Sebastian Melmoth, the Shop in Valencia for Collec...

Sebastian Melmoth, the Shop in Valencia for Collectibles & Curiosities

Not your typical shop in Valencia.

Just around the corner from our first home in Spain, is this shop in Valencia called Sebastian Melmoth. Even at first glance, we could feel that it wasn’t your typical store.

Day after day we would walk by and we begin to recognize the man and woman who were sometimes sitting on a bench out front or inside behind the large glass windows. We wandered inside one day and met the owners, Laura and Roberto.

What is it that they sell? It may sound unconventional, unpractical, yet we love it. Watch the video to see and appreciate it for yourself. For anyone who finds themselves in Valencia, it’s the store to make sure and visit. Tell Laura and Roberto hello for us as well.

Their location could not be better!

Our take-away from Sebastian Melmoth.

shop in Valencia

Discovering Sebastian Melmoth has been more than discovering a store. We got to know other entrepreneurs here in Spain and hear first-hand about what it is like to have your own business in Valencia. Laura and Roberto’s store is more than just a place to buy something – it’s an experience, where any type of person can enjoy seeing different, creative things of art and design; things they like and are excited to share with others.

When you watch the video, you’ll see Laura and Roberto’s response to the question ‘What do you really sell?‘. Their answer seems so simple, yet for us it holds a powerful reminder. It’s the gist of why entrepreneurship shifts our world and drives creativity. Why continue to do things as we do simply because we’ve been told to or that its the way things have always been done? How great is it to do something based on liking it; guided by our desire?

Art and creativity brings us back to that again and again – something for the sake of pure delight, pleasure, enjoyment, existence… you fill in the blank. What is it for you? Is life work or is it play?

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