Enjoying Vermouth in Denia – A Gastronomy Travel Guide

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When people come to visit us in Spain, we love taking them out for vermouth in Denia. Our authentically Spanish Mediterranean town is full of places that serve this distinctive aperitif, which these past few years is experiencing a comeback here in Spain. Whether it be casero (house made) or a locally bottled artesano (artisan), the culture of vermouth in Denia goes back decades before its recent resurgence.

Drinking vermouth, vermút in Spanish, is certainly an experience, overlapping with the much-loved tapas tradition and the Spaniards’ love for great gastronomy in general. So to have a tasty vermouth experience (and in case we’re not here to take you ourselves), here is our latest gastronomy travel guide for enjoying vermouth in Denia.

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The Vermouth in Denia Gastronomy Travel Guide

Most of these recommendations are places that we have been to ourselves, as well as places highly recommended by fellow travelers / bloggers / foodies. If you have a place that you would like to recommend, or a related picture you’d like to share, please do so below in the comments or feel free to get in touch. We want this list to grow with your help, and we will be updating it as we discover more great places to enjoy Spanish vermouth in Denia.

A Map of Vermouth in Denia

Read through our article, or use the map below to click on the icons and be taken directly to that portion of the post. 

Tasca Sorolla

Cervecería Bavaria Brau

Bodegas Galiana

Bodega Casa Benjamin

Tasca El Chotis

El Rincón de Montava

Restaurante Miguel Juan

L'Erico de Trampolí

Pont Sec Restaurante y Coqueria

What is Spanish vermouth?

Learn more by reading our post, ‘Spanish Vermouth and How to Enjoy it in Spain‘.

Tasca Eulalia

This is one of our regular go-to places. It’s located right on the main street, Marques de Campo, a perfect spot for people watching and being right in the heart of Denia’s welcoming energy. The front of the tasca opens up completely to the street, they have great outdoor seating along the sidewalk and a great bar to sit at. Earlier this year, they did a renovation on their place that has given it a great modern touch, but there are also still some of the remnants of their earlier years. Well-loved and frequented among the locals, it’s also ideal for visitors. Above all, their style is classy and upscale, while also being welcoming and warm for casual or nice occasions.

They always have an artisan Spanish vermouth on hand, red or white. Simply ask for a vermút artesano, and either rojo or blanco (red or white). Their brand of vermouth changes at times, but they most recently had Lustau, which is a remarkable, long-time producer of sherries and wines from Andalucia. It reflects well the Tasca’s standard of quality products that they serve, including the fresh local food and wonderful wines.

Cervecería Bavaria Brau

We know – the name doesn’t seem Spanish, but the place definitely is, along with a great international selection of craft Belgium beers. This is another one of our favorite local joints. It’s also located on the Marqués de Campo with plenty of outdoor seating. The interior creates a great ambiance, with stained glass along the ceiling and a half circular mahogany bar which is alongside large open windows that open to the street. There’s also comfortable booths and other tables where you can savor a full lunch or dinner. They have a tasty menu of traditional Spanish foods and two different German beers they serve on tap. We recommend their hamburger, or for a tapa, their alcachofas a la brasa, grilled artichokes.

Travel Tip: This is a great place to watch parades from.

So where is the vermouth? You have to ask for vermút artesano. But the secret tip is, if they say they don’t have any except Martini, ask them to check some of the top shelves for Gonzalez Byass rojo. You see, when we first visited this place and asked for vermút artesano, they didn’t have any. Yet the owner is so nice, that when we next went in, they had gotten a bottle of the Gonzalez Byass and they remembered us. We were thrilled and got introduced to this remarkable Spanish vermouth, which is deliciously amazing. Since then, we’ve realized that they seem to keep a bottle of this on hand, but some of the servers don’t know about it, so ask the owner or just have them double check.

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Tempura Bar

A newer, modern establishment in Denia, Tempura Bar boast a great location on the portion of Calle Diana that is pedestrian-only. From their outdoor seating, you can enjoy views of the castle to one end and views of the majestic mountain Montgo to the other end. They specialize in a variety of delicious tapas and entrees that feature dishes from around the world. But most exciting of all is that they serve great artisan vermouth. The glass they serve it in is one of the nicest we’ve seen too. A heavy, carved tumbler that looks and feels classy and old-school.

Along with your Spanish vermouth, we highly recommend ordering a tapa of their berenjenas that are done Andalucian style – thin slices of eggplant lightly battered and fried, accompanied by an aioli type of sauce and the traditional dark honey for dipping. For your second drink, or if you don’t want vermouth, they have our favorite Spanish beers on tap, Turia and Estrella Galicia. You just can’t go wrong with that selection.

More Info


Phone Number: +34865517973

Address: Calle Diana 2, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Bodegas Galiana

For a classy, yet relaxing experience of vermouths and more, Bodegas Galiana is a must-visit. Inside, the bar is in the very center and along one side are shelves of various gourmet foods and deli items of meats and cheeses that can be bought. Further to the back, are even more shelves highlighting their wonderful array of wines, champagnes and cavas, liquors and of course, artisan vermouths.

Bodegas Galiana is tucked away on a little side street just in between the Marques de Campo and the castle, and is behind and diagonal to the Mercado Central. This makes it one of our go-to places for enjoying a great vermút and caña (they also have the delicious Spanish beer, Estrella Galicia on tap) after doing our shopping at the mercado de viernes (the Friday market). This market is one of the highlights of local life in Denia, and every Friday features outdoor stalls of local produce next to the Mercado Central.

This is where we were introduced to the vermút blanco (white vermouth) of Padro & Co., one of our favorite, top-shelf vermouths. They know just how to serve it here, with a thin slice of lemon and an olive. The people are also great here and very helpful if you’re looking for a nice ‘foodie’ gift for someone, or goodies to take home for yourself. If you’re especially interested in tasting different artisan vermouths and deciding on a bottle to take home, this is the place.

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Bodega Casa Benjamin

This bodega is an authentic, popular place here in Denia that goes back to 1906. Both locals and visitors love it, and it’s easy to see why. As soon as you step inside, you’re greeted with a colorful array of all the the things a Spanish bodega should have. The large wooden bar is covered in hand-painted tiles and overhead are the various barrels of delicious drinks, specifically the vermút casero.

An entire wall is lined with wines, vermouths and other liquors, which you can buy and take home or have corked right there to enjoy with tapas or a meal. Make sure to admire the black and white photos hanging around. Some of them feature their old, prized rooster from when they used to hold cock-fights back in the day. And all this is just the bar side. Earlier this year they did a fantastic renovation that expanded into the space next door, providing a restaurant area with more fantastic space for dining.

Whether you’re in their bar or restaurant side, you’ll have a great time. Ask for their vermút casero, also called vermút de la casa, and then try out some of their mouth-watering tapas. Their croquetas de bacalao are especially delicious, as well as their well-known serving of potato chips which are topped with some encurtidos (spears of olives and other pickled garnishes, usually including some anchovies). If you’re feeling like a beer instead, go for their Mahou Maestra which they serve on tap. It’s a great craft-style beer.

More Info

Website: On Facebook

Phone Number: +34965781087

Address: Carrer Ramón y Cajal, 14, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Tasca El Chotis

For a very authentic experience, and traditional vermút de grifo (vermouth on tap), make sure to visit Tasca el Chotis. This place is dear to our hearts because we discovered it while first visiting Denia, before we even moved here. It’s a small, quaint corner bar owned by a friendly older couple from Madrid, Enrique and Marissa. Ask them to play the antique music box that used to be pushed around Madrid to play music. They’re located in the center, next to the old fisherman’s village area and between one end of the castle and the sea.

Pull up a seat at one of the few tables or along the lovely bar where the day’s tapas are on display. Then order vermút de grifo and you can watch them pour the classic Miró from the tap. It’s only 2€ and with every drink you’ll get a free tapa. There are also some tapas that are specials of the day that you can order in addition. And their beer is great, because they serve Estrella Galicia on tap.

More Info

Website: On TripAdvisor

Phone Number: +34966421395

Address: Carrer del Pont, 8, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

DID YOU KNOW? There’s a phrase for going to drink vermouth called la hora de vermút. Kind of like happy hour, but with vermouth and tapas.

El Rincón de Montava

In the corner of the quaint, antigua fisherman’s village of Denia, is this relatively new restaurant, El Rincon de Montava. They serve the local Spanish and Valencian dishes typical in this area, and they do it quite well. Their ensaladilla (potato salad), is especially delicious, and they also do a good rabo de torro.

When we first visited they served us the Padro & Co. red vermouth. During our more recent visit, they had a different, but still artisan vermouth which was also very good. Make sure to check out their inner-courtyard. You wouldn’t know it’s there, and it’s a beautiful space for enjoying some drinks and tapas.

Visiting Valencia?

Discover great places to enjoy vermouth in Valencia with our other guide, ‘Enjoying Vermouth in Valencia – A Gastronomy Travel Guide‘.

Les Monges

Visiting here will take you to Denia’s historical street, Calle Loreto, which is now a pedestrian walkway. Full of restaurants, bars, and old-world architecture, Les Monges is situated right in the middle and across from an even older convent building. The inside is charming and sitting outside on the street is beautiful as well. This place is great for tapas or a full-on meal. For lunch, they have a great menu del dia (menu of the day) as well.

When here, order their vermút de grifo and enjoy savoring one of their many delicious tapas. We especially recommend their albondigas (meatballs) and croquetas.

More Info

Website: Facebook Page

Phone Number: +34965785731

Address: Calle Loreto, 29, 03700 Denia, Valenciana, Spain

Txoko Bar

This authentic tapas bar is like a local institution in Denia. Talk about the place to go for starting the night, ending the night, or both. Their special thing is their tapas menu, which is in the traditional pinchos style (known in the Basque culture as pintxos). Here, the generous-sized tapa is served on a full slice of bread, which is what makes them pinchos. You get your choice of pincho, from quite the extensive list.

The included drink choices are great, ranging from their vermút casero, vino, and caña (small beer), to cava or sidra natural (Spanish natural hard cider). As you can probably guess, we tend to go for their house-made vermouth, but sometimes we like enjoying their sidra, which is also very good.

The funnest part is that it’s so inexpensive and by the time you have even two pinchos, like their ensaladilla and espencat, you’re quite satisfied for a time. You also have some good substantial food for enjoying those lovely drinks along with each one and possibly going for a third round. Also located on Denia’s historical Calle Loreto, Txoko Bar is a great, and tasty time, with wonderful people running it as well.

More Info

Website: Their Facebook Page

Phone Number: +34697774733

Address: Carrer de Loreto, 33, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Restaurante Miguel Juan

We now go back to the beloved and historic Calle Loreto in Denia for finding Restaurante Miguel Juan. While it’s in a prime location for the tourists who visit here, it’s also a favorite among locals. After all, it’s been going since 1929 and still prides itself on cooking amazing cuisine local to the area. They specialize in seafood and Valencian dishes.

Yet probably best of all is their ambiance, starting with the whole external front being covered in glossy, antique tiles. Sitting at their outdoor tables on Calle Loreto, you find yourself right across from the Convento de las Agustinas. This very old convent is still operating and from the outside looks like a simple church that has seen many years.

But inside the restaurant is where we love to be. It’s everything that one loves about a typical Spanish bar and restaurant, but with just a touch of mid-mod style. All around are rich, vibrant colors of Spanish tiles, hand-painted ceramic plates, wooden ceiling beams, and shelf upon shelf of fine liquors, wines and more.

The long bar is along one side, with beloved barrels ready to serve various drinks, such as their vermút. This is their house-made (casero) vermouth that we highly recommend. It’s a red vermouth and has that lovely balance between sweet and dry. Sip on this at the bar with an order of their buñuelos de bacalao (cod doughnuts), and you’ll soon be ordering another round. And once again, for the beer-drinker in all of us, they serve some great beers on tap and other nice artisan beers in the bottle.

More Info

Website: Their Facebook Page

Phone Number: +34628948232

Address: Carrer de Loreto, 39, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

L’Erico de Trampolí

Time to have vermouth right on the sea! This fantastic, local restaurant is located in Las Rotas, our favorite beach here in Denia. If you’re up for a gorgeous walk, start out in Marineta Casiana Beach and enjoy the 15 minute stroll right along the Mediterranean sea rocks to the small beach known as ‘Trampolí’.

Right there at the beach is the restaurant L’Erico del Trampolí. It has great views of the water and wonderful food and drinks. They’re especially known for their paella and other local rice dishes, as well as seafood. There is indoor and outdoor seating, with some cute cabana-style tall tables and stools for having just drinks and/or maybe a couple tapas. This is where we have found ourselves during many a bike-ride or walk along Las Rotas, thanks to their nice selection of artisan vermouths.

The Nordesia vermouth is one that they usually have and that we ask for. This is a fantastic artisan vermouth from Galicia, one of the northern regions of Spain. Both their red and white vermouths are exceptional. The restaurant is open year-round, and in the summer, and even a sunny Sunday in winter, you’ll find them packed.

More Info

Website: Their Facebook Page

Phone Number: +34965786498

Address: Cami Ample, 52, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Pont Sec Restaurante y Coqueria

This restaurant and coqueria (maker of cocas) is one of our favorites in Denia, run by a local couple, Anne and Pepe (Pep) Romany. Pep is the Chef and Anne runs the restaurant, creating a most beautiful experience of exquisite local tastes and charming ambiance. They specialize in local Valencian cuisine made with the best quality ingredients in their wood-fired oven. So it’s no surprise that they have an assortment of top shelf vermouths from all around Spain. The actual restaurant is inside a traditional two-story Spanish home complete with a picturesque outdoor terrace under trellising vines and a cozy fireplace inside.

Behind the restaurant they have their own garden, where they grow their own produce for their dishes, and they use organic spelt flour for making their incredibly delicious bread and various cocas, both of which are cooked in their wood-fired oven. They’re so well-known for their cocas, that they’re now taking coca orders online, which you can pick up or even have delivered to your home.

We especially love the location of Pont Sec, which backs up to the Via Verde. This was the old railroad line dating back to 1864. Today, it is a gorgeous cycling and walking path that goes through citrus and almond groves. While it is not in the very center of Denia, it is just alongside it and only a couple minutes inland from the Las Marinas Beach.

Of course, make sure to go both thirsty and hungry, because along with their wonderful vermouths and wine selection, their food is superb. They have some unique artesan vermouths (red and white), that are amazing. Try the Padro & Co, or ask for their recommendation of an artisan Spanish vermouth, and they won’t steer you wrong. Once their vermút gets your appetite going, definitely try their authentic cocas as some lovely tapas. For a full meal, follow up with any of their rice dishes, like paella, arroz caldoso, or our personal favorite, their leg of lamb al horno (oven roasted).

More Info


Phone Number: +34601601253

Address: Camí vell de Gandia, km1, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

You and Vermouth in Denia

Have you tried Spanish vermouth in Denia? What did you think? Where was it? We’d love to hear about your experience. Or share about which of the places above you would love to visit when in Denia.


Most of these recommendations are places that we have been to ourselves, as well as places highly recommended by fellow travelers / bloggers / foodies. If you have a place that you would like to recommend, or a related picture you’d like to share, please do so below in the comments or feel free to get in touch. We want this list to grow with your help, and we will be updating it as we discover more great places to enjoy Spanish vermouth in Denia.

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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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  1. Tracy

    We were just at Tasca Eulalia this past Saturday trying out their tapa at the Ruta de la Tapa. We had it with red wine, though. I’ve never gone around trying vermouth, but it sounds like fun.
    We almost made it to tempura for their tapa, but they were quite busy by the time we got to that part of town- some other day, perhaps.
    l’ Ericó is quite nice for dinner, but it’s been a while since we’ve made our way over there. We’ll have to go back soon.
    In any case, thanks for the small tour of the city- loved it!

    • Amalia and Eric

      So glad to hear of how you’re enjoying the gastronomy in Denia, and to share feedback from others living in Denia as well. We still need to try the Ruta de las tapas at Tasca Eulalia. We do like their red wine there. And yes, still try and make it to Tempura. It’s quite good. Thanks for reading and look forward to learning more from each other!

    • Amalia and Eric

      Thanks so much! Let us know of how you enjoy it and of any places you discover that we should add to the guide. Happy travels and salud!


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