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Where do we go to enjoy great American food in Madrid? The renown bustling city of Spain is full of restaurants and bars of every kind, yet no one has nailed the tastes and concept of delicious American food here. That is, not until Ryan and Claudia came along. It didn’t just happen overnight, but with commitment and passion for what they do, they’ve officially created a standard for American food in Madrid. And it’s their restaurant, Roll Madrid. Pull up a chair and come drool over pictures and learn more over the lunch we got to enjoy with them this summer.

The Creators of Roll Madrid | American Food in Madrid

We serendipitously met Ryan and Claudia, owners of Roll Madrid, in Denia, Spain. They were visiting for the weekend and enjoying sunset from the chiringuito on the beach in front of our home. When we heard Ryan speaking English with an American accent, we introduced ourselves and asked where they were from.

Ryan is from Chicago and at that time his nephew was visiting from Colorado (our home state in the US). Small world conversations ensued and we then learned that Ryan’s wife Claudia is from the Dominican Republic (where Amalia’s mother is from) – how much smaller can the world get!?! It never ceases to amaze us.

That night we learned that about the two restaurants (one being a Mexican food restaurant) and craft beer shop they have in the center of Madrid. Since we were going to be in Madrid only a couple weeks later, we made sure to stay in touch and met up with them for a fantastic lunch at their signature restaurant Roll Madrid, for what they call New American food, or in Spanish Comida NeoAmericana.

More About Roll Madrid | American Food in Madrid

Whether you’re American or not, there’s just something so deliciously comforting about the kinds of dishes that fall in this genre of food. What isn’t heart-warming and stomach-pleasing about Chicken and Waffles or BBQ ribs! It doesn’t necessarily mean either that it has to be a grease-bomb or served up in a dark little alley hole-in-the-wall space that seems sketch to eat out of.

Roll Madrid specializes in delicious American food that’s made with fresh, quality ingredients, complimented by tasty craft beers and amazing cocktails. We love how the space is filled with natural light and creatively blends mod style with warm, simple decor and furniture. It flows together for a charming down-to-earth experience in this lovely Madrid neighborhood of Conde Duque. We love how they feature classic dishes with their own creative touch and incorporate into their menu some great Spanish dishes as well. And voilà! We get New American Food – after all, American food does come from America being a melting-pot.

Roll Madrid

See Roll Madrid’s Menu and Drool! | American Food in Madrid

We had a fantastic lunch at Roll Madrid and shared a sampler meat platter along with some sides. Just take a look and you’ll see what we mean. After a year living in Spain, it was quite the treat to savor BBQ Ribs, Easy Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries (yes, they have Sweet Potato Fries!), and incredible coleslaw. I (Amalia speaking) couldn’t turn down their summer special of gazpacho made with strawberries – one of the best gazpachos we’ve ever had!

And let’s not forget what any great meal needs – great drinks as well. Amalia had a seasonal beer sangria, a refreshing creative concoction, and Eric enjoyed one of the beers they carry from the American Brewing Company, Founders. Of course, American craft beers are featured, but right alongside them are a great rotating lineup of some of Spain’s latest craft brews. We quickly learned that Ryan especially loves, and knows, craft beers. He’s a wealth of knowledge and, in our opinion, has great taste on this favorite subject of our’s.

Everything was house-made and we learned that they source their produce from a group of local farmers within Spain.

Why Roll Madrid for American Food in Madrid

Like us, you can probably relate as a traveler and/or an expat living abroad, to those times when you just want some of the food from your home-country. Getting to enjoy Roll Madrid really reminded us of classic American foods that we love but can be harder to find done well in Spain. Of course we love Spanish food, yet it’s great to change it up and have that tasty, delicious reminder of America from time to time. Or to get to enjoy brunch again, which is not common in restaurants around Spain, is so fun – who doesn’t love brunch! Along with happy hour, it’s one of the America’s best inventions.

It’s especially fun to see how people from all parts of the world enjoy and love American food as well. We’re glad that Madrid locals and visitors alike have Roll Madrid for experiencing top-quality, classic American dishes. So when next in Madrid, make sure to save room for a visit or two to Roll Madrid. Like us, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back!


A special thanks to Ryan, Claudia, and their wonderful friendly team at Roll Madrid, for spending time with us and making our introduction to their food so deliciously memorable. Hasta pronto!

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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