Our Day Enjoying Denia’s Historic Center

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Our day enjoying Denia’s Historic Center, was all about wandering the streets slowly. We took our time, even though we were starting to get very hungry. Because, have you ever been so taken with everything you’re seeing that you almost forget about those growls coming from your stomach? As we walked through Denia in search of our lunch destination, it was like that for us. Our friend Amparo kept having to stop and wait for us to take pictures and especially for me (Amalia) to catch up after gazing with mouth open at glimpses here and there that I just loved! From just one day enjoying Denia’s Historic Center, we came to feel that one of Denia’s greatest charms is its streets and architecture that have been maintained in that truly endearing Spanish village style.

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Above Image – Making our way down Carrer de Loreto.

Some Streets and Sites of Denia’s Historic Center

Amparo led us a way that allowed us to see the very heart of Denia and its historical center. From the Hotel Nou Romà we walked along one of the main pedestrian paseos that are closed to cars – Carrer de Loreto. Lined with restaurants and little shops, it ends at Placa de la Constitucio (the name in Valencian Language) and where the back of the castle (Castelle de Denia) and its entrance are located. Passing through the Placa de la Constitucio, we enjoyed the outdoor marble flooring, flowering trees, and beautiful town hall (the Ayuntamiento) and the quaint church, Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion. Just past it, we ended up on the west side of the castle, which is where we discovered the large pedestrian tunnel that goes under the castle and through the hill, for crossing easily from one side of Denia’s historic center, to the other. Here is also where the popular Carrer de la Mar is, which we took down to the sea and the Marina el Portet de Denia. This is one of two marinas that Denia has.

Great Local Back-Story

We recently learned from our fantastic, local neighbors that their mother, who grew up in Denia, remembers how during the Spanish Civil War, everyone would take refuge in this tunnel when the town was being bombed!

Another fantastic thing about Denia is that the sea is very close to the town center. So we headed a couple of blocks to walk the restaurant-lined boulevard, Carrer Bellavista, which borders El Portet de Denia Marina. We’ve heard and seen that their marinas are quite new, so very nice and modern. We especially love how it’s located just below the castle so from any boat you have a great view of the historic structure looking over you from the hill. It is also where the new Balearia Ferry dock is located, providing daily trips to and from the exotic Spanish Islands of Formentera and Ibiza. There are splendid, luxurious boats docked in their slips, the sailboats being our dream. One day soon, we’re going to own and live on one in the Mediterranean Sea.

Helpful Map Tip

The Carrer Bellavista is now a small sidewalk area that goes along a short portion of the CV-7301. You gotta zoom in on the map to see this walkway come up.

As any good traveler should, we got a bit turned around. But thanks to the unintentional detour, we got to see the Placa del Convent. Extending away from the street, it looks a little narrow for a plaza, but you quickly feel the coziness of it with its few trees and cafes. It ends not far down with a picturesque view of the Iglesia San Antonio de Padua. Walking by here, I (Amalia speaking) remember coming to a stand-still because the plaza caught my eye and felt so good. Truly a wonderful place to enjoy a drink and something to eat.

Above Image – The Iglesia San Antonio de Padua.

The Charms of Denia’s Historic Center

Denia’s Historic Center is unique and rare compared to many of its neighbors because it is all condensed and centrally located right on the sea and its beaches. Many of the towns along here have their main town-center located more inland and further away from the sea, while the beaches are separated. Most importantly for us, it still maintains so much of its historic architecture and authentic Spanish-village feel. There are numerous buildings still made from long ago of brick and stone, adorned with our personal favorite – Spanish tiled roofs. Here are there is no shortage of romantic European-style balconies full of lush plants and colorful flowers. We loved noticing the details that have lasted through the decades, if not centuries – from hand painted tiles along window ledges to iron hooks extending from a house wall for tethering a horse. Let’s not forget the progressive beauty of today’s expressive art living along side history, enjoyed in the vibrant graffiti art and murals now appreciated even in these smaller Spanish towns.

Just the Beginning of Denia’s Historic Center

Eventually, we discovered not only the original restaurant we were searching for, but also an unlikely great bar for tapas that we stopped in at first. Taking in the beauty and charm of Denia’s historic center distracted us a bit from our hunger. But at some point, it really worked up an appetite as well. Since that day, we moved to Denia and have gotten to know even more of its town center treasures. What we’ve shared with you here is only the beginning. There are more quaint churches, fresh markets and, around every bend it seems, architecture that truly takes you back in time. You’ll get to read more about Denia’s historic center soon, here on our site.

Above Image – The Parroquia Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion en the Placa de la Constitucio.

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Created by Amalia & Eric

Created by Amalia & Eric

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