How Your Costa Blanca Real Estate Experience Can Be Great

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Paul Millward, our guest blogger and local real estate agent at Grupo Garcia, is back with his experienced insight into the practicalities of Costa Blanca real estate. Learn about what to keep in mind and how he and his team can take care of it all so you have a great experience.

*All property images are provided by Grupo Garcia.

Paul Millward on Costa Blanca Real Estate

There are many people who we help with Costa Blanca real estate when they move to this area of Spain, and the process can be enjoyable and stress free if done correctly. For us, it is so much more than a transaction; it is an important experience. That’s why we can take care of the many moving parts for you.

Before you start the search for your new home, we can help you find the finance, visas and legal assistance required to actually be ready to go when you get here. Here are the practicalities to keep in mind and how we work with you in your Costa Blanca real estate search.

Viewing Properties in Costa Blanca Real Estate

Most people will select a few days, or even a week or two, to view the best selection of properties available with us. We create a pre-approved schedule that we would work on together before you arrive. The properties would be selected from both our own extensive selection of direct listings and would also include properties from collaborating agents.

In the lead up to your trip, I would recommend that you send me as many links to properties that you want to view, as well as links to properties that you want to eliminate from the agenda, if they are unsuitable. Quite often clients prefer no overhead power lines, heavy traffic noise, or north facing houses but this is another topic.

Once you arrive to view your properties, this is where the fun really begins. We would spend the days viewing at least six or seven properties per day and aim to find the right property for you without any pressure or stress, offering complete transparency and honest feedback for each property.

LOCAL TIP: Keep in mind that the Costa Blanca area of Spain is located within the Valencia Region (Community) and also includes an area known as the Marina Alta.

Securing Your Property in Costa Blanca Real Estate

Costa Blanca real estate

When we have found you the right property and agreed on a purchase price and time, the property can then be reserved for you with a refundable payment (deducted from the final purchase price) and pending legal and structural checks.

It is often prudent to arrange a power of attorney with a recommended lawyer if you are not already based in Spain as this allows them to not only complete the purchase of the property but also arrange the required NIE (social security number) and a bank account if you are not here personally.

Once the legal and structural checks have been done there are two options, depending on what was agreed upon for the reservation.

Options for Closing on Costa Blanca Real Estate

The first and most common would be that the private purchase contract is signed (a contract between buyer and seller), which is usually validated with a 10% payment directly to the vendor. This is usually done within four weeks of the reservation and details the final completion date and any other details. The final completion date can be within weeks or months depending on the individual circumstances of each party.

Once this contract is signed and paid it is exceptionally rare that purchases do not complete as the buyer would lose the payments or the vendor would be liable for double the amount received.

The second option is simply to go directly to completion and miss the previous step. At a notary, checks or transfers are exchanged, deeds are signed, and keys handed over once all parties are happy with everything.

Expenses Involved in Costa Blanca Real Estate Transactions

Costa Blanca real estate expenses for the buyer are basically 10% for the purchase tax, about 2% for registry fees, and notary fees are usually up to 2000 Euros in legal costs.

Throughout the whole process we are at hand to answer any questions or concerns. Our goal is to ensure you end up with your ideal property for your holiday escape or new life on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

LOCAL TIP: Grupo Garcia can find you properties or parcels of land that range across all price points, from starting at €100K to luxury villas.

The Buyers Seeking Costa Blanca Real Estate

Costa Blanca real estate

There are many different types of buyers and some of our clients become good friends. We get to meet all sorts of interesting people.

One of the more memorable clients I’ve had the joy of working with was a retired gentleman in his 70’s. He had recently divorced and wanted to move to Spain from the UK for a better life. We had been chatting for a few months before his arrival and there was one particular property he had his eye on.

The preparation for his arrival was easy and he came to Spain with a backpack after selling up completely in the UK. He had rented an apartment in Denia for six months, during which time we worked on finding him his new home.

The property he had been keen on before his arrival turned out to be everything he wanted and more. Within four weeks he was living in his dream home. Seven years later and I still pop in to see him for a cold drink. His once barren plot of land is now a lush garden with fruit trees and lawn where he enjoys a nice, quiet, healthy life. The property is much the same but now painted and cared for.

He had a great experience in his search for Costa Blanca real estate and is happy with his new life in Spain. Completely settled, he now has a mix of friends of different nationalities and speaks almost fluent Spanish!

Scouting Trip Planning

As a certified travel agent, Move to Traveling can plan an enjoyable custom trip for you to scout out your ideal home in the Marina Alta area of Spain. 

Are You Interested in Costa Blanca Real Estate?

Make your Costa Blanca real estate search more than just a transaction; make it a great experience with our professional and experienced help. It can even be part of a vacation you take to scout out the possibilities. For more help, reach out to us or leave a comment below. Let’s get your search started.

Costa Blanca real estate
Written by Paul Millward

Written by Paul Millward

Sales Director of Grupo Garcia

I've lived in Denia and Javea for over the last ten years after moving from Catalunya. As the Sales Director of Grupo Garcia, I get to spend a lot of time helping people relocate from overseas to this area of Spain. I love sharing my love for living in the Marina Alta area of Spain and helping those who are looking to make a move for some Spanish sunshine.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can help in any way:
Tel: +34 96 648 2480
Mob: +34 637 844 891


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