Our Top 8 Autumn Getaways in Spain

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Autumn getaways in Spain are fantastic options for a European trip. We love the energy of change and coziness that comes with the fall season and it’s especially an ideal time to explore Spain.

Whether you’re after the traditional cozy sensations of changing leaves and crisp air, or that delightful medium of sunshine and cooler temperatures, this time of year can also mean fewer crowds and better prices. So check out our top eight autumn getaways in Spain that make for great traveling this fall.

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Map & TOC of Autumn Getaways in Spain

#1 – Asturias for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Above ImageFall colors in the Parque San Francisco in Oviedo.

The northern region of Asturias, known as a natural paradise, is already a favorite of ours. Come fall, it becomes one of the best autumn getaways in Spain for enjoying the changing colors of the leaves. Stroll through the enchanting park San Francisco in the heart of the region’s capital of Oviedo.

Enjoy the local gastronomy of Fabada and Pote, hearty stew-like dishes that will be the perfect meal for the cooler weather. This can also be a great time to get wonderful deals on staying in gorgeous places, like the historical Hotel de la Reconquista which is a national monument.

Above ImageThe lower of the two lakes of Covadonga in the Picos de Europa.

Also explore the higher mountainous terrain of the Picos de Europa, Spain’s first national park. Here you can see even more colorful foliage (it tends to change later in October) and visit the sacred site of Covadonga and its alpine lakes, the Largos de Covadonga.

For stunning coastal views, and to get away from crowds, visit some of the fisherman villages like Cudillero and Lastres. They’ll be quiet with not as much to do, but peaceful and gorgeous with great deals for accommodations.

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#2 – Extremadura for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Above ImageViewing the village of Jerez de los Caballeros from the Templars castle.

As the name implies, Extremadura is a region of extremes, which also refers to the weather. In the summer it gets very hot and in the winter very cold, so fall is an ideal time to visit. This beautiful and rural region of Spain borders Portugal.

Amidst rolling hills of olive groves and oak forests, there are templar castles, quaint white-washed villages, and the famed black Iberian pigs that feast on acorns (which means tasty jamon iberico de bellota). Spaniards like to say about Extremadura, se comen muy bien, they eat very well. And boy is it true. The best jamon comes from this region and the Spanish tortilla was first made here.

Above ImageA view from the Castle of Trujillo.

In the northern part of the region, visit medieval towns of Trujillo and Caceres, each with a historic center and their own castles that have Paradores, the castle hotels. In the southern part of Extremadura, discover even less-known sites, like the templar castle of Jerez de los Caballeros, a charming white-washed village.

For enjoying nature and the best fall colors in this area, visit the Ambroz Valley which also has various events from the end of September into December. The calbotá, a roasted chestnuts party around the end of October, also features eating roasted chestnuts, dried figs, drinking sangria, and local folk music.

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#3 – Ávila for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Ávila is an amazing medieval town that is northwest of Madrid. It’s famous for its stunning medieval walls that are still intact with gates and towers. The charming old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and maintains its historical style. Add the local gastronomy of game meats and stews, and it makes for an especially cozy place to enjoy in the fall.

It is also home to one of the castle hotels, the Parador de Ávila, and various other boutique accommodations, like the Palacio de Monjaraz. The surrounding valley and rolling hills provide plenty of countryside for enjoying nature. Nearby is the Sierra de Gredos, a gorgeous mountain range where you can enjoy hiking or driving through the peaks to see the leaves changing color.

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#4 – Madrid for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Above ImageOne of the monuments in the Retiro Park.

Visiting Madrid in the fall is another of the best autumn getaways in Spain. You don’t have the stifling heat of summer and the crowds can be a bit fewer. If it’s cold or rainy, the countless great bars and restaurants make for the best places to get cozy with deliciously typical Spanish food. The many museums in Madrid also provide a great place to get out of the elements and warm up.

The good news is, Madrid still has great weather in the fall with most days full of sun and blue sky. So it’s also ideal for sipping a vino or Spanish vermút on a lovely terrace in the sun.

Even in the center of this capital of Spain, you can enjoy the fall colors amongst the myriad of trees in the wonderful Retiro Park and the extensive Casa de Campo park. Both parks are full of paths for walking or riding bikes, small cafes for enjoying a drink, and historic ruins.

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#5 – Alarcón for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Above ImageWe visited Alarcón in early October, so leaves tend to change color later in the month and into early November.

The tiny village of Alarcón is located halfway between Madrid and Valencia. It makes quite the impression with its romantic castle high on a hilltop and quaint village that truly takes you back in time. This is another destination is that is less known by the average tourist and is more sought out by Spaniards who drive down from Madrid for a Sunday lunch.

The village is charmingly medieval, as though frozen in the past. Down in the gorge encircling the hill is a beautiful river lined with trees and walking trails. The surrounding plateaus of pine forests have trails as well, making for a great place to hike and mountain bike amidst some fall foliage and refreshing temperatures.

And can you imagine cozying up in a castle? For a quiet, romantic getaway, come here just to experience the castle, which is also one of the Parador castle hotels, the Parador de Alarcón, where you can stay or eat.

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#6 – Seville for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Above ImageThe Plaza de España in Seville.

Seville is one of the most iconic cities in Spain and one of our favorites. Leaves will be falling and some trees changing color, but what makes autumn such a great time to visit is the wonderful weather. The fall in Seville is neither cold nor hot, but just right.

You can enjoy strolling the old, winding streets and eating tapas on terraces without having a heat stroke. With typically sunny days and bright blue skies, exploring the historic center is the main event.

Visit the famous Seville Cathedral and its Giralda Tower, ride bikes along the Guadalquivir River, and, of course, taste the famous local sherry and traditional tapas.

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#7 – Valencia for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

Above ImageThe Turia Riverbed Park. Enjoy palm trees in Valencia year-round.

Similar to Seville, Valencia is so wonderful to visit during the fall because the temperatures are ideal. In addition, the beautiful city is located right on the Mediterranean Sea, having the best of both beach and historic center. If you’re looking to chase the sun and warm weather into autumn, this can be the place.

While the waters of the Med may be a bit chilly for some, many people still enjoy taking a dip in the fall months. Either way, you can still lay out on the sand, drink Turia beers at the chiringuitos (beach bars), and ride bikes along the seaside promenade.

Take advantage of the ideal weather to wander the historic center’s Barrio del Carmen, the artsy Ruzafa neighborhood, and the fisherman’s village neighborhood of Cabanyal by the beach. And definitely spend time in the gorgeous Turia Riverbed Park ideal for a picnic, riding bikes, and taking a leisurely stroll.

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#8 – Salamanca for an Autumn Getaway in Spain

visiting Salamanca

Above ImageA view of the Salamanca Cathedral from the Hospes Palacio de San Esteban.

The town of Salamanca is renownly known for its university which is one of the oldest in the world. The historic architecture alone is worth spending days here wandering the cobblestoned streets. Known for their game meats and hearty dishes, you will have plenty of delicious local gastronomy to savor.

Make sure to tour the new and old cathedrals. Then venture up the Ieronimus tower for epic views of the town and Tormes River. For some great Art Nuveau, peruse the exhibits in the charming Casa Lis Museum.

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

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