Valencia Tapas – Tarta de Sardinas

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Valencia tapas we’ve yet to savor. One of our favorite small bistros, Vinostrum, introduced us to their handmade tarta de sardinas. We were a bit skeptical at first, since sardines our not my (Amalia speaking) favorite. But as you can see from the clean-plate-photo, we’re very glad that Luis (the owner) recommended this latest feature to their great menu.

The recipe is full of fresh ingredients and seasonings, with a special secret ingredient. Luis, the owner of Vinostrum, makes it himself. He also makes our favorite red wine, also called Vinostrum, and a fantastic favorite beer of ours, Ojo de Calamar.

Valencia Tapas on Another Level

We love going to Vinostrum because it takes tapas to another level of quality. Now that we’ve been living in Spain for 1 year, we appreciate places and creative people like Luis who are always coming up with new tapas for their menu. They use fresh, quality ingredients and their dishes are casera (homemade).

The few items they don’t make themselves are the fantastically delicious tinned seafood that is famous here in Spain. A variety of great wines are also sold, making it a bit of a bodega where you can pick up a nice bottle of vino on your way home or as a gift to take to a party.

As you can see, this new sardines tapa of theirs was so good that it was nearly gone by the time we took the pictures. Make sure to stop in and enjoy it for yourself when you’re in Valencia!


Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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