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The dreamy draw and lure of Denia beaches delight and entice both locals and international travelers with clear, turquoise waters and gorgeous shorelines. Located on Spain’s Costa Blanca, the historically rich town has various Mediterranean beach styles, from long stretches of sandy beaches to rocky coves ideal for snorkeling.

It really is the ideal Spanish beach destination with a little bit of something for everyone you’re traveling with. If you’re looking for an exquisite time in the sea and sun of Spain’s Mediterranean shores, use our guide and interactive map to have the best time exploring the Denia beaches.

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The Two Areas of Denia Beaches

Above ImageThe Las Marinas beach of Les Albaranes, looking back at the castle and town of Denia.

With over 20 kilometers of coastline, Denia beaches extend out from the town center in either direction along the coast. To the north is Las Marinas (running slightly north-west) and to the south is Las Rotas (running slightly south-east). Each area has its own designated beaches, many of which have been awarded the prestigious designation of being Blue Flag beaches.

Both areas are also home to the Oceanic Posidonia, an endemic aquatic plant of the Mediterranean Sea. They look like algae, but are actually flowers which cover the sandy sea floor, preventing erosion and providing a home for various sea life and plant organisms.

Travel Tip: Keep in mind that road and map signs are usually in the local Valencian language, although sometimes showing Castilian Spanish as well. So spelling of names will vary.

Map/Table of Contents of Denia Beaches

Click on the locations below to jump to that section of the post and read more. For a Google Map of the beaches in this post, click here

La Escollera Norte

Punta del Raset

Les Albaranes

Playa Les Bovetes

Els Molins

Playa L'Almadrava

Playa Les Deveses

Marineta Cassiana

Sea Glass Beach

Cala de Gos

El Trampolí

Punta Negra

Playa Arenetes

Starting from the Town of Denia

Above ImageThe view from Sounders in the Marina El Portet.

What can be better than a charming, old-world Spanish town walking distance to two beaches and two marinas? While soaking up the sun from any of these great spots, you can enjoy views of the castle and the neighboring mountain of Montgo.

Want to charter a boat or take out a jetski? Cruise over to either of the two marinas, Marina El Portet (to the north end of town) or Marina de Denia (to the south). Against a backdrop of posh yachts and high-end sailboats, these two marinas are also chic, stylish places to enjoy delicious drinks and tapas. From El Portet you can also get the Balearia ferry to Ibiza and any of the other Balearic Islands.

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Las Marinas (Les Marines)

Above ImageThe few palm trees on Playa Les Albaranes.

The area known for sandy beaches, chiringuitos (beach bars) and wind surfing. The water along these beaches can calm and clear, especially in the summer, and some times it can get choppy, but more so in the winter. 

The depth of the water tends to stay realitvely shallow for some meters out and here and there are beds of the Oceanic Posidonia. There’s also a variety of great restaurants and bars right along the beaches, as well as homes and apartment residences. 

Playa Escollera Norte

This is a bit of an unknown beach. It’s located at the very beginning of Las Marinas, tucked away behind the Marina el Portet and the large boat-shaped rooftop bar and nightclub. The size of the bay is very small and in the summer there’s a Zensa beach bar with lounge area. But this beach is mainly used by kite-surfers, especially beginners taking lessons.

Punta del Raset

The Denia beach of Punta del Raset is a sandy beach cozily tucked into a partial bay formed against the beginning of the Marina El Portet. Located in the northern part of the town seaside, this beach has shallow waters and a sandy shoreline 75 meters deep and 600 meters in length. There’s a nice, wide sidewalk bordering it and the Carrer de les Marines a Denia, one of the major streets that passes through town.

It also has a playground on it, usually two chiringuitos (beach bars) and during the summer they set up outdoor family movies to watch at night, down at the northern end. The summer months also feature a large, inflatable kids water park that is in the water. As you can see, this is a great beach for families, and the closest one to the town center. It’s also handicap accessible.

Playa Les Albaranes

The very next beach, heading north along Las Marinas, is Les Albaranes. This is where we lived when we first moved to Denia and we loved it. Also a sandy beach, it has the only cluster of palm trees for kilometers and is about 500 meters long. There’s also two soccer goals, volleyball nets and during some summers a chiringuito (beach bar), although last year they didn’t have one (which was very sad).

The back end of the beach is formed by a natural sand dune area that is full of green beach plants that blossom colorful flowers in the spring. A wooden boardwalk passes through it, which is beautiful for taking a stroll.

Playa Les Bovetes

As one of the Blue Flag beaches, Les Bovetes is one of the most popular Denia beaches. It’s about 1800 meters of soft sand and features a variety of great amenities. There’s volleyball nets, a chiringuito (beach bar), beach chairs and umbrellas for rent, and public restrooms at certain road entry points. The beach is handicap accessible as well.

Playa Els Molins

Breaking up the straight stretch of Las Marinas is Playa Els Molins, with its small sandy bay and rock jetty. At 2700 meters long, it features a beach bar, public restrooms, and the usual beach chairs and umbrellas to rent. It’s also received the Blue Flag beach award.

This beach if full of character with its crescent moon shaped shore and gorgeous views of the mountains inland. Many wind and kite surfers also frequent this beach and there are nearby rental shops and schools for trying it out yourself.

Playa L’Almadrava

Heading even further down is Playa L’Almadrava, which is a gravel and sand beach of 2900 meters. There are fewer amenities here, but volleyball nets and public restrooms do exist. This particular beach has gorgeous views of the coastline and also attracts wind and kite surfers.

Playa Les Deveses

At the very end of Las Marinas, is the furthest beach, Playa les Deveses. This is also known as the most natural beach, with small sand dunes forming along its edge and full of green vegetation. It’s 3 kilometers long, has portable restrooms at one point, and an area of volleyball nets. This beach also attracts wind and kite surfers.

Las Rotas (Les Rotes)

Above ImageThe portion just before Punta Negra.

Now it’s time to head south from the center of Denia and venture out along the rocky shoreline of Las Rotas, the beaches that are great for snorkelers and providing picturesque settings of Mediterranean rocky coves. The water along these shores can be still and tranquil or can get choppy and have waves. It just depends on the weather. But in the summer months, it tends to be the calmest, especially first thing in the morning.

All along the way are spectacular views looking out over the sea in one direction and back at the Mountain Montgo in the other. There are grand homes built in a variety of styles, the occasional small apartment building, and the area is especially characterized by its fragrant pine trees.

Most important of all, the waters of Las Rotas are declared a Marine Reserve, which means no fishing is allowed and boats are not allowed to come within a certain distance of the shore. Thanks to this, the sea life really flourish here and the marine life is protected. Only a certain number of licenses per day are granted for divers.

Because of the rocky nature of the shoreline here, it’s highly recommend to wear water shoes when going into the water along Las Rotas.

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Marineta Cassiana

The Marineta Cassiana (also spelled Casiana), is the other beach that is right in town. Located just past the Marina de Denia, Marineta Cassiana is a deep bay with sandy shores, tranquil waters and shallow depths that extend out for some distance. This makes it popular among paddle boarders and families with little children. It’s also well-loved for its wide promenade that curves along its shore and leads down the beginning of the rocky shoreline of Las Rotas. This is a great path to walk, run or ride bikes on.

Marineta Cassiana is 1200 meters long and has public restrooms, a chiringuito (beach bar), and plenty of great restaurants to enjoy just around the corner in the Marina de Denia. There’s also a large public parking lot at the entrance to the Marina and a small shop for renting paddle boards and taking lessons.

Carrer Fénix

You’ve read right – this isn’t a beach, but a road. We point it out because it’s the main road that goes all the way down the long stretch known as Las Rotas, starting just past the jetty at the end of Marineta Cassiana. The road hugs the very edge of the shoreline, which is a shelf of coves carved by the sea and makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Greece.

Above ImageEnjoying a drink at Helios in Las Rotas.

This small road is paved in some areas and mainly gravel in others. For the first kilometer or so, it’s open for cars, although pedestrians definitely have the right of way here, and then it becomes a pedestrian-only walking path of flat stone.

You pass a row of charming, historical fisherman houses and several restaurants, like Helios, which is great for a bottle of beer. But for eating we highly recommend L’Erico or Restaurant Mena, which is closer to the very end. All along the way, you’ll see plenty of beautiful places among the rocks to stop and get in the water.

Sea Glass Beach

Ok, so this is not an official beach on any map, but we’ve nicknamed it (and the next one) as some of the best spots to enjoy getting in the water.

What we call the Sea Glass Beach is just past a restaurant called Pegoli, and right where the path becomes pedestrian. It’s a tiny little bay and, as you may have guessed by the name, it’s a great place to find sea glass.

Cala de Gos

Just next to the sea glass beach, is a lovely area that is made of paved stones and has a couple of benches under a few palms. This is also a non-official beach and one of our favorite spots. There’s even a pool ladder in the rocks here that makes it easier for getting into the water. This is a great place to snorkel and find crabs.

Then next is another miniature bay (cala in Valencian) that is called Cala de Gos, which is the Valencian word for dog, because the rock sticking out in the middle just above the water looks like a dogs head. This is a lovely place for snorkeling with plenty of fish to see and to relax to the mesmerizing sound of the pebbles being pulled and pushed as the sea washes up on shore.

El Trampolí

Also known as Cala El Trampolí, this is one of the more popular beaches along Las Rotas. It’s right across from the wonderful restaurant L’Erico, and is formed by a wide spread of flat rocks that extend out to the water like a shelf. There’s even a diving board cemented into the rock, thus the name trampolí.

The only reason why this beach doesn’t have the Blue Flag award is because of that diving board, which the locals insisted on keeping because it’s been there for so long. How long? We’re not sure, but we’ve heard it may go back to the 60’s or later. During the summer months, there are lifeguards on duty here.

At this point is also where the road allows cars again, so there is a small parking area here, which fills up quickly thanks to the restaurant. Even year-round, this spot is popular.

Travel Tip: To enjoy the great local food and drinks at L’Erico, we highly recommend making reservations. They fill up often and walking along Las Rotas, it’s easy to get very hungry and find the few restaurants here booked up. Another good restaurant to eat at is Restaurante Sendra, which is a little further along the shoreline and before the next beach.

Punta Negra

Continuing on, Punta Negra is the next official beach, which is 1400 meters long and extends along a wide, open cala (bay) and ends in a spectacular rock formation which is the most popular spot. This rock formation juts out into the water between two tiny bays. There’s even a stone stairway that goes down into the water, making for much easier access among the rocks.

This is our favorite beach along Las Rotas. It’s also along a portion of the road where cars are not allowed, so while it can get busy in August, it doesn’t get the crowds that other beaches do. The fish and sea life here are wonderful. During the summer months, a lifeguard is on duty.

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Playa Arenetes

Reaching the very end of Las Rotas, we arrive at the Playa Arenetes. Here, the walking trail has ended at the Restaurant Mena, and joins the regular road, which a little further down ends at this beach. There’s also another small restaurant there and it’s a regular spot for kayakers and kayaking tours to set out in the water.

The Playa Arenetes is a natural cove that opens up to amazing views of the Cabo de San Antonio, the impressive cape that is just before the next town of Javea. It’s beautifully unique in that the small cove is a shallow shelf of rock, with a large rock sticking up from the middle. The rock curves at the top, and looks almost like an eagle’s head coming up out of the water.

For the longest time, we simply referred to this beach as ‘Screaming Eagle Beach’, but no one else does. A bit further the shallow rocky bed drops off like a shelf into the deeper waters and a gorgeous area to snorkel and dive.

Just before this beach, and the small roundabout in the road, is also a great place to get in the water. There’s a little inlet of water that comes in between the rocks, forming a natural canal. This is also another fantastic place to snorkel and especially to get in for diving.

La Cala

This is the epitome of a hidden beach and is a bit of an adventure just to access. Further past Playa Arenetes, you continue down the residential road and then descend down a stone staircase to the cala below. Tucked into the rocks, there are some small rocky areas to lounge on and the water is very beautiful to snorkel in. This is also a nudist beach.

Google Map of Denia Beaches

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Denia Beaches are a Beach-Lover’s Paradise

Now that you know about Denia beaches, you can make the most of your love for the sea and sun in Spain. Whether it be sandy shores or rocky coves that draw you, what is unique is that here you can easily enjoy both.

Better yet, enhance your beach time with visits to the other great sites of Denia, like the castle, the old fisherman’s quarter, and the old town. And with all the wonderful restaurants that Denia has, your trip and time here will be a delicious gastronomical experience.

Enjoying the Denia beaches is the best way to experience Spain’s Mediterranean Coast of the Costa Blanca.

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Which area of Denia beaches do you feel more drawn to? Las Marinas for its sandy beaches, or Las Rotas for its rocky coves? 

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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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  1. Alana Robb

    On my first day in Denia I found the sea glass beach. I am a crazed collector and I was thrilled by how much was there. I had to return the second day.

    • Amalia and Eric

      Hi Alana, How wonderful that you found the sea glass beach while here! We love hearing that since we adore that beach as well and love sea glass art so much. You would probably love the wreaths and art that Eric has created with all the sea glass and shells that he’s found here. It’s all over our terrace and in the house. We hope you can enjoy Denia again one day and that we see you here on our site often. Stay in touch!

  2. Jeanne Connolly

    Wow, this is extensive and fabulous! Great work Amalia and Eric!

    • Amalia and Eric

      Thanks so much Jeanne! Glad that you like the guide. Enjoy using it for some great beach time this summer 🙂


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