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Travel planning…we have to give a big disclaimer to those two words put together. Travel, we love. Planning…hmmm…not so much. In your travels, does it seem like the “P” word is that 80/20 thing, but with the planning taking 80% ‘work’ and the results you enjoy of the trip feel like only 20%? On top of that, leave it to us to go and throw at you ‘tools‘ and ‘transportation‘! After all, transportation is a big part of that ‘T.P.’ thing and it’s not always the easiest. So we’re sharing with you our favorite tool that makes travel planning not only easier and efficient, but more customized to all of our unique approaches. Time to get that 80/20 thing turned right.

Meet Travel Planning Tool, Rome2rio

This is by far our top favorite tool for travel planning. There’s traveling before you knew of Rome2rioand then there’s traveling after you know Rome2rio. This is the most comprehensive travel search engine for gathering a variety of worldwide transportation information for your travels. It’s free to use and has a fantastic mobile app that’s free as well. We love the design and functionality of the site, and that’s not just our opinion – they won the TRAVELTech GlobalCollect Website of the Year Award in 2013.

Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry, and automobile.



Prepare for an enhanced user experience that is enjoyable on the eyes and gets the job done. It’s also friendly and knows how to play with others (aka, fellow travel tools that are most relevant, at the point that you need it). How does it work? You type in your start point and then your final destination. A full-screen map of your route unfolds before you and along the left hand side are the variety of options for how to travel your route. As you click on each possibility, it expands to display real-time price estimates and with links that go to the transportation systems. You’ll also see that the route will adjust on the map to display the exact trajectory of that transportation option.

Oh, but it gets even better! You also have the option to enter dates, which can help refine ticket pricing. The options in the far bottom left are resources for relevant accommodations, care hire, and things to do. You can also add more destinations to get information on multiple stops throughout your entire journey.

Let’s see…there’s so many great features still we better take this to list mode:

  • You can create a free account to login into, for saving your trips, or continue using as a guest.
  • Share your transportation possibilities with others via social media or email.
  • Print and download as a PDF.
  • View the map in ‘Transport’, ‘Road’, or ‘Satellite’.
  • Adjust the language and/or currency.
  • Use the ‘Explore’ option in the upper right corner which lists a myriad of other possible trips related to your journey.
  • For people with travel websites (like us), there’s a Partnership Program that enables us to feature their Search API (and other APIs) on our sites; free and paid options.

What really sets apart Rome2rio is not just its all-in-one convenience and efficiency. There are many sites out there that have been doing that for years now. It’s the user-experience that is distinct and the extent to which it can source information for local transportation, which comes in super handy when traveling more rural areas. We love the beautiful simplicity of the layout and design of the site. It’s full-width photos and pleasant color-scheme create a space that is not overwhelming. And there’s no advertisements occurring on the site!

We especially like how Rome2rio stays focused on their niche – accessing local transportation options for you in a big-picture view with the capabilities to drill down into details – those links where you can make bookings, rather than trying to conduct the bookings for you. It suits any kind of traveler, from the detail-oriented, gotta-plan-down-to-every-minute folks to the last-minute show-ups who want to figure more out once they arrive (cough, cough – that’s us, more or less).

We’ve been using Rome2rio as our go-to travel planning tool for transportation and more. The app is especially helpful and works great! Whether it’s on the desktop in the pre take-off stages of traveling or via the mobile app on the road (and when you’ve realized there may be no buses for the day to get back to your hotel rural), Rome2rio will transform your experiences with travel planning tools. You know, to the way it should be – 20 (planning) / 80 (travel).

Get a Move On

and start using Rome2rio

*In case you’re wondering, our opinions shared here are not related to compensation from Rome2rio or any other party (not that we would mind that). We may soon join their Partnership Program to feature their Search API on this site. We were not asked to write this review-type of article; just in case that matters to you. But if YOU want to pay us for it, you’re more than welcome to! Joking!…kinda. 

AND (not joking), if you have something related to travel that you’d like us to review or write about, a question we can answer or insight we can give, let us know!

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who are living a traveling lifestyle. Do you love to travel? Perfect! Come along…


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