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The hills have many stories to tell in Tineo, Spain. This short video takes you up part of the Camino Primitivo (Original Way) that is part of the Camino de Santiago and passes through this ancient little village. Here, pilgrims and locals alike, ascend to the summit where the wind turbines can be found and enchanting views of the valley and hills spread out below us.

Watch Our Video About the Hills of Tineo, Spain

Features of Tineo, Spain

Tineo is a small village in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. Located about an hour’s drive west of Oviedo, it has a fantastic vantage point from its mountainside perch. One of its most popular attractions today is that a part of the Camino de Santiago passes through it; of its several routes, this is the one known as the Camino Primitivo (the Original Way). It starts in Oviedo and ends in Santiago de Compostela, like all the other routes. But it goes through some of the more mountainous terrain that one can walk on the Camino.

This whole area is richly green, graced with fields of corn, apple groves, or grazing sheep and cows. Here in Spain it’s the land of cheese, milk, and Sidra. From practically anywhere in the village of Tineo, there are amazing views of the valley below and surrounding mountain ranges. Atop the Sierra de Tineo that is just above the village, are the now-common wind turbines. Hiking up to where these are located, you only hear the breeze in the trees and the melodic clanging of bells on the livestock in the fields.

The village itself is home to some of Spain’s historically-recent heroes. Yet we feel like they are not as commonly known by the world or by Spaniards. Among them were General Rafael del Riego and Pedro Rodriguez de Campomanes.

This is a beautiful and quiet area of Spain to visit. If you go, consider staying at the Palacio de Meras. They also offer great discounts for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago. The restored palace is beautiful and a great price for a 3-star hotel.

Credits for Hills of Tineo, Spain Video

Film by Autonomous Rhinoceros :
Directed and edited by Eric J. Trujillo :

Shot entirely with an iPhone 6 in HD and edited with FCPX.

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