobs. If you’d like to be in touch more via email, just let us know here and we’ll shoot an email over to you as well. Let us know of any other questions you have and we hope the best for you and your aspirations this year!

      • Sonia Harford

        Hi is it possible I could have a contact for the club as I’m looking to move to Spain but would like to look the roles on offer.
        Best wishes Sonia

        • Amalia and Eric

          Hi Sonia, Thanks for being on our blog. We assume that you mean contact for the Real Club Nautico (the Denia Nautical Club). Here is their website where you can get plenty of info on how to best contact them:

          Let us know of any other questions you have and we hope to see you often on our blog. Happy Travels!

        • John Stevens

          Hi Sonia!

          If your contact at the club could help me get an application in there that would be super! Are you looking to move to Dénia or elsewhere in Spain? Do you sail or row?

          – John

      • John Stevens

        Real Club Nautico! That’s a great idea, I used to workout there when my friends were rowing. I do have experience working at a sailing club in Connecticut so that’s a great idea. I did reach out to the only english school I could find in Dénia and they reached back to me with a potential interest. And I’m exploring online teaching options so that’s a possibility too.
        My degree is in International Studies. I was working part-time in school at high-scale restaurants and a summer camp while on break. I would also be interested in au pair or nannying jobs which I’m looking into online. If you two knew any families who may be interested in private english lessons, babysitting, or miscellaneous labor that would be a great connection for me! The last time I was in Dénia I got by painting fences for neighbors and I have plenty of experience in landscape and handyman work. Please feel free to reach out to me via email!

        • Amalia and Eric

          Well John, we think you’re doing a great job at creating wonderful opportunities for you to enjoy spending more time in Denia this summer. Definitely pursue the Nautical Club and the other ideas you mentioned.

          And actually, the babysitting idea could be great. We have some friends who could possibly use your help so we’re going to email you directly as well to chat more about this.

          Thanks so much for enjoying our blog and hope to see you here often (and in Denia later this year)!

  8. Stephanie


    I have enjoyed reading your blogs! Thank you for sharing your experiences. And to my surprise I recognised Cayetano and Amparo on one of the pictures. I´ve worked with Amparo briefly.

    Will keep following you.

    Happy new year!


    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Stephanie. That is so neat that you know Cayetano and Amparo! They are amazing people.

      We’re so glad that you like our blog and thank you for continuing to enjoy it. Do you live in Denia as well?

      We wish a very happy New Year for you too! Thank you.

      • Stephanie

        Hi Amalia and Eric,

        Yes, I also live in Dénia. Since 1,5 year now. I am absolutely loving everything Dénia has to offer and do not see myself leaving here anytime soon!

        Before I lived in Málaga for a while and although I also really love Málaga, it became too touristy for me. Dénia has just the perfect balance between locals and foreigners, as you also described.

        Maybe we´ll run in to each other once!

        Have a nice weekend.

        • Amalia and Eric

          Hi Stephanie. That’s so neat that you live here as well. It’s especially great to hear your perspective and experience of Denia after living in Malaga. We continue to love Denia and appreciate how it’s maintaining its great local culture and foreign community.

          It would be great to run into you! Feel free to let us know if you ever want to meet up. Thanks!

  9. Mel

    Hello there! Your blog is 100% accurate. This past summer we visited all of Spain for a few weeks with the intention of finding a possible area to relocate from Miami, Florida (US). We made a last minute stop in Denia to visit a restaurant that was added to the “Worlds Top 100 Restaurants” list just a few days prior. We had no idea what we were in for. What a beautiful surprise. We fell so in love with Denia that even our children (12 & 10) were sad to leave so soon. On our way to Granada we all agreed that Denia was moving to the top of the list for us. After visiting Marbella, Seville, Cordoba & Madrid, it became clear that Denia would most likely be our new home. We came home, did our research and planned a trip back to visit schools and meet with realtors. We bought land and we are now in the process of building our new home in Denia and selling our home here to move there. We will be there in June!! It truly is a special place that can only be understood by visiting. Once infected with its charm, you’re just never quite the same. We’ve been all over the world, and we have seen some beautiful places, but no place that ever felt like home. Denia had us at “hello”……

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Mel! We love hearing your story and are so glad that you’ve enjoyed our blog and most importantly, Denia. That’s fantastic that you’re building a home here and moving here in June! We have other new friends who we met here through the blog that are also from Miami and visited this past year, fell in love, and want to come live for a year to consider retiring here.

      Please stay in touch and let us know of any other questions. We would love to meet up anytime you’re here next or once you’ve moved here. Although we don’t have kids, we have friends who have kids around your age and we would be happy to introduce you to them if you like. Welcome to Denia! We hope to be in touch and that you continue to enjoy our blog. Happy holidays!

  10. Heather Anderson

    Hi Amalia and Eric, Thank you for all your great information about Denia. Currently I live in Washington State, USA, beautiful in the summer but nasty and rainy in the winter. After a few years of coaxing from my son, I have decided to move to a place sunny and warmer all year long. Reason #1 cost of living, reason #2 making friends and #3 medical insurance will be very important to me. I am 75 and adventurous, love history and museums and am excited to learn a new language. Living on the water, as I do now, or very near the water with a view would be another of MY 7 reasons to move anywhere. As I read your blog I thought Denia could fit well for me, maybe even all year round. I’d like to keep my budget at about $2500 a month. After reading this what are your thoughts? Would a visit to check out Denia be more than worth it? Email me please if you can. Heather

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Heather. We saw your same comment on our other post about Denia, A Hidden Gem Among Gastronomy Destinations, and we answered it there. But we’ll also email you as well. Thank you!

  11. Frank Campbell


    Am planning to relocate to Spain in 2020 on a non-working visa. I know the country well and am fluent in the language. Presently I am in the process of filing my application at the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles. The one requirement I am stumbling on is the required medical insurance. Being a senior most companies on the list the Consulate provided won’t even talk to me. Anyone has any ideas on where to purchase medical coverage that will comply with Spanish law? Muchas gracias.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Frank, Thank you for being here on our blog and for your great question. The required medical insurance is a big factor for moving to Spain. We used Sanitas and their expat plan for a year while Eric was getting his residency but that was a different process since I (Amalia) have dual nationality with Spain. We didn’t have to apply through a consulate in the US. I would still recommend trying to get one of the medical companies on the consulate list to talk with you. Aside from that, we also highly recommend this blog post from another expat family living in Spain:

      We hope that this helps and please let us know of any other questions you have. May your application and move go great and we hope to see you on our blog again. Thank you.

  12. Colin Phillips

    Hi we are looking to come and stay in Denia for January and February 2021. Will there be plenty of bars and restaurants open and can you advise me of and winter let agents who can help us to find a 2 bedroom property to rent for 2 adults and a small well trained dog for around 700 euros per month. Thanks.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Colin, Thanks for your comment and great questions. Yes, January and February still has a lot of great bars and restaurants open. In January there’s also Three Kings Day on the 5th which is a big holiday here in Spain. It’s their version of Santa Clause and Denia has a beautiful parade that night and the streets are all still directed for the holidays. It’s very nice. Later in January and some in February, there may be some restaurants closed for a week or two of their vacation time, but plenty of places are still open. We’ll be coming out soon with more restaurant recommendations so stay tuned for that.

      And for a winter let, we would recommend Dominic Finan of Marina Alta Living: Let him know that we sent you.

      Let us know of any other questions you have. Thanks for enjoying our blog and we hope that it can be of further help to you.

  13. Rona

    Your blog has been fodder for a LOT of daydreams for us.

    ¡We live in Evergreen, Colorado!

    We are thinking of retiring to Spain, and thanks to you, Denia is top of the list to check out. We want to spend 4-6 weeks there this winter. We probably can’t retire for another 5-10 years, but we are thinking of spending a few months every winter to build up friendships and community in the place we eventually choose to retire year-round.

    We have traveled all over the world, including four times in Valencia for Fallas and an eight year stint in Latin America. So we are both Spanish speakers, although we need to get used to Iberian accents and pace. And one of us has German citizenship, so as long as the E.U. holds together, immigration should be fairly easy.

    We’ve looked on Kyero, VRBO, Airbnb, Facebook, and idealista. It looks like pickings are pretty slim for short term rentals. Any other ideas of how to find a place would be greatly appreciated. We want to be walking distance from the center of Denia.

    Thanks so much for whetting our appetites and turning us on to Denia as an area to explore!

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Rona,

      It’s wonderful to get your great comment and we’re so glad that you’re enjoying our site and now interested in Denia. That is so neat that you live in Evergreen, CO! We know it well. Being from Colorado, you’ll really like the mountains here in Denia and the Valencia Community, but that we have the sea too.

      Coming to visit is a great way to get a solid idea for whether or not it’s the place for you to retire. And yes, with one of you having German citizenship, it will make the process easier getting Spanish residency as well. FYI – Fallas is quite nice in Denia and not as ‘overwhelming’ and loud as it can be for some in Valencia. So enjoying that festival here can be really nice, especially since you’re familiar with it.

      The various property sites you’re looking at are good sources and we recommend continuing to look there to have an idea of real estate here, as well as to find good places for when you come to visit. If you want to be within easy walking distance of everywhere, we recommend looking near the castle and in between the two marinas (Marind de Denia and Marina El Portet).

      Please let us know of any other questions you have and of your plans to come to visit. We would love to meet up with you and can be in more direct contact after this!
      Thanks again for enjoying our blog. We’re going to get back to posting more often here pretty soon (we’ve taken a bit of a break the past month). Hasta luego!

    • Lauren

      I moved to Valencia more than a year ago from Denver, and am loving Spain. My sister is coming to visit in January from the US Midwest, to scout out Spain as a move, as well. I’ve not been to Denia yet, but based on your great info, I plan to put this on our itinerary during her visit. Thanks so much!

      • Amalia and Eric

        Hi Lauren, It’s great to meet you here and thanks so much for enjoying our blog and leaving a comment. That’s so neat that you’re from Denver as well and we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying Valencia. When your sister comes to visit and you come to Denia, let us know if you’d like to meet up. We’d love to show you a good tapas place here and meet you in person. Bringing your sister to Denia is a great idea for her visit and we hope you like it as well. It really is beautiful and the people are great. If you want to get together sometime, just let us know and I’ll email you directly. Thanks again and enjoy your holidays!

  14. Donna Montgomery

    Hi Amalia and Eric,
    I was wondering when searching for places to live, what you consider as the nicest area of Denia, or certain streets that are nice. I would like a little greenery, also to be walking distance to cafes and the beach, I would prefer a little house, but is an apt. more realistic there? It will be my husband and I and we’d like a 2 bed, 2 bath that is not in a highrise. From all the reading, is it best to find a place on a FB expat page, or through idealista? I put long term rental in my search, but not many come up. I’m from CA-nearLA, and I understand to get the non-lucrative visa you have to have a rental lined up for 6 months. Seems challenging as I understand to get residency and utilities, you have to already live there. .I love your blog and appreciate any advice-it seems daunting from so far away! Also-I know this is a lot of topics but do you like life in Denia more than in Valencia.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you so much for enjoying our blog and for your great questions. We’re excited to hear that you’re considering Denia for living in Spain. And we’re happy to answer your questions as best as we can.

      There really are a lot of nice areas of Denia and to really get a feel for them and where you would personally prefer to be, we recommend visiting for a few weeks beforehand or moving here with just a short-term rental at first so you can look for a more long-term place. We personally have lived right on the Las Marinas beach, very close walking distance to town, but then came to love the other side of town closer to the Las Rotas beach. Now we live on a street called Avenida Joan Fuster. But we’re in an apartment. We would recommend looking in the neighborhoods just east of our street and in from the Marineta Casiana Beach and the Marina de Denia. This side of town tends to be more ‘local’ than the other side of town and there are various streets that have lovely little houses and bungalows. But you don’t know it at first until you go walking down them. They especially have a lot of greenery like you want, which is really lovely. While there are a lot of apartments here, we think you could still find something that is a house or perhaps a townhouse/bungalow style. This area is also still walking distance into town. Also, don’t be surprised if you find that most units are at least 3 beds/2bths, but there won’t be much of a price difference. It’s simply like that here because it’s such a family-oriented destination for Spanish families from Madrid.

      For searching for places we recommend looking on every site you can, both FB expat pages and Idealista. We’ve heard that right now there doesn’t seem to be a lot of long-term rentals on the market, however you never know when becomes available so look everywhere that you can. There’s also a good site called Kyero. We do also know an agent who we could put you in touch with if you like. Just let us know.

      Regarding the visa, we’ve heard from friends here who moved here from San Francisco/Silicon Valley area that it actually depends on the consulate so what you’re saying about a rental lined up may be specific to the LA consulate. It really does make it a pain and from what we understood, having a rental lined up was not a requirement for the visa. Did you get that information from the consulate itself? Those same friends wrote a guest post here for us and we recently interviewed them to do a post about the actual non-lucrative visa process. We’re simply working on getting it published soon but would love for you to benefit from it when it comes out. In the meantime, here’s their first post:

      We’re really glad that you’re pursuing retiring here and know that it seems daunting at first. But we’d say it’s definitely worth it. Our process has been quite different than most expats since I (Amalia) have had dual nationality with Spain for some years, so we didn’t have to apply for visas. But that’s why we’re interviewing others here to provide as much helpful information as possible.

      And lastly, we do like life in Denia more than living in Valencia. And we thought before that we would be city people all our lives. But when we discovered Denia it simply changed. We still love Valencia but prefer it for visiting, which is easy to do since it’s pretty close to Denia. But even for year-round living, Denia is so marvelous. A true hidden gem. Once again though, it really does depend on personal preference. Valencia can be a great choice for living in Spain as well. It’s our favorite city in Spain and we would recommend it for city living to anyone.

      Please stay in touch and let us know of any other questions you have and if you’d like to be in touch more directly via email. Take care and hasta luego!

  15. Chris

    Hi my wife and I are in Denia at camping los llanos with our 14 year old boy looking at staying for a long length of time and was wondering if there is any English teenager that here could meet with or English speaking you no what I mean to as we don’t speak Spanish at mo and we have been traveling for three weeks with friends that have three little kids but feel he need more many thanks any help would be appropriate

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Chris. Thanks for being on our blog and reaching out to us. We’ve been trying to think of anyone we know who has teenagers around your son’s age, but we don’t anyone. You could look into some of the youth groups here in Denia that the city helps to coordinate, but they’re in Spanish or Valencian. Just in case here’s some information: It could be a great way for him to learn Spanish. If we think of anything else, we will definitely let you know. Hope you have a great time here in Denia and let us know if you have other questions. Thank you!

  16. Jayne Hampshire

    Hello again Amalia & Eric. We have finally arrived in Denia. Any chance we can meet up with you. Perhaps you could email me.


    Jayne & Graeme

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Jayne! So glad you’re in Denia. We just emailed you and hope that we can meet while you’re here. Thanks so much for reaching out and looking forward to hearing of how you’re enjoying Denia.

  17. ACH

    My son is a new exchange student spending the next 11 months in Denia. He has mentioned some interested in learning to sail but his host family are not sailers. Can you offer us some guidance on how he can get involved? He is 17

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hello Anita. Thanks so much for reaching out to us and being here on our blog. We also love sailing and usually go with friends since we don’t have our own boat, but it’s not as often as we’d like (quite yet). For your son, we would recommend that he, or you, contact the Denia Club Nautico (the local nautical club) We live very close by and walk through there often, seeing that they have programs for kids and young adults of all ages.

      Just this past weekend they had a regatta for young adults. We know that they have programs/classes that your son could benefit from. Aside from that, we’re not sure of any other resources, but if we learn of any we will share about it with you. We hope that your son has a great time here in Denia and please let us know of any other questions you have or if we can be of help to him further while he’s here. Thank you and we hope to see you on our site often!

  18. Vladimir

    Hello, Thank you for your postings. Questions;
    1. Is Denia warm enough in the Winter to still enjoy the sea?
    2. Does Denia have enough culture for smb who enjoys theatre, opera, musical concerts etc…?
    3. Are beaches nice and long enough for walking?
    4. When does wáter become warm enough to swim comfortably
    5. Is the surf rough or more placid?
    Thanks very much

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Vladimir. You’re welcome and we’re glad that you like our posts. Thanks for commenting here and asking your great questions. Here are our thoughts:

      1. It gets chilly in the winter here in Denia and is usually too cold to swim in the sea. The Mediterranean tends to be pretty cold anyway since it’s so deep. Some people still go scuba diving with wetsuits and everything or paddleboarding on a sunny warm day. It really depends on your tolerance for the cold.
      2. Denia has great year-round community and activities, including live music at restaurants. The local arts and culture like theatre and classical music concerts are primarily in Spanish or Valencian. There’s also a lot of local festivals year-round which is great to enjoy. In the summer there’s a jazz concert series as well. There’s no live opera here, but the local performance theatre Condado does live-stream events of some of the performances that take place in Madrid. Valencia is also only an hour’s drive away for more culture and art.
      3. The beaches here are lovely for walking and nice and long. The Las Marinas is especially a very long stretch of sandy beach that goes and goes and goes for many kilometers. The Las Rotas beach at the other end of town is rocky and great for snorkeling but also wonderful for walking along with few cars and areas that are just for walking and riding bikes. That goes quite a nice long ways as well, about 4 kilometers or more.
      4. The time that the water is warm enough to swim in really depends on personal preference. But we’d say end of May depend on the year and how the weather is being. Within June it’s quite nice but in my opinion (Amalia speaking here) still crisp and cool. But I’m a small person and easily get cold.
      5. The surf is typically more placid along the Las Marinas beaches but can also be very still along Las Rotas too (the rocky beach). This really depends on the time of year as well and in winter the water can get rougher and there is more surf, especially along Las Rotas. It’s very beautiful.

      We hope that helps! We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any other questions about Denia or Spain. Thank you again for being on our site and please continue enjoying it!

  19. Geni Fowler

    We recently bought a house in Denia and plan to retire there one day. We fell in love with Denia just as you did 🙂 We have a question about residency. Would you be able to explain the process for someone that didn’t qualify for a golden visa? Thank you!

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Geni. That’s great that you’ve bought a house here in Denia and we’re glad that you love it as well. Great question about the residency options. Are you American then? We know that many of the American expats who just moved here in the last year have gotten the non-lucrative visa, which involves showing that you have enough money to support yourself and not work while you’re living in Spain. It’s usually perfect for when you’re retired and moving here. Since our situation is different with me (Amalia) having dual nationality and also being Spanish, we have not spoken on this much. But, the good news is that we just did an interview of an expat couple who moved here last year and went through that process. We’ll soon be writing specifically about the process, the valuable tips from what they learned, and key details to pay attention to in the process. We hope you stay in touch to benefit from that.

      In the meantime though, we recommend this great article It’s what our friends followed for getting their non-lucrative visa for moving to Spain and it’s kept pretty updated.

      Please stay in touch and let us know of any questions you have. And next time you’re in Denia, let us know if you’d like to meet up. Thank you and ‘hasta luego’!

      • Geni Fowler

        Thank you so much for the info! Yes, we are from Los Angeles. The plan is to retire in Denia in about 5 years.
        We would love to meet you guys next time we’re in town. We haven’t met anyone from the US in Denia so far. Hasta luego!!

        • Amalia and Eric

          You’re so welcome Geni. Yes, there are not many Americans here in Denia, although more have moved here in the past year. Denia continues to be a hidden-gem and great place to live. We’d love to meet as well when you’re in town. So stay in touch. We’re happy to be of help. Hasta luego!

        • amanda cushman

          We lived in LA as well and are also considering Denia, we just spent a week there and really liked the area up in the hills. Looks a lot like the hills of LA but not as crowded. Enjoy your trip, Amanda

        • Donna Montgomery

          Hi Geni, I have been looking at every town near Valencia, and keep coming back to Denia as the ideal. We live in Aliso Viejo (near Laguna). Wewould like to retire there in about 4 more years. If you’d like to stay in touch my email is [email protected]. I’m also going to reach out to Amanda from LA below as well, as it does not seem that Denia has a lot of Americans there. Really enjoy your blog Amanda & Eric!

  20. Ara

    Hi, I am visiting Denia on November 22nd, does anyone know an British estate agent?
    Many thanks


    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Ara. Thanks for sharing your question here. There are several estate agents here in Denia who are British. Our recommendation would be to join the Facebook Group ‘Denia Connect’ and ask there for references for British estate agents here in Denia. That would be a great way to go if you use Facebook. Either way, we’ll email you directly a couple of referrals that could be a great start. Let us know of any other questions you have and we hope that your visit in November goes well. Hope to see you here on our site often!

    • Talin

      Hi. You can try home espana. I just bought a house there from

      • Amalia and Eric

        Thanks for sharing your resource Talin! Hope you continue to enjoy our site.

  21. Jayne

    Hi Amalia and Eric

    What a fantastic blog you are a breath of fresh air. We are sailors and have lived onboard our yacht for five years sailing the Mediterranean. We are looking at marinas in Denia. Then we hope to rent a villa with a view to buying and living in permanently Whilst still sailing in the season. It’s a big change for us and I would appreciate any tips. We hope to arrive somewhen in October. No specific dates as we are waiting for good winds to cross from Sicily, Sardinia then the Balearic Islands.

    Many thanks Jayne and Graeme

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hello Jayne and Graeme,

      Thank you so much. We’re thrilled that you like our blog and hope it can continue to be helpful to you. Your sailing lifestyle and this next chapter of your adventure sounds so amazing. We love sailing as well although we aren’t quite the sailors that you are. Denia is a fantastic place to consider, especially since it has two marinas to choose from and is so central along Spain’s Mediterranean Coast.

      We would love to stay in touch and give any tips. From what you’ve told us so far, we would recommend the Marina de Denia and the neighborhoods just in from that marina and the Marineta Casiana beach. Of course, to have views though, you could consider the villas just along the bottom of the mountain Montgo. You could also consider down along the beautiful Las Rotas beach depending on how far out of town or close to town center you want to be.

      Definitely stay in touch and let us know what other questions you have and what other resources you may need. We would love to meet whenever you arrive in October. Thanks again and continue enjoying yourselves sailing on the Med!

      • Jayne

        Thank you Amalia and Eric for your message and all the good info. We will let you know when we arrive. You are both so kind. Jayne and Graeme.

  22. Rachel Scotney

    HI there – we live in Spain inland from Alicante and want to move back to the coast – Looking at Denia area but want to be close to the beach etc. Interested in your blog – do you live near the sea and how is Denia in the winter – Do all the restaurants stay open, is there much going on up there in the town during the winter??

    Which is the best aeas to live we have looked at Las Marinas a bit built up etc but lovely beach and lots of facilities. Perhaps a bit too holiday ish to live there. Would appreciate your opinion.


    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Rachel, Thank you for enjoying our site and for your comment. Great questions and that’s wonderful that you’re considering Denia to be closer to the sea and have a place that is active and with things to do year-round.

      We know what you mean about Las Marinas. It’s great, but we lived there, front-line on the beach and still close to town, for our first two years and it was great, but felt more developed and touristy. Now for over a year we live on the other side of town, just a block in from the Nautical Club. We love it because we’re only a 5-minute walk to the Marineta Casiana (sandy beach/smaller bay) and less than that to the Marina de Denia. From there, it’s only another minute and we’re in the rocky coves of Las Rotas which is just gorgeous for snorkeling. It goes for quite a ways down the coast, is great for walking and riding bikes, and has little restaurants along it right on the water. But overall, this whole area and side of town is more local. And we’re literally in the center of town still, only 3 minutes from the Marques del Campo and maybe 5 minutes to the castle.

      Denia is great year-round, even in the winter. There are many restaurants open year-round, plenty of cultural events, local concerts, shows, and a great international community that is active and with plenty going on in the winter. It’s another reason why we chose Denia.

      From what you’ve shared, we would suggest looking into places close to the Marineta Casiana beach and the Marina de Denia. Keep in mind that Denia has two marinas, the Marina Portet at the Las Marinas end of town, and the Marina de Denia, at the Marineta Casiana and Las Rotas end of town.

      We hope that helps! Please stay in touch and let us know of any other questions and how the search is going.

      ¡Hasta luego!

  23. Beatriz


    My name is Beatriz.

    I’m Spanish but have been in the UK for many years.
    I’m currently purchasing an apartment in Denia Km 9, and I’m looking forward to spending some time over there.

    It is very interesting to read all the different alternatives for the area.

    Delighted to come upon your site.

    Kind regards

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hola Beatriz.

      Thank you for your comment and for enjoying our site. We’re so glad that you find it interesting. And congratulations on buying a place here. The Las Marinas beach where you’re purchasing is so beautiful, as you probably already know.

      Please do stay in touch and ask any questions you may have or let us know how we can be of help with any resources you need as you start to spend time in Denia. If you’d like to meet up when you’re next here, just let us know as well.

      Enjoy spending time in Spain again and we hope to see you here on our site again often.

      Thank you and hasta luego!

  24. Amanda Cushman

    Hi Amelia and Eric,
    We are going to be in Denia tomorrow for a week checking it out after being in Valencia for a week. We love Valencia but found it to busy and noisy for us.
    We are retiring ( kind of) and moving in January from the US.
    We love what you wrote about Denia and think it could be a good fit for us, we want water, sailing, nature, good food and great community. We are in our mid 60’s and I am a chef and my husband is a home remodeling man.
    We are looking forward to spending the week there.
    If you have time to meet let us know.
    Amanda and Herman

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Amanda,
      Thanks so much for reaching out. We would love to meet up with you while you’re in Denia and have sent you an email directly with our contact info. That’s wonderful that you’re moving here in January. We know what you mean about Valencia as well. We spent our first four months there and really loved it, but then discovered Denia and love the balance here of community and culture, but not as busy and noisy as Valencia. And yeah, it looks like Denia will be a great fit for you and the things that you love to do! We live super close to the Nautical Club and love sailing and the sea as well.
      So look forward to meeting this week and thanks for being on our site. We hope to see you here again soon.

      • Amanda

        We will see you guys this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday is good.

      • Amanda

        We enjoyed meeting you both so much and want to thank you once again for all your recommendations and tips. We had the best evening with you eating, drinking and walking around Denia. It’s a great town.
        We are still in the research stage of our journey and will keep you posted of what we find.
        We had a great week in Denia, thank you again,
        Amanda and Herman

        • Amalia and Eric

          Hi Amanda and Herman. Thank you for your sweet message. And you’re most welcome. We had a fantastic time with you both as well and really enjoyed getting to show you a bit of Denia and getting to know you. Continue to enjoy researching and considering all the wonderful possibilities. We look forward to hearing about what you find and decide on. And if you have any questions we can help with, just let us know. We hope to see you one day again and in the meantime, we wish you all the best! Abrazos (hugs) from Denia.

  25. Andrea M.

    Hi – I’m looking to move to Spain on a part time basis. My husband is not yet willing to make a full time commitment. We are in our 60’s so medical facilities are important. What is the medical situation in Denia? Good hospital? English speaking doctors/dentists?

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Andrea. It’s great to meet you and have you on our site. We love hearing that you’re looking to move to Spain. And of course, we think Denia is a great option to consider. We took some time today to ask some good friends, an expat couple here (Scottish), about the healthcare and hospitals well in Denia. We have access to it but don’t use it that much and they’ve been longer than we have.

      We’ll email you more directly everything she shared, but we can definitely confirm there is a nice main hospital and a smaller one. As well as two health centers. In the summer there is an additional, smaller health center down along the Las Marinas beach. Most of the staff do speak English and from our friend’s experience (and that includes dentists), they simply appreciate that you show some effort to try and speak some Spanish. But they’ll definitely answer you in English. You’re given a written report after you visit the hospital, with your symptoms, diagnosis, medication, and follow-up.

      Overall, our friends say that it’s much better here than in the UK. And they have had some major health issues while living here, so that says a lot. We would also agree that the healthcare professionals and experience overall here are much better than in the US.

      Please let us know of any other questions that you have. We hope to see you again soon here and that this next part of your journey goes great. Maybe we’ll see you one day in Denia! Let us know.

  26. Gennaro Giordano

    Hi, from NY but now living in Ruzafa Valencia since January. I really love it here but just a little bit busy for me. Thinking of staying here another year and then finding someplace a bit more laid back. Is life without a car a possibility there? Thanks.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Gennaro, Thanks for commenting here. We lived in Valencia’s Barrio del Carmen for our first four months in Spain and we know Ruzafa pretty well. Valencia is great! But yes, it can get really busy. Living in Denia without a car is definitely possible. It depends on how much you might be coming and going from the town and for what reasons. For example, if you need to leave Denia for work, you may want a car. But otherwise, getting around the town itself is great on a bike or even just walking. There’s plenty of great grocery stores and the local market within easy walking distance. And there is a nice bus system along the waterfront. There’s also good buses via Alsa that go to Alicante and Valencia. We love to travel and even after 3 years of living in Denia we still do not have a car. We have our bikes and when we need to go further we get the bus to Alicante or Valencia. There are also car rental places here that you can use and many of our other American expat friends in Denia do that every other month or so for a few days or a trip they may go on, but otherwise some of them don’t have cars either. Denia is definitely a great place for being somewhere more laidback, but it still has a great local and international community year-round with plenty to do if you like being social. And it’s still within easy travel distance to Valencia and other areas. Oh, and by next summer they are hoping to have the train finally re-opened that goes from Denia to Alicante. It’s a local tram that right now still works from Calpe to Alicante, but the portion from Denia to Calpe is being repaired. For now, there is a nice bus system that replaces that portion from Denia to Calpe for the same amount of time and the same price (really cheap). And it’s a very pretty ride. Please let us know if you have any other questions that we can help with. And if you come to visit Denia and want to meet up, we’d love to grab a drink with you and tell you more about Denia. Hope to see you here on our site again. Thanks and best of everything!

      • Gennaro Giordano

        Thanks so much for all this information. Sorry it talk so long to get back to you. I didn’t realize you had sent a reply. Yes, I visited Denia and went on a beautiful hike overlooking the sea all around and then had a very nice dinner in the town. It felt very comfortable. I’m still torn as to what to do so I am staying put for now and continue trying to improve my Spanish. I literally just retired nine days before moving to Valencia( on a non-lucr visa so besides the where do I want to live problem (and I use the word problem loosely) I am also dealing with the what do I want to do problem. I was a professional musician so one may retire from work but being an artist is part of who I am. I love hiking and being out in nature as well as just chilling on the beach. I have also discovered Chulilla for hiking though it would be a bit quiet to live there for me. Again, thanks for all the information and the next time I am in Denia I will let you know and maybe we can have that drink together.

        • Amalia and Eric

          Hey Gennaro. No problem about getting back to us. It sounds like you’re definitely at an exciting and changing chapter of your life. We’re glad that you enjoyed Denia. The hiking here is great. Did you go to the top of Montgo? We enjoy hiking as well and walk and ride bikes to get around town. And we know what you mean about being an artist. Eric is a graphic designer, animator, and film producer. He can’t be still for long and loves making things with his hands as well. And my mother is a professional musician and painter. So we get it! Well, keep in touch whenever you like and continue enjoying Valencia and Spain. !Hasta luego!

          • Gennaro Giordano

            Hola. I am in Dénia for the weekend. This morning hiked up Montgó. Beautiful. I have definitely decided this is the place for me. So next trying to find a rental and exactly where. So I am walking walking walking All around. If you have any free time and can get together for a drink that would be great. Thanks. I feel way more relaxed here than in Valencia, really great. Thanks again for all the info

          • Amalia and Eric

            Hi Gennaro. We’re so glad that you’re enjoying Denia and have connected with how special it is here for many of us. That is great that you want to make it your home as well. We’ve hiked up the Montgo as well and just love it. We would be happy to try and meet up this weekend while you’re here and will reach out to you. We’ve removed your number from here as well, as you requested and so it is not public when this comment is published. We hope we can be of any further help and that you continue to enjoy our blog. Thank you and we’ll be in touch soon.

    • Sally Nedelcovych

      Dear Amalia and Eric,
      I am sold on Denia! Thank-you so much for your description of this beautiful place. I feel like my husband and I will fit right in Denia for so many reasons. I have one question, and that is: how far is the nearest international airport? My husband travels regularly to the African continent for work and needs to be somewhat near an international airport.
      Thanks so much, Sally Nedelcovych


      • Amalia and Eric

        Hi Sally! Great to meet you here and have you on our site. We’re so glad that you’re enjoying our posts and find the information helpful. With your enthusiasm, we think you’ll love Denia as well and fit right in.

        Great question about nearest airports. So Denia actually has two international airports in either direction. To the southwest is Alicante’s international airport and to the northeast is Valencia’s international airport. Each one is about the same distance away, just over a 1-hour drive. There are also buses that go to each one. Some other great news is that right now the quickest route to each is a toll road, but at the end of this year, they’re removing the tolls and the road will be completely free. So pretty great timing. When are you looking to move to Denia?

        We hope that this information helps. Please stay in touch and let us know of any other questions you have or resources you may need. And we hope to see you here on our site again soon.

        !Hasta Luego!

  27. Clare Bixby

    I’m travelling since may
    I left the states for good since I’m originally from Dublin , Ireland ( weather not so good there!!)
    I’m looking at Portugal but friends suggest I take a serious look at Denia .. I’m a single 55 woman looking to still work as a hair stylist part time .. look forward to hearing your thoughts .. I plan on being in Denia mid September:)
    My eldest son lives in Vail 🙂

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Clare! It’s great to have you here on our site and thanks for commenting. We agree that Denia is definitely worth considering. We don’t know as much about Portugal but have been to Lisbon and a small town called Monsaraz near the Spanish border. We found the country to be charming and quite a bit rustic.
      In addition to the great things about Denia that we mentioned in our article, we think it can also be a great place for your kind of work as a hairstylist. One that Amalia has gone to is Coast Hair Salon ( which is owned and ran by a British woman so they speak English and have a mainly international clientele.
      If you like, we’d love to meet up whenever you’re here visiting in September. One of our friends who recently moved here is also from Ireland (possibly Dublin). Small world. Maybe she could join us in meeting you as well.
      And that is so neat that your son lives in Vail. We remember it well from when we lived in Colorado. It’s a gorgeous place. Look forward to being in touch and hope you continue to enjoy our blog. Thank you!

      • Clare Bixby

        Hi Amelia
        I just sent a message
        Not sure it went through
        We are here now until next Tuesday
        Would love to meet up !!!
        Kind regards

        • Amalia and Eric

          Hi Clare! Yes, we got both of your comments. We’re looking forward to meeting you as well and thanks again for being here on our site and reaching out to us. See you soon!

  28. Hilarie couture

    Hi looking at moving to the area and woukd love to ask youcsome questions ..we live in Washington state …maybe cliser to parguedor? Or i did find a homevonlinecthat i loved ..i am an artist and husband a musican . is this a good town for us ?

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Hilarie, Thanks for being on our blog and commenting. That’s great that you want to move to this area. It’s beautiful and such a great place to live. Did you mean Pedreguer, the small town just inland from Denia? It can be very nice. We haven’t spent much time there but have passed through before. It depends on how close to the sea you want to be. Prices may be a bit lower there so good real estate opportunities perhaps. It can be a great town depending on what you’re looking for. Let us know if you want to be in touch more directly through email and we’re happy to answer any other questions you have as best we can. Hope to see you on our site again. Thank you!


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