A Taste of Las Rotas with Isabella – Story + Video

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Las Rotas Near Denia, Spain

We had recently became friends with Isabella, who was visiting our dear neighbor Abel. She was open for adventure and we took her bike riding to Las Rotas, just around the bend from our first home here in beautiful Denia, Spain.

Even though we had been living in Denia for only a few months, we had been to Las Rotas many times. It’s one of our favorite beach areas in Spain. Enjoying it with Isabella was so much fun because we saw it through her eyes, with fresh perspective and excitement.

The shores of Las Rotas may be rocky versus the sandy beaches of Denia, yet they are just as welcoming and stunningly beautiful. The other magical world beneath the Mediterranean waters seem especially full of life and vibrant colors.

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How to Get to Las Rotas

Getting to Las Rotas by Bicycle

Our favorite is bicycle riding. There are plenty of places throughout Denia to rent bicycles (we recommend My Denia Rent). The route for biking is relatively easy, although quite bumpy in some stretches. Otherwise, it is pretty level with just a few places with small inclines. The best part is that it goes right along the sea’s edge so you have a constant view of the water and your pick of cozy, inviting beach coves to stop off at along the rocks. The ride is close from anywhere within Denia and its other beaches.


Travel Tip:

On the map, it looks like the route may go inland, along the road that the bus and cars take. But this road is very narrow and curvy and hilly. We recommend staying right along the waters edge. At the point mid-way where it looks on the map as though the path doesn’t go through, it actually does. The path is connected for biking and walking, all the way to the end.

Getting to Las Rotas by Bus

Taking the bus is also great, especially if you have more people with you and it’s especially hot outside. The bus is called the Denibus and also has regular lines that go to other areas. For the line to Las Rotas, the first pick up in Denia is the “Explanada Cervantes”, which is right where the Carrer Marques de Campo ends at the Marina and where some of the really nice large yachts park. You’ll want to make sure to stand on the sea-side of the street and will see bus stop sitting areas there. It’s only 1.50 Euros per person, each way.

Get Your Drink On in Las Rotas

We have a tradition now of stopping at Helios on our way back from Las Rotas. It’s one of our fave spots to get a drink, and sometimes tapas, after a day in the water and sun. The terrace is spectacular, people working there are nice, and the food and drink is good and well-priced. When you stop in, let them know we sent you!

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who are living a traveling lifestyle. Do you love to travel? Perfect! Come along…


  1. Isabella Rocja

    It was wonderful spending the day exploring Las Rotas, exploring the more hidden beaches and reefs and taking in the scenery by the ocean view bike route. I recommend to anyone visiting Denia!

    • Amalia and Eric

      So glad you enjoyed it. We loved seeing it through your eyes 🙂 Can’t wait for the next time you come!


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