Enjoying Vermouth in Valencia – A Gastronomy Travel Guide

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Vermouth in Valencia is one of our favorite things to enjoy when visiting this Mediterranean city. Valencia is where we first lived in Spain, and one of our favorite cities in all of Spain. Just like Spanish vermouth is one of our favorite drinks in Spain. Actually, it’s one of our favorite experiences. Imagine with us… sitting in a sunny cafe terrace, sipping on a sunshine-golden vermút blanco while you smell the fragrant azahar (orange blossoms) in the white blossoming citrus trees lining the sidewalks. Or savoring the delicious, herbal spices of a vermút rojo while you notice that its rich mahogany-red color practically matches the dark wood of the old vermút barrels behind the bar.

That’s right – vermouth in Valencia is not only an amazing drink, but an amazing experience to have. So here is our latest gastronomy travel guide for where to enjoy Spanish vermouth in Valencia.

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The Vermouth in Valencia Gastronomy Travel Guide

Most of these recommendations are places that we have been to ourselves, as well as places highly recommended by fellow travelers / bloggers / foodies. If you have a place that you would like to recommend, or a related picture you’d like to share, please do so below in the comments or feel free to get in touch. We want this list to grow with your help, and we will be updating it as we discover more great places to enjoy Spanish vermouth in Valencia.

A Map of Vermouth in Valencia

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Tasca Sorolla

Restaurante Bocatín

Bar & Kitchen

Casa Montaña

L'ham del Mercat

What is Spanish vermouth?

Learn more by reading our post, ‘Spanish Vermouth and How to Enjoy it in Spain‘.

Tasca Sorolla

Ask for one of the owners, Joaquin, and tell him Amalia and Eric sent you! We love this dear friend and his great tasca. They opened a couple years back when we lived just around the corner in the heart of Valencia. It’s location couldn’t be better, just down one of the charming little streets across from the must-see Mercado Central, and right on the corner. Since the space is small, be willing to stand at the windows if you need to, because it’s well worth it. Yes, this is a popular area that is frequented by tourists, but the tasca has a huge local clientele. You can see and hear them from down the block as you approach, enjoying their tapas and drinks sitting at the window bars or standing in the street.

Get their artisan Spanish vermouth that is local to the Valencia region, and savor their tapas of what’s in season for seafood and produce from the Mercado Central. All their food is super fresh and the wines are also fantastic.

More Info

Restaurante Bocatín – The Vermutería del Carmen

A true little hole-in-the-wall place, Restaurante Bocatín can be easy to miss, but you don’t want to pass it by. It’s located in Valencia’s historic center, Barrio del Carmen, on the little street of Carrer de la Calatrava and just past the popular Plaza del Negrito. The building used to be part of an old convent, so the interior is charming, with brick walls and an original Medieval arch in the center. While it’s in one of Valencia’s most popular areas, this place is authentic and serves up a free tapa for each drink you have. They’re displayed in the counter top along the bar for you to choose from, and served on a piece of bread, pincho-style.

But what is most impressive is their vast array of Spanish vermouths. They’re displayed on several shelves and organized into either regular or premium, listing the price for each category which goes up with the more premium it is. It still is so inexpensive, with the premiums being up to 4.50€. They also have vermút de grifo, which is delicious.

Visit here as a great aperitif to get ready for dinner. The place is small and there are only a couple of tables across from the little bar at the front entrance, or you can sit or stand at the bar. Their restaurant to the back is also known for having tasty local Valencian dishes. They only serve lunch on Sundays, and the rest of the days they only serve dinner.

More Info


Phone Number: +34963925116 

Address: Carrer de Calatrava, 21, 46001 València, Spain


Here is another fantastic local bar where we know the owner, Luis. He’s there often, helping to serve the variety of wines, spirits, and beers that they offer along with their delicious tapas. It was here that we first tried what is now one of our favorite Spanish vermouths, Nordesia. They have the red and the white variations, both of which are amazing. For their tapas, try their homemade Ensaladilla Murciana, their twist on potato salad, and the various conservas that they serve.

We recommend trying each the red and white of the vermouth, and the tapas mentioned above. You can’t go wrong though with any of their other tapas, which change depending on what’s in season. If you like beer, definitely enjoy their own brewed cerveza artesana, called ‘Ojo de Calamar’. And consider taking home a bottle of their red wine, called ‘Vinostrum’. They’re located inside the Mercado Mossen Sorell, which is a charming glass-constructed market near the Torres de Quart in the historic Barrio del Carmen.

More Info

Website: Their Facebook Page

Phone Number: +34691849076 

Address: Plaza Mossen Sorell, 46003 Valencia, Spain

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Bar & Kitchen

For a modern, yet cozy setting, Bar & Kitchen is a must when in Valencia. Like us, you’ll find yourself going back whenever you’re there. Finding them is part of the charm. They’re tucked away in some of the narrow pedestrian streets of the Barrio del Carmen, only a couple of blocks around the corner from great landmarks like the Valencia Cathedral, the Plaza de la Reina, and Torre del Micalet.

This restaurant is part of a group called Mercado de Tapineria, which also has a sister restaurant just across the great little plaza they call home. Here, there are some small trees under which you can sit at wooden cafe tables and chairs. Sitting inside is also a great option, with floor to ceiling windows and community-style tables. Whether day or night, it provides a beautiful setting. Better yet, their kitchen is open all day, every day, from 9am to midnight.

So getting to their vermouths… They have some great local vermouths and premium vermouths, offering red and white variations. We always just ask for a vermút artesano and trust their pick for whichever is their latest artisan vermouth. If you’re into artisan beers, they also feature some great locally brewed beers, like Valencia-based Tyris beers and others. A local’s tip – on most Fridays (depending on the time of year), their sister restaurant in the same plaza, La Bernarda which also serves vermouth, serves up delicious paella for lunch that is per person and a great deal.

Casa Montaña

Also known as Bodega Montaña, this is one of Valencia’s oldest restaurants. They make and serve their own Spanish vermouth. Visiting here will also change up the scenery of neighborhoods. They’re located in the neighborhood of Cabanyal, Valencia’s old fisherman’s quarters, just blocks from the popular Malvarrosa Beach. You may have seen them featured on food shows, one of which was Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Spain – On the Road Again’, a travel and food show that she hosted some years back.

Keep in mind when arriving that there are two sides and two different entries for the restaurant. The main side enters into the tavern (taberna) area, all lined in dark wood, barrels, and bar tables. The other side is a more formal dinning area, where you can sit among wine and vermouth barrels that reach almost to the ceiling and are as wide as a car. Eating lunch or dinner here is also an experience we recommend, but thanks to its popularity it is definitely smart to make reservations. They specialize in tapas, serving only what is in season.

Definitely order their vermút de la casa to start with. It’s a great way to prepare your appetite, because if you’re here, you’ve got to enjoy some tapas, they’re that good. Make sure and also get a tapa of their patatas bravas, which they grow and pride themselves on. They’re quite filling so start with the media ración, half a serving. From here, you can’t go wrong with any of their wines and variety of other tapas.

More Info

L’ham del Mercat

This one is a bit different. It’s not a bar, but a store for local products. The owners are so great, that most likely you can sample some vermouths. We got to know the owners and frequented their fantastic shop when we used to live around the corner. They helped us learn so much more about local artisan vermouths. Tell Fernando and Maite that Amalia and Eric say hello. They’re both super helpful with any questions you might have and will help you pick out a great Spanish vermouth. There’s also many other amazing crafts and products from around Spain that make for great cultural gifts, home decor, and many other types of liquors, wines, local honey, olive oil, and more. The location is also great – on the same little street as the above mentioned Tasca Sorolla, a couple doors down, and steps from the Mercado Central.

We recommend asking for the vermouths that are made in the Valencia region. Fernando especially will know all about its story and what makes it distinct from vermouths made in other regions of Spain.

More Info

Website: Their Facebook Page

Phone Number: +34960030723 

Address: Carrer de les Mantes, 5, 46001 València, Spain

Learn more in the featured article by Amalia: Valencia’s Treasure Chest of a Store

You and Vermouth in Valencia

Have you tried Spanish vermouth in Valencia? What did you think? Where was it? We’d love to hear about your experience. Or share about which of the places above you would love to visit when in Valencia.


Most of these recommendations are places that we have been to ourselves, as well as places highly recommended by fellow travelers / bloggers / foodies. If you have a place that you would like to recommend, or a related picture you’d like to share, please do so below in the comments or feel free to get in touch. We want this list to grow with your help, and we will be updating it as we discover more great places to enjoy Spanish vermouth in Valencia.

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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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  1. Jeanne Connolly

    I can’t wait to read through all these and give them a try! Thanks girl!

    • Amalia and Eric

      You are so welcome! Let us know what you think of them. And as you come across your own discoveries, feel free to recommend them here. We’ll add more to this list. ¡Salud!

    • John Schuetzle

      Just moved to Valencia and will be living near Plaça de Manises. Thanks for so many great recommendations. I have been making my own vermouth in the US prior to relocating as we couldn’t find anything close to Spanish vermouth there. Since arriving in Valencia this week I would add the artisan vermouth at Taberna Sénia to the list.

      • Amalia and Eric

        Hi John. Welcome to Valencia! What a great part of the city you’ll be living in too. We’re so glad that our recommendations can be of help. That is so cool that you made your own vermouth in the states before moving here! Wow! And I will definitely add Taberna Sénia to the list. It’s just around the corner from where we used to live in Valencia and I recognize the name and am pretty sure that we’ve been there before. We look forward to going again on our next visit to Valencia! Hope you keep enjoying our blog and stay in touch.


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