Traditional Music of Asturias & the Oviedo Cathedral of San Salvador – Story + Video

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Enjoy Our Timelapse Video & the Traditional Music

The Cathedral in Oviedo

There are many beautiful things about Oviedo, and then there is the Oviedo Cathedral, known in Spanish as La Santa Iglesia Basilica Catedral Metropolitana de San Salvador de Oviedo. Thinking of it, it doesn’t seem like a church to us, the way that other cathedrals and churches in Europe do. It seems to tower over Oviedo in much different way, distinct to this unique Spanish province of Asturias. We invite you to join us for a video time-lapse sunset over this historic building, set to traditional Asturian music.

While it rises impressively, know that in person it feels grand, yet paternal and watching over Oviedo like an adoring parent. Reading more about the church on its website, you can learn of what the builders intent was. Here, we simply share our feelings and impressions of its presence we were able to experience while in Oviedo this summer and during past trips.

The church has always been impressive yet seems so at home in Oviedo. Not only is it grand as a building, but many of the buildings throughout Oviedo are grand. It is a city of quality and classiness, where the people appreciate the arts and culture, music and good dress. It’s one of the things we love about Oviedo – classy and cultured; refined and yet natural and welcoming. It still carries with it the energy of the Christian Kings from ages before, who fought off the invasion of the Moors and even into day, is where the royalty of Spain originate from. A land of nobility and royal history.

We know…it’s another cathedral and yes, Europe is full of them. Yet each one holds its own energy still residing from ages past. And here in Oviedo, its cathedral proudly emanates its history still. Many relics have been found within its walls, thus being a major site for visitors, religious and non-religious alike. Then we must not forget what it means to the pilgrims who travel El Camino de Santiago. This is where the original, first route began and is today still journeyed as El Camino Primitivo – the original way among a few routes that start in Oviedo and lead to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

We hope you enjoy the video and that one day you get to also spend time in the presence of this beautiful remnant of times past. Take note that the music is traditional Asturian music that we recorded from a live performance in the center of Oviedo during our stay. Yes, they play bagpipes here!

Created by Amalia & Eric

Created by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

We’re Amalia and Eric – a traveling couple who moved from the US to Denia, Spain. With our combined skills of travel consultant/writer and artist/film producer, we share resourceful stories to inspire and support your travel dreams. Let us know how we can be of help.


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