Great Travel Gift Ideas You’ll Actually Use for Short or Long-Term Travel

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Are you searching for travel gift ideas for the traveler in your life or for your own love of travel? Whether it’s online or on the ground shopping, there’s a lot of cool stuff out there. From gadgets to experiences, to clothes and gear, you can feel like a kid in a candy store. But let’s be honest – are you really going to use a scratch map of where you’ve traveled to?

In our years of traveling and living abroad, we’ve learned that it can be quick to weigh yourself down with more ‘stuff’, and a big aspect of traveling is about having experiences and learning to live light. So we’re excited to share with you our travel gift list that focuses on ideas that can compliment, and even enhance, short or long-term travels.

Elements of a Travel Gift

Most of the travel gifts on this list are easily ordered online, small and compact, or experiences, like tours. Because the other things (like scratch maps and such) are all fine and dandy, but for those of us who want to “lighten the load” and focus on a traveling lifestyle, or simply more enjoyable trips and easier traveling, we need travel gifts that lend mobility and further valuable experiences to our trips.

As a plus, we can speak from experience about most of the travel gifts on this list. Many of them are things that we own and use on our travels, or that we have purchased as a travel gift for a fellow traveler. Now, let’s go travel gift shopping.

#1 – The GPSmyCity Self-Guided Walking Tour App

Talk about a lightweight gift. All you need is your smart phone. What’s great about the GPSmyCity App, is that it includes offline map capabilities, is self-guided, and based on content-rich travel articles and city walk guides by local guides and travel bloggers all around the world. We happen to be among those travel bloggers, and you can access several of our articles turned into self-guided walking tours.

You can go at your own pace and, best of all, there’s a free version. But trust us, once you start using it, you’ll want to upgrade and it’s super affordable. There’s three different upgrade options, available for full access on an individual article basis, or two different levels of annual subscription.

#2 – Amazing Tours and Holidays Around the World with BookMundi

Another great experiential travel gift, is to book a tour or holiday through BookMundi. Their site,, is a fantastic platform and one-stop-shop that makes booking tours and holiday packages easier and more affordable.

They guarantee the best price and have plenty to choose from, with over 10,000 tours and holidays worldwide. You can pick based on what kind of adventure you want or on the destination you want to visit next. Wondering about quality? The tour operators they work with are vetted and qualified, meeting a high standard of excellence to ensure you have a great time.

#3 – Projector

This is a travel gift that is great for someone moving abroad or venturing out to travel indefinitely. We bought the then current version of this model at the time we moved from Denver to Spain, in summer of 2015. The projector has been one of the best items we’ve ever bought. It’s amazing quality and is still going strong.

In all the places we’ve lived, we’ve never needed a television because we had this projector. Although today we’re more settled in Denia and have a television with our apartment, we still use it for movie nights with friends. It can also be great for any business presentations if you’re working while traveling or on the road a lot for work.

As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

#4 – Deluxe Vitamin Shaker Cup

What a great way to stay healthy on the road. If you use a powdered supplement, you’ll want this shaker cup that is perfect for traveling. It has an internal separate compartment for storing your supplement mix, for easy carrying. Then you can add whatever liquid you like to make your vitamin drink at any time.

The only thing not included is a vitamin supplement mix. So, we’re getting to that next.

#5 – Daily BioBasics Health Supplement by LifePlus

Now that you have that handy vitamin shaker cup, you need some great supplements. For years, we had been taking various different supplements, and that can add up to a lot of tablets to carry and travel around with. So we were thrilled when we discovered the powder nutritional drink of Daily BioBasics. It’s so much more convenient to travel with and has helped us maintain great health while on the road.

While there is also the capsule version, both will be provide a great natural supplement of not only essential vitamins, but also important minerals, herbal extracts and fiber. It’s natural and includes only the best high-quality ingredients.

#6 – The Sony Mirrorless a6500 Camera Kit

We just got this camera earlier this year, and we love it! The small body is lighter than ever, thanks to the new mirrorless technology. Getting it with this kit is great value for the money as well. It comes with two different lenses, a rode video microphone, lens filters and more.

While not all us travelers are photographers, this is a great travel gift for those who are, and those are aspiring to be. You can capture beautiful stills and 4k video for recreating those travel stories of your’s.

#7 – ExoLens Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens for iPhone 6

If you haven’t used one of the iPhone camera extensions, you really should. And this is one that we’ve been using and really enjoy. With two lenses included, one for wide angle and one for telephoto, you can really travel lite, but still get great shots.

This kit has its own small carry bag for keeping the lenses and mount together. It’s made of aluminum but lined with ultra-soft lining for a perfect fit to this iPhone. Also a great alternative for someone who doesn’t have or want a full-size camera.

#8 – Camera Gear Backpack by BagSmart

This was one of our most spontaneous, yet beneficial, purchases we made this year. Amalia was traveing back to Spain from the US and bringing some new camera gear with her. We realized it would be easier for her to have a backpack for traveling back with it, and it turned out great for that.

We love several things about this bag. The compartments are customizable for your different parts, like lenses, camera body, and more. We even fit our DJI Mavic Air Drone in there with our Sony Camera. Accessible from the top is a laptop compartment and separate area perfect for stowing a jacket or light change of clothes. To top all that off, it comes with a water repelent rain cover, is accessible from the back (great anti-theft precaution), and has a secret pocket along the bottom which is perfect for a tripod.

#9 – Ghosts of Spain E-Book

This is one of our all-time favorite books about Spain. It addresses the still historically recent Spanish Civil War and the author’s own journey in better understanding the Spanish people as a foreigner living in Spain. Well-written with humor and great journalistic research, highlighting the endearing traits of the Spanish people and baffling at their oddities.

By addressing the Spanish Civil War, the book reveals deep insight into why Spain is the country that it is today, and where it could possibly be going. For anyone interested in Spain, it’s a great read and a must for any travel books list.

#10 – A Kindle

Speaking of books, the Kindle is still a classic travel gift for the traveler who loves to read. While a lot of different makes of the tablet have come out, Kindle is still one of the top sellers.

Light and portable, they even make them waterproof now! It makes for a great gift that won’t weigh a traveler down and can handle some rough roads wherever you find yourself reading.

#11 – Passport Holder and Money Belt Set

For Christmas last year, Amalia got her dad and stepmom a set of passport cases. They were heading to Israel in the spring and needed some good ways for caring for their ID’s. The cases worked great for them and they use them still to this day.

The set is great for gifting to a couple or sharing with yourself and another. It comes with a passport holder and money belt that also can hold a passport. And of course, they’re also RFID blocking. You also can’t beat the price and great reviews.

#12 – Amazon Prime and Amazon Gift Cards

Not sure what to get for the traveler in your life? Getting an Amazon Prime gift or Amazon gift card is a great way to let them choose from a great selection of products.

And it’s great for last minute travel gift ideas. It doesn’t have to be shipped and can be emailed with activation instructions for that lucky recipient.

#13 – Audiobooks by Audible

Are you a fan of audiobooks? Chances are, even if you aren’t, you know someone who is. We recently did a poll on our Facebook Page asking if people preferred an e-book, physical book, or audiobook when traveling. And the majority of people indicated they prefer audiobooks. They’re really all the rage now!

Audible is a great service of Amazon that gives you access to tons of great audiobooks on a monthly basis. It includes your first 30 days for free as a trial period, during which you also get 2 audiobooks and 2 Audible Originals. If you’re afraid you won’t like an audiobook, don’t worry – you can change it for another one for free. And there’s other perks, like monthly Audible Originals of your choice and more.

Keeping Your Own Travel Gift Ideas List

Have you noticed that a lot of online shops today will let you maintain your own gift ideas list. Sometimes, they’re referred to as your wish list, or you can name them and make multiple lists of products you like. 

Amazon lets you do this with as many lists as you like, allowing you to customize the name. Even better, you can choose to make your list public and share it with others, or keep it private to yourself. It’s great for teaming up with family on getting gifts for each other.

What is the best travel gift you’ve ever been given before? Which travel gift ideas on our list do you like the most? We’d love to hear from you and welcome any recommendations for more travel gift ideas to add to our list. Join the conversation below in the comments!

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Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who are living a traveling lifestyle. Do you love to travel? Perfect! Come along…


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