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Our traveler guest Jeanne has become a dear, close friend. It turns out that she also lived in Denver, where we lived before moving to Spain. She’s now visited us three times and what’s especially interesting and ‘small-worldish’ is that we never met her in Denver, even though we discovered we have a lot of mutual friends. It’s been an awesome experience of developing a very dear friendship, that by most accounts looked as though it was more likely to have happened in the US; yet here we are, having met and became friends in Spain.

Traveler Guest = Big Smiles

We’ll get straight to the heart of this story – we love Jeanne! It can’t be helped. People who meet her, or even just pass her by, can’t help but notice her joy. She radiates love and exuberance for life in such a way, that she smiles at everyone and everything. Her laugh is contagious and when she speaks, it’s so warm and caring because, of course, she’s smiling so big at the same time. Ever notice how pleasant and energetic someone’s voice is when they’re smiling so big and talking at the same time…? Yeah, it makes an awesome difference and I’ve learned that from knowing Jeanne.

Traveler Guest Fun Facts

So let’s see here…fun facts about Jeanne…

  • She wanted a big, inspiring change in her life so she up in moved from Denver to Spain in a matter of a month!
  • She’s been living in Spain since January and is teaching English in a little village on the coast, just north of Barcelona.
  • Through her grandfather being Irish, she got dual citizenship with the EU and US, so has a Spanish Passport and residency.
  • Jeanne is a super-talented artist who started Vintage Renewal for creating bohemian-style furniture masterpieces from vintage and recycled materials.

Something really special about our friendship with Jeanne is that she was with us the day we visited what is now our Spain home-base in Denia. We were checking the place out and considering moving to Denia. The house was an opportunity that a good friend connected us with because his friends are the owner. In other words, it is a very serendipitous unfolding of events that led to where we get to call home now. Jeanne loved the house as much as we did when we got to check it out. And she had a strong feeling that we would be living there. So how cool that here we are, months later, living the house and living our dream, and she gets to come and enjoy it with us! The woman’s great a great intuitive spirit and huge heart.

Traveler Guest Awesomeness

On this most recent visit in July, Jeanne stayed with us for just over 1 week. The time went by fast; too fast for us! She’s a great guest and traveler to host for several reasons. She’s easy-going and able to entertain herself. We all communicate great together and had previously set the expectation that we (Eric and Amalia) would still have work to do while she was visiting. Her participation in helping around the house was above and beyond – I (Amalia speaking here) was so spoiled with all the times that she did the dishes for us! She would even sneak in and start doing them when I told her not to. And she offered and insisted on contributing towards groceries.

But the best, was all the wild, carefree fun we had with Jeanne! My god, the woman knows how to have a blast. We laughed so hard and so much, enjoying everything from running with the bulls in Denia to dancing and singing silly afterwards at our local Chiringuito (beach bar) to putting on wigs and video-taping ourselves singing classic rock songs with our dear Denia friends Gus and Sam! Jeanne is fantastically one of those amazing people you can be yourself with…meaning, your silly crazy self with. She brings out joy and fun in those around her.

On every visit, we have such an amazing time with her! Her enthusiasm was awesome and we all had such a great time. Words just don’t do justice to the time spent together. So from here, enjoy the pictures and some homemade video that capture and share with you the immense fun we had together.

Thanks Jeanne!

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who are living a traveling lifestyle. Do you love to travel? Perfect! Come along…


  1. Jeanne Connolly

    To be invited to the home of Amalia and Eric is truly a special gift that I will cherish for a life-time. I was introduced to both of them through mutual artist friends on Facebook and couldn’t be more blessed and grateful for this special friendship connection. The very first impression of them couldn’t have been more telling about how wonderful they are both individually and as a loving couple. Amalia could plan her way through a jigsaw puzzle filling in fun, insightfulness and happiness at every turn and Eric knows his way around a kitchen like nobody else I have ever met. My belly and my spirit were full indeed! His meals are served selflessly and full of joy. Every moment with both of them was very special in my heart. Much love to them both!

    • Amalia and Eric

      Ahhhh…Jeanne girl – you’re the best! No words can express our thanks for you and your appreciation. Right back at ya guapa!
      You are a gift to us in all ways and every inch of who you are!!! Much, much love!

  2. Isabella

    I love this article! So happy everything is well with you guys! I think I spot the republic in one of the photos!!

    • Amalia and Eric

      Thanks so much Isabella! And yep, you’re right – that’s the Republic! We love that place now too and think of you when we go. Can’t wait to go back with you again one day soon! Thanks for reading 🙂


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