When Weather in Spain Turns Unexpected – Story + Video

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We had gone to bed hearing a little bit of rain outside. Yet we had seen nothing in the forecast about freaking snow. And freaking it was, because this part of the Mediterranean Coast of Spain hasn’t seen snow since 1983. This just doesn’t happen here. Heck! We left Colorado for this part of Spain because we’re done with living in the cold, white stuff.

At this point Eric and I definitely got up and shortly after, with the essential cup of coffee in our hands, we stood gaping out our huge, scenic front window at the now-turned-white scene before us. By this time, the still falling snow flakes were tinier. When we had first woken up they were huge, fluffy flakes. Our beloved green palm trees were coated white and bowing their palm branches, weighed down unlike we’ve ever seen them before.

The Response to this Freakish Snow Fall

Okay, so yes – one of the reasons we chose southern Spain to move to was that it doesn’t (typically) snow here. It wasn’t the biggest reason, but a priority. Yet on this unexpectedly snowy morning, we of course went outside. After all, this was such unexpected weather in Spain. And in some way, we felt like excited kids. We weren’t the only ones. There were real kids excited about this too!

We went out on the beach and all the way down to the town we could see quite a few people out. Everyone was elated and having fun. Adults and children alike were making and throwing snowballs at each other, creating snowmen and the dogs were jumping around wondering what was going on. Or maybe some of them were going nuts because of the outrageous sweaters they were having to wear. Sorry to not have any shots of that – it was hilarious.

It dawned on us that most of these kids and dogs, maybe even some adults, were experiencing snow for their first time ever. How cool is that! It seemed to fill the air with a vibrant, lighthearted energy that held the intensely damp cold at bay. Well, for a bit it did. It was seriously, wet cold outside, the light breeze coming off the sea and covering us in thick, icy air. But with everything going on around, it was certainly a fun wet rag kind of feel.

Going inside, we continued to watch the people playing on the beach, but from our cozy, warm living room. Eric got to work creating the video you see here, “Remembering Colorado”. Of course, he titled it so because we couldn’t stop laughing in amazement at how the snow seemed to have followed us here this winter and our dear old US home of Colorado wanted to make sure we remembered it well.

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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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