3 Luxurious European Trips for a Memorable Experience

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If you love traveling picturesque Europe, or are interested in visiting here for your first time, I have some luxurious European trips to share with you. There is a magical energy and vibe about Europe that is so rich and elegant. It’s no wonder that visiting here can be ideal for timeless luxury and beauty. From its romantically picturesque layers of history and its iconic natural beauty, to its timeless gastronomy and vast array of cultures, it continues to lure many to visit and to move here.

Being a certified travel consultant living in Spain, I get the latest about all kinds of great ways to visit Europe. One of the many things I love about living in Spain is having Europe as my backyard with convenient access to its amazing countries. But don’t worry, whether you live here or are visiting from abroad, you can also experience Europe with these three luxurious European trips.

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A River Cruise is Top Choice Among Luxurious European Trips

luxurious European trips - view of Budapest with river cruise boat - by Thomas Winkler

Above Image – A view of Budapest. Photo by Thomas Winkler on Unsplash.

Just imagine smoothly sailing down the Rhine River past castles and vineyards as you sip on a glass of local wine on the sundeck. Or the tantalizing warm smells of an ages-old bakery introduced to you by the local guide of your land tour at that day’s charming village. You get to fully relax knowing everything is taken care of, leaving you with plenty of enticing options daily or to simply do nothing but take in the view with that glass of wine in hand.

There are quite a few river cruise companies out there today. So further below I recommend a few of them for the exceptionally luxurious experience that they provide.

What makes river cruises a luxurious way to experience Europe?

Here are several great highlights of why river cruises make great luxurious European trips, but certainly not all of them.

  • splendid ships with well appointed common spaces
  • various options of elegant staterooms
  • multiple restaurants onboard for dining
  • exceptional gastronomy experiences, such as wine and beer tastings onboard and on land
  • salon, spa, and fitness facilities on most ships
  • complimentary bikes onboard for using onshore
  • quality, local shore excursions that are in small groups and include special interest tours
  • themed sailings that focus on wine tastings, Christmas Markets, music, and even European ancenstry
  • customizable and personable


luxurious European trips - view of Budapest at night with river cruise boat - by Dan Freeman

Above Image – Budapest at night. Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash.

For a luxurious European trip at an affordable price, quality all inclusive structure, and award-winning ships, I recommend AmaWaterways, the leader in the river cruise industry for 20 years now.

For a very high-end luxurious European river cruise that even comes with your own personal butler, consider Scenic and Uniworld.

All three of these companies are the top of the line when it comes to exceptional staff, itineraries, dining, and entertainment.

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Luxury Trains Are the Era Throwback for Luxurious European Trips

luxurious European trips - vintage traveler getting off an Orient Express train - by Florian Marette

Above Image – Photo by Florian Marette on Unsplash.

Are you picturing what I’m picturing? Gold gilding, plush velvet sofas, vibrant stain glass, ebony wood with inlay… It truly is like the film set for the classic book made movie, Murder on the Orient Express, but fortunately without the murder. Let’s not forget of course the large panoramic windows all along the cars, affording you gorgeous views of the stunning landscape from either side of the train.

Similar to river cruises, luxury train travel is all about the magic and joy of the journey, not just the destination. Everything about the environment is there to give you opulent yet welcoming spaces from which you can take in the passing scenery, seeing even more than you would if you flew over. It’s the essence of slow travel meets luxury. Who said you had to give up comfort and quality to travel mindfully?

luxurious European trips - luxury train window - by Dominik Scythe

Above Image – Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

While all types of train travel, especially throughout Europe, is romantic and inviting, luxury trains take it to that next level with their sleeper cabins. Magnificently appointed, they pack an array of upscale comforts in a cozy layout. And the service is impeccable, with finely dressed staff and sumptuous meals that are served in classy settings.

Depending on the itinerary and train one chooses, there can be various day tours included that you can experience at the various stops along the journey. For luxury train trips in Europe, these stops can be at iconic or lesser-known charming destinations with historical sites to see and local culture to experience.

Recommended Luxury Trains in Europe

luxurious European trips - luxury train interior - by Michael Matlon

Above Image – Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

There are more luxury train routes in Europe than what you probably realize.

If you want something off the beaten path, journey through the verdant north of Spain on the Costa Verde Express from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela.

Or go through the heart of Europe on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the classic routes of London/Paris, Venice and Istanbul that have been operating since 1976.

Then there’s the Le Grand Tour France, a gorgeous new luxury train that takes you around France on a 6-day journey combining shows and fine dining.

Salamanca Wine Getaway for a Luxurious European Trip

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above Image – The view from our suite at Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Organic Farm.

If you prefer to stay in one place for your luxury trip in Europe then I have many places for you, but this one in particular is one of the best among luxurious European trips, especially if you enjoy wine. Settle in at a wine getaway in the peaceful countryside just a 30-minute drive from the charming university town of Salamanca.

The Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel and Organic Farm is a renovated monastery that has over 700 years of history. Today, it is a 5-star estate, complete with its own organic farm, gourmet restaurant, and delightful spa that even features wine treatments. And let’s not forget the working vineyard and spectacular barrel room. As part of the Marques de Concordia family of wines, the tastings and restaurant feature a fantastic selection of Spanish wines to enjoy and learn about.


Get 10% off the best rate when you have me book accommodations for you at the Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel and Organic Farm.

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above Image – The bodega, or wine barrel and tasting room.

For accommodations, you can choose between the cozy, elegant rooms in the original monastery building or the more modern villas that still maintain the Spanish architectural charm and tastefully blend in with the historical settings.

This is an ideal place to enjoy nature with the graceful River Tormes flowing not only alongside the estate, but even with a canal branching off to flow right underneath the main monastery building. When you’re dining in the restaurant, the canal is literally flowing underneath you and you can enjoy the beautiful views to either side.

For a luxurious European trip that is truly unique, stay at the Hacienda Zorita in the fall for their Vendimia, a wine harvesting festival. It is a full day of participating in grape harvesting, stomping the grapes, and a barbeque feast with local, folk music and traditional performances. Not to mention, plenty of magnificent wine to drink.

How to Plan These Luxurious European Trips

There are a lot of moving parts and details that go into these kind of trips. The luxury of them is that once you’re on the trip, it can feel like everything is taken care of for you. But that still requires good planning, resources, and time.

As a certified travel agent, I get to work with each of these companies mentioned for planning these types of luxurious European trips. It also means that I can get the best rates and latest promotions, not to mention even further incentives like onboard credit, group incetives, and more.

I take care of all the details for you. And yes, I am that A-type, organized geek of a person who loves planning. Lucky for you, I love travel as well and am passionate about helping you travel more.

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Fora Advanced Travel Advisor & Content Creator

I love living in Denia, Spain and traveling worldwide. My idea of a great time is ‘eating and drinking’ my way around a new place and meeting the people. As a Fora Advanced Travel Advisor, I specialize in custom travel planning for trips throughout Europe, as well as scouting trips for moving to Spain. Here on you can enjoy our Europe travel resources to experience Europe and live in Spain.


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