A Traveler’s Manifestation of Traveling Dreams

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This very moment, I’m sitting in front of the large window of our quaint Spanish casita, looking out at a quiet, tranquil sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. Tonight’s sunset is muted and soft. There are billowing clouds sailing by in the sky, reflecting the changing pastel shades of light blue, purplish-grey and soft pink. This is the backdrop to the green palm trees in our front yard, waving their branches in the damp breeze that I know is cool and salty. And sitting here, I contemplate again how I’ve come to be here, a traveler who has manifested their traveling dreams.

Traveling Dreams #1 - Traveling with a Loving Partner

I’ve traveled with a romantic partner before and I’ve traveled as a solo female before. Both were powerful experiences, teaching and gifting me with so much. Yet traveling as a solo female was my favorite. Until now, that is.

The first romantic partner I traveled with was not the best experience. That’s okay. I’m still glad for that time and a couple years later when I went traveling by myself, I appreciated it that much more.

My solo travels were a 9-month adventure through Italy and Spain, with stops in Geneva and Lisbon, as well as a couple months in the Dominican Republic the year after returning to the US. Even within that first longer trip, I came to realize that when it came to being in a romantic relationship again, I wanted it to be with someone who wanted to travel as much as I did. And who was great to travel with; let’s definitely not forget that major factor which I had learned from my first experience.

I’m reflecting on this manifested dream first, because it truly is the most important one. The other dreams would not have manifested as wonderfully as they have if not for this one. Because now, here I am with an amazing, loving partner, Eric, who loves to travel and is the best person I could ever imagine for myself to travel with. Not to mention enjoy all aspects of life with.

We both love traveling and similar styles of traveling – a balance of quality and luxury with affordable and some splurges here and there, taking our time and making friends along the way, discovering the local culture and people, tasting great food and good drink, and planning some things while leaving room for and being open to spontaneity. We both love the outdoors, sailing, walking to see places, taking trains and using public transportation, and using storytelling to share our experiences with others; our way of feeling like you’re there with us.

To add the cherry on top, Eric also loves living in Spain. Talk about a brave, loving man. He had been to Spain only once before and yet was willing and excited to move with me to Valencia, a part of Spain that neither one of us had been to yet. Even when we first started out, and still to this day, he supports my dream of having Spain as our ‘home-base’ for traveling the rest of the world. He shares that dream with me. Which leads me to what you can probably already guess is my next traveling dream.

Traveling Dreams #2 - Living in Spain as Home-Base

Eric and I are both all about seeing the world, and we mean everywhere! Yet we’re not in a hurry either. Another thing that I’m super grateful we have in common. Not only do we both tend to be slow-travelers rather than packing in multiple destinations in short amounts of time, but we like to experience places we visit by getting a taste for everyday life there. So one day when we explore Asia, we’ll go for several months and stay in places for two or more weeks at a time. Maybe we’ll even have a home-base there as well.

So coming back around to Spain… Spain is where part of my family heritage is from. I really love this country. Turns out Eric has family history from here too. After all, his last name is Trujillo, which turns out to be an incredible medieval village in the Spanish region of Extremadura. It was also where some major Spanish conquistadors of South and Central America came from.

Thanks to Eric, I now realize that I love living on the sea. Just before meeting him, I began to feel a desire to get into sailing and to especially experience more of the Mediterranean Sea, another place that like Spain I feel powerfully drawn to. He spent his summers as a young adult learning how to cook and sail on barefoot cruises that sailed the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a dream of his to have a sailboat one day and spend as many days as we like sailing the Mediterranean. And now that is one of my dreams as well.

This new, shared dream is what led us to pick the town of Denia as our home-base here in Spain. From here in the region of Valencia, we can enjoy two new marinas for sailing, an authentic Spanish culture, live right on the beach, and still have convenient access to both international airports at Valencia and Alicante. From here, it’s convenient and pleasant to travel around the rest of Spain, Europe and the world. And, as you’re going to see from the next manifested dream, this is pretty important for us to have this kind of location.

Traveling Dreams #3 - Doing What We Love (In Addition to Traveling)

Goodness! As I sit here writing this, it’s really dawning on me – we’ve really manifested some important, major things! Seems like gloating or too good to be true? Well, then we understand if you go read another blog post. We’re all about sharing success stories and joys.

While we’re not (yet) independently rich, the work we do to support these dreams, our lifestyle and each other, is what we love. We travel, we write, we create films and videos, animations and art, and we share stories. We’re having a pretty awesome time!

There’s not an office we have to go to. We don’t even wake up to an alarm clock anymore, and that was a goal of mine I was determined to achieve. Each morning we wake up simply when we do; sometimes with the sun and sometimes even later. There’s no rushing about to start the day, because our mornings are what you can probably call ‘sacred’ to us – it’s coffee and contemplation time. Or as I like to refer to it as, ‘Coffee Time with Amalia’. We sit here in this spot I’m sitting in now, drinking our coffee with the view of the beach and mesmerizing waters of the Mediterranean Sea, our lovely palm trees framing in the view, and laughing about the various kinds of birds that we’ve come to recognize and we realize now we have an attachment to. They chirp and sing, the breeze rustles through the leaves and we listen to the waves of the sea on the beach. Most of the year we also have the bright, vibrant colors of the flowers in the bushes and we sit outside on our front terrace soaking in our Spanish home-base.

Many days we work what seems like long hours on the computer, sorting through photography, writing stories and travel articles, creating videos from hours of footage recorded…and yes, we still take this work with us when we travel or go on what would be a vacation for others. Yet we love what we do; what we create. It doesn’t seem like work to us and we’re doing it for ourselves, not for a boss. Our time is our own and in this way, we also get to decide if we don’t do work all day and take a Wednesday to walk along Las Rotas and drink wine at lunch.

For both of us, it comes down to lifestyle. Getting to do what we love is about prioritizing our hearts and passions; being ourselves, being creative and enjoying this life.

Manifesting Traveling Dreams

Taking this time to reflect on how I’ve manifested some of my traveling dreams, especially brings to mind what I find important in this life – relationships with my family and friends, our health, and getting to be at peace and self-expressive. Even being here in the midst of fulfilled dreams, I can loose sight of what we’ve accomplished. I know it sounds silly; later on it feels silly too. No matter where I’ve traveled to, I find that old ‘stinky’ think’n and what others would expect of us, what the media says is success and getting life ‘right’, can still be there to taunt and prey on insecurities. Yeah, I struggle with fear still or worry about how we’re going to afford this or that, how we’re going to manifest the new set of traveling dreams that have evolved from these ones…But then I figure, if I’m putting all this energy into worrying, why not put it to enjoying and doing what I love!?!

That’s the other thing I’m discovering – dreams take energy; the attentive, adoring, lovey-dovey kind of energy. Because they’re kinda like babies – you gotta raise them up. It’s not like dreams ever really end or poof! are achieved and then that it’s, you drive away in them (well, maybe some dreams are). Perhaps it’s traveling dreams, these dreams that us travelers have, that are ever-present traveling companions. They evolve because they transform into our next dreams as they grow with us. They travel and journey through this life, like we love to do.

Traveling dreams must be some of the dreams that hold the most movement and flow this Universe has ever seen. After all, that’s one of the joys of traveling – it always holds surprises, all along the way and even once you’ve arrived. When you think you’ve reached your destination, it reveals to you more about yourself and that next place you long to travel to; that next dream you now have as you continue on your journey.

What are your traveling dreams?

Have you taken time lately to reflect on them and how they’re evolving? Share in the comments below – it will encourage others in their traveling dreams.

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who are living a traveling lifestyle. Do you love to travel? Perfect! Come along…


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