Dining at Aticcook – Experiencing the Art of Gastronomy on Spain’s Costa Blanca

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The restaurant Aticcook in the beach town of Denia, Spain is not your typical dining experience for this area. It takes the traditional ingredients and gastronomy of the beautiful Costa Blanca and presents them in deliciously creative new ways.

We had been hearing so much about it from our fellow-expat friend Neil, who is good friends with Elvira, the mother of the impressive chef. So with the two of them and our friends Karen and Gordon from Edinburgh, we dined at Aticcook earlier this summer and discovered it to be an amazing experience of the art of gastronomy on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Truly a Work of Art

Cooking can truly be a work of art and at Aticcook it’s like an art exhibition of more than one form. The restaurant is actually located on the top floor of the showroom of well-known Spanish designer Pepe Cabrera (who passed away in 2016). Dedicated to high-end interior design and architecture, the building features three floors of showrooms. So when visiting the restaurant, you can also admire the eclectic array of furniture and artwork as you head to the top floor.

We arrived about half an hour before our lunch reservation so that we could take our time admiring the various showrooms. The styles and intriguing items made us smile and inspired us to daydream out loud about our own living spaces.

Aticcook Chef Bruno Ruiz

The chef of Aticcook is Bruno Ruiz, a local from Denia. He’s only in his mid-30s and is already making quite the name for himself in Spain and beyond. In collaboration with Pepe Cabrera, he started Aticcook almost 6 years ago.

In 2018, chef Bruno Ruiz was the winner of Denia’s annual International Competition of Creative Cuisine of the Red Prawn of Denia (Concurso Internacional de Cocina Creativa de la Gamba Roja de Denia).

As he continues to further Aticcook, the young chef is pioneering the innovation of this area’s rich gastronomical heritage. He’s carrying on tradition by using new creative and modern approaches and styles.

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It’s Not Just Dining, It’s an Experience

We love the concept that Aticcook is built upon, which treats dining as an experience. The restaurant space is open and connects the kitchens and the cooks with the diners. It’s like eating in a beautifully modern home and sharing one common space together.

The menu is a tasting menu of about 11 dishes designed and hand-crafted by Bruno Ruiz and his team. It consists of small plates and changes seasonally to feature the freshest, local ingredients.

For the experience, it cost only €50 per person (does not include drinks). We think this is a great price for the unique and fine-dining experience that it is. It makes for a wonderful special occasion, especially if you appreciate great gastronomy.

The Space

Aticcook also features two rooftop terraces where you can enjoy a drink along with the gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea, Denia’s castle, and the impressive mountain of Montgo.

Inside, the decor is modern and accented by brightly colored works of art. Natural light floods in through large glass walls and the dominant white backdrop provides a fresh ambiance.

The Dishes

Above ImageA type of ’empanadilla’ of pureed peas with sour apple, a pine nut praline, and flavors of peppermint and cured tuna. Deliciously light and refreshing.

Above ImageChunks of slow-cooked lamb skirt with creamy butter, leeks, and candied walnuts. A perfect balance of richness and flavor.

Using the freshest and high-quality local ingredients, each of Aticcook’s plates are gorgeous works of art for the eyes and the palate. New techniques are often being developed and used for doing amazing things with flavors.

Above ImageRoasted eggplant topped with pork ear bits. All in a raifort sauce (horseradish) and garnished with crispy kale and goat cheese. We loved the spicy kick of the horseradish and the touch of crispy textures. Great balance and was not too salty.

Above ImagePremium infused salts and local olive oils. Our favorite was the salt that tasted like a fried egg.

One of the most astounding for us, yet so wonderfully simple, was the premium course salt that was infused with the flavors of a fried egg. Dipping fresh, homemade bread into local olive oil and adding the salt, it really tasted just like a fried egg, even by itself.

Above ImageTheir take on pumpkin pie and chocolate. Just heavenly, especially with the textures of the creamy middle and the light-airy crispiness of the wafers.

Above ImageA goat cheesecake sprinkled with cheese and alongside an ice cream of bread and black truffle.

Each dish was flavorful and well balanced. What was most intriguing was being pleasantly surprised by the taste versus the appearance of the dish. While there were elements of richness, nothing was heavy. And the combination of textures created an experience that was exquisite and satiating.

How to Experience Aticcook

To experience Aticcook, make sure to make a reservation. They are open in the evenings from Tuesday through Saturday, and also Thursday and Saturday at noon. For additional summer hours and to confirm times, please contact them directly at

And of course when you go, tell them that Move to Traveling sent you.


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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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  1. Lionel

    Amalia and Eric, The Aticcook looks and sounds like a great experience that deviates from the traditional and more common cuisine. It remains me of the cooks from the Chef Table a very nice show about Avant-Garde Great Chefs from around the World. You should watch it as it is available on Netflix. We will certainly try it on our next trip.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Lionel! Yes, you and Pat would love the gastronomy experience at Aticcook. And actually, we know the show Chefs Table. It’s great! We’ve watched all of them. Aticcook is definitely on that level and reminds us of it as well. So glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for being on our site and commenting!


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