Bike Rides in Spain for Visiting Javea – Video & Route

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Bike Rides in Spain – Watch Our Video

Bike rides in Spain are for exploring, both the planned and spontaneous kind. So it’s no surprise that recently, I followed my feeling to just get out and see something new. Not in the get up and go jogging down a new trail new – but to actually get out and explore. We live in a very magical place in Spain – Dénia. This Mediterranean beach town has a very unique combination of things that beckon exploration: a vast deep blue sea, a historic castle, and a magical mountain. The mountain, El Montgo, has been on my mind ever since the first time we visited this authentic little fishing village in the Costa Blanca region. I have now visited El Montgo numerous times and on this particular exploration, my bike ride took me to the other side of the mountain for my first visit to the neighboring town of Javea (Xàbia).


Local Language Tip

The town Javea is spelled Xabia in Valenciana, the language of the region of Valencia.

Bike Rides in Spain – Where to Start

The day I felt like exploring was just that – today I’ll find a trail and see where it takes me. We had a friend that wanted to share a bike trail he knew that takes people to the other side of El Montgo. Our plans to do that didn’t sync up, so I thought at least I could try to find the beginning of the trail. As I biked my way through the orange groves and the residences of Dénia I came around to a concrete trail that seemed to be going in the general direction.

There are several ways to get to the south side of the mountain and I seemed to have taken the one that goes along the golf course. This was one of those bike explorations that I really love – serendipitous. I soon found myself under the shade of pine trees and remembered the foothills in Boulder where we used to often hike. The scent of wildflowers mingled with pine. As I cruised further down the trail I noticed I was veering further away from El Montgo.

Bike Rides in Spain – Village Visiting

I took notice of a sign that had a loose design of a tandem bike and was pointing in a direction back towards the mountain, through some ancient grape tree fields. The ground felt ancient. The grape trees were old vines that had been harvested for centuries and were now trees. I assumed they were grown for the locals favorite dried fruit “pasas”, or raisins. Pretty incredible sight and scents that I couldn’t get enough of as I continued peddling. I was not thinking of actually riding completely around the mountain; just wanted to get a glimpse of the landscape on the other side. Yet I kept going and before I knew it I was in Jesus Pobre, a small village which seemed to be very popular. The cafés and tavernas were busy with people relaxing mid-day on this particular Sunday. And I continued on.

Bike Rides in Spain – Mountains and Sea

When I lived near Boulder county in Colorado, we had wide open spaces that you could bike through and not see any traffic. I wanted to stretch my legs out so I thought I could do 5-8KM on the highway in front of me towards the sea then turn around. Up and down the asphalt was a great workout then I saw a sign that said “Xabia 6”. I decided to go for it. Before I knew it I was in the Xabia ghost town. It’s mid-October, most of the tourists have left and it’s Sunday, I thought as I rode through town. I made it to a large round rock beach completely different than my home beach in Las Marinas, Dénia. I took a few photos and walked with my bike up the boardwalk. Many people were enjoying the beach and cafes along the sea. Some were strolling with their doggies and children. Then I checked out a little artisan group of booths and finally, got a chance to relax on a bench and take it all in. Including the last of my water. I did a short meditation – felt my place in the universe and realized how amazing it is to be present and follow the impulse to discover. I found something new from that impulse that only the Universe could show me with my willingness to follow.

I decided to head back and took a route that hugged the mountain close, so I got to see a closeup of El Montgo’s ‘eye’ and the neighborhoods that surround him. Along the road I came upon a farmer with a massive ecological fruit and vegetable stand right in his field. We exchanged smiles and waved as I continued. I soon hit an apex on the top of the road and, like a slingshot, was all the way back to Dénia.

I didn’t know what I would find on this bike ride in Spain, but I did learn that there is so much to explore. Now on to the next!

Click the image above to see more fun route features of this map in MapMyRun.

Written by Eric J. Trujillo

Written by Eric J. Trujillo

Art Director & Film Producer

As a visual communicator and artist, I love bringing stories to life. Visit and to see what else I’m up to.


  1. Paul

    Alicante has some spectacular corners to make bicycle routes with friends or family. We really like the Mediterranean climate and its gastronomy, it is also very interesting to try the area of ​​Girona further south that is full of coves, especially on the Costa Brava.

    • Amalia and Eric

      So true Paul. Alicante is splendid for cycling. It’s great to hear more about Girona as well and that it’s ideal for cycling. We haven’t been there yet but certainly want to go. Thanks so much for the inspiration and enjoying our article. Happy cycling and traveling!


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