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You know when you like something because of your biased involvement, but then you come to love it because it’s actually really good and impressive…? Well, that would be me with the latest app I’ve downloaded from Global Living Magazine. And when I love something, I love sharing about it with others. Being a travel writer and expat, I’ve known about GLM (Global Living Magazine) since it first started years ago and I began writing for them. After a little time off, I’m back as a contributor in their Spring 2017 Edition. It’s getting me caught up on how well this Expat resource is doing. From their free downloadable app to extra, complimentary resources, they’ve become one of our favorite apps and most trusted Expat resource, period! Here’s how to see for yourself and why we think you’ll be as impressed as we are.

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There's a Reason Why Global Living is Luxurious

Think about it…when you hear of global living what comes to your mind? Most of us naturally think that being an Expat and living globally is a luxurious lifestyle. In many cases, it really is. To travel frequently, visit foreign countries and live abroad, even sounds romantic. It has you ready to board the jet for take-off, right!?! Well, it is and some days it isn’t. It really depends.

Keeping in mind that we all have our varied interpretations of ‘luxury’ and on what it means to afford traveling, Global Living Magazine establishes their look with a clean, minimal design. I love its modern-style and classiness, which provides a great stage for the vibrant, colorful images.

It’s not overwhelming or busy and allows readers to be drawn into what is most important and helpful – the stories and content themselves. Whether reading Global Living Magazine on a laptop or desktop or on the free downloadable Global Living App, it’s easy to read, share, and have available offline for later.

Yes, Great Things are Still Free, Like Global Living

There are those who say, nothing in life is free… Well, you say tomato, I say tomatoe… Gist is, there have been few expats we’ve met who don’t appreciate the ‘free’ things that life brings our way. It’s why Expats know well that we truly never stop learning. And just so happens that we love travel as one of our biggest teachers.

So yay for free things still! Global Living Magazine knows this and has many of their regular quarterly editions available at no cost when you download their free app. Within the app you can choose which edition you want to read and it will make it available offline for you to enjoy then or later. And, you easily have access to purchasing feature additions and other resources as well.

Whatever you do though, don’t forget! Enjoy the 2 extra free resources you get within the app – the Expat Resource Directory and The Expat Book Guide.

A Truly Global Living Community

If you’re considering becoming an Expat yourself, Global Living Magazine is a great tool for learning the in’s and out’s of such a lifestyle, how to go about it, and for traveling in general. It gives personable, first-account information that connects you directly with the source – those who are already living it.

The Global Living Magazine is much more than just an app; it’s a helpful community. From entrepreneurship to real estate, culture and travel to lifestyle, there’s something to learn, relate to and be inspired as an expat and lover of travel.

Read My Latest Article

in the Spring 2017 Edition of Global Living Magazine.

Global Living

What’s some of your favorite Expat resources? We’d love to hear what you think of Global Living Magazine and their app. Join in the discussion and share your thoughts below!

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who are living a traveling lifestyle. Do you love to travel? Perfect! Come along…


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