4-Day Itinerary for A Spanish Wine Getaway in Salamanca

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There is a place in Spain that is wonderful for a wine getaway in Salamanca province. For years I dreamed about staying at this charming hotel. Yet, it’s much more than a hotel. It’s like its own little world, tucked away on beautiful acreage where a renovated monastery hugs the River Tormes. It has over 700 years of history, is a five-star hotel with spa, organic farm-to-table restaurant, and vineyard (yep, that means emphasis on the wine)!

My dream finally came true and we relished three nights and four days of unimposing luxury on all levels. From the fresh food and superb wines, to the charming accommodations and surrounding natural beauty, to the heavenly spa and friendly staff, our expectations were surpassed. As you can see, we loved our stay so much that we love helping others visit as well. So here is our curated itinerary for enjoying a glorious Spanish wine getaway in Salamanca.

The Host of Your Wine Getaway in Salamanca

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above ImageA heavenly sunset view from our deluxe room.

So what could that glorious hotel be that I was describing before? Our vetted, 5-star home for this wine getaway in Salamanca is the Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Organic Farm. With vineyards on-site, it is also part of the illustrious family of wines, Marques de Concordia.

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How to Arrive at Your Wine Getaway in Salamanca

There are a few ways to get to your wine getaway in Salamanca. Both by car and train are very scenic and pass by other historical sights, such as the Medieval walled town of Avila.

Driving takes approximately 3 hours from Madrid. If you prefer to not drive, private transfers can be arranged.

The train, which is another great option, takes only 2.5 to 3 hours from Madrid’s Principe Pio train station to the Salamanca city train station. There are an average of seven trains a day and the prices start at around 25€ per person, one-way. Then from Salamanca city, a private transfer can be arranged to take you the last 20 minutes to your destination.

wine getaway in Salamanca

By train is how Eric and I traveled here, originally coming from Valencia. We really enjoy train travel, especially as an environmentally friendly alternative that provides a great slow-travel experience. It also inspired us to combine our Salamanca city itinerary, making for a fantastic trip with the best of both city and countryside.

Day 1 of Your Wine Getaway in Salamanca

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above ImageThe front entrance and wine shop at Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Organic Farm.

Check-In & First Impressions

Checking in to your wine getaway in Salamanca takes place at the lovely front office building, which also houses the wine shop (very convenient).

For those of you with electric cars, the closest parking area has a couple of parking spaces available with electric car chargers.

You’ll then be guided to your room by one of the staff members, which gives an initial introduction to the grounds and some of its various buildings.

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above ImageThe splendid Casa Grande.

Explore the Grounds

You can choose to stay in a standard, deluxe, or deluxe room with a terrace in the Casa Grande (or what was originally the monastery building). The rooms in this building are my favorite because most of them feature exposed stone walls, wooden beams, and an ambiance of rustic meets luxury.

Or, you can choose to stay in one of the spacious and more modern style villas or deluxe villas.

The Casa Grande also houses the Zorita’s Kitchen restaurant, the Columbus Bar, a cheese room, and several indoor and outdoor sitting areas. Attached to this building is the Bodega de Crianza, the gorgeous wine cellar. Outside is the languidly flowing River Tormes, along with the water mill building which houses the Wine and Olive Spa.

Once you get settled into your room, go explore these other areas and the grounds. Or, if you’re tired from traveling, recharge with a siesta in your cozy accommodations.

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above ImageInside the magnificent Bodega Crianza wine cellar.

Complimentary Wine Tasting

That’s right – included in your wine getaway is a complimentary wine tasting! The day and time of the tasting is subject to availability. I recommend having the experience as early in your visit as possible so you can learn about the wines you’ll be able to enjoy throughout your stay. If you can’t have it on this first day, simply fit it in on any of the other days.

The wine tasting takes place in the stunning wine cellar referred to as the Bodega de Crianza. You’ll learn about its history and the magnificent ceiling which was built to resemble a ship’s keel, in memory of Christopher Columbus’ sailings.


It can be quite cold inside the bodega, especially depending on the time of year, so dress warm.

wine getaway in Salamanca - Zorita's Kitchen

Dinner at Zorita’s Kitchen

As pioneers of the slow food movement in the Duero Valley, Zorita’s Kitchen is the place to savor a delicious farm-to-table dining experience. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of the River Tormes, a part of which flows underneath the restaurant itself.

Also within view is the local garden growing herbs and vegetables. When we had their delectable spinach dish, we actually saw the chef go out and pick the spinach fresh from the garden.

Seasonal menus feature local produce and ingredients that come from the Dehesa Zorita Organic Farm. Pair your food with a selection from the variety of wines that are part of the Marques de la Concordia family of wines. And do not forget to enjoy the cheeses and jamón ibérico from the Pata Negra and Cheese room.

Day 2 of Your Wine Getaway in Salamanca

Breakfasted Included

Start the door out gloriously by returning to Zorita’s Kitchen for the included breakfast. You will have no shortage of choices with the wonderful array of fresh fruits, meats, breads, and pastries, as well as cheeses, eggs, potatoes and veggies. There are also fresh squeezed juices, coffees made to order, and Cava. We loved the breakfast when staying here and were very impressed.

Historical Sights & Lunch in Salamanca

With the historical city of Salamanca only a 20-minute drive away, make sure to visit to see some of the iconic sights. Known for the oldest university in the Latin world, and one of the oldest in the worldwide, it is steeped in rich history and exquisite, old-world architecture.

visiting Salamanca

Or, Cycling or Walking Excursion with Picnic

If you’ve already spent time in Salamanca, consider a cycling or walking tour of the area. Myself or the hotel can arrange a tour along with a picnic lunch if desired. Or you can opt to return in time for lunch at the hotel’s Zorita’s Kitchen.

Afternoon Spa Treatments

Who does not love a spa experience? Add to that the local wine and storybook surroundings, and you have the makings of heaven in my mind. It’s not too good to be true. The Wine and Olive Spa is just as it is called and specializes in using wine and olive oil for its natural treatments, which can be customized to meet your particular needs.

The spa is housed in the oldest building on the property, the water mill house which dates all the way back to the year 780. Downstairs is the indoor jacuzzi, as well as an outdoor hot tub that overlooks the River Tormes. Upstairs where the treatment and changing rooms are located, are the impressive gears and workings of the water mill itself.

For a special birthday here, I thoroughly enjoyed the Wine and Roses Ritual. This included time in the jacuzzi followed by their decadent wine treatment, which included a body peeling, a cream body wrap, a massage, and a facial peeling. It was my favorite spa experience to-date.

Dinner at the Winemaker’s Table

This special gastronomical experience is perfect for celebrating a special occasion, or simply just because you love food and wine. You’ll get to dine exclusively in the Bodega de Crianza cellar room, enjoying it all to yourselves!

The private meal consists of a delicious menu paired with wines. It will have you savoring the best of that season’s local dishes made with ingredients from the organic farm.

If you want to really go over the top, live music can be arranged as well.

Day 3 of Your Wine Getaway in Spain

wine getaway in Spain - sunrise

Breakfast Included

Enjoy a great start to the day with the glorious breakfast spread available with your stay. You can also request specific dishes made, such as fresh eggs a particular way.

Take an Environmental Cruise

Have a meaningful, distinct experience by venturing out on an environmental cruise on the stunning Arribes del Duero River. Located right on the border with Portugal, it is a scenic 1-hour drive from the Hacienda.


Consider stopping at the small town of Ledesma on the way, which is known for the local artisan dessert called Rosquillas de Ledesma, a delicious shortbread style cookie. There is also a picturesque fortress in the center of town.

This naturally stunning part of Spain is known as the Biosphere Reserva Meseta Ibérica and is part of the EBI Europarques. Here, there are two cruises that can be taken separately or as a package, the Crucero Arribes and the Crucero Sanabria. The Arribes Cruise is at the closest end of the river for the direction you’re coming from. Whereas the Sanabria Cruise is at the farthest point of the river and a further drive away.

A short 20-minute hike called Paso de la Campana (Step of the Bell) is also a great option for those of you who like to hike. This can be part of the Arribes Cruise.

There are some other wonderful options for how to enjoy this excursion. You can have the hotel make a picnic lunch for you to take with you. The other option is to get lunch in one of the villages in this area. There are several that are above the Duero River Valley canyon.

Or, Experience a Duero Valley VIP Experience

For a truly unique experience of this area, you can have me arrange one of the park’s Duero Valley VIP Experiences for you. This exclusive experience is completely customizable, from a gourmet lunch to specialized guides, and can be done on jetties, heliport, and electric 4×4 vehicles.

wine getaway in Salamanca

Above ImageEnjoying the Tormes River at the Hacienda Zorita.

Jacuzzi Time

If you have time when you get back, why not take a relaxing soak in the spa jacuzzi. It’s the perfect touch after the day exploring the Duero River Valley and being outdoors.

Complimentary Aperitif

As they will tell you at check-in, your stay also includes a complimentary drink to enjoy at any time during your stay. If you haven’t used it by this time, or even if you have, make the most of this last night with a drink in the cozy Coolumbus Bar.

If you like to change it up from wine, make sure to try their signature craft rum that they make in the West Indies Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Whether you have it in a cocktail or straight, it will be a treat.

wine getaway in Salamanca - sunset

Final Dinner

On your last evening, dine at Zorita’s Kitchen to enjoy those other dishes on the menu that you’ve been eyeing and salivating over. Or perhaps repeat a dish so good that it is drawing you back. Take in the delightful ambiance of the graceful River Tormes, the soft, warm lighting, and historical surroundings.

Day 4 of Your Wine Getaway in Spain

wine getaway in Salamanca - grounds of Hacienda Zorita

After a deliciously plentiful breakfast, we recommend taking a last stroll around the grounds.

Don’t forget to go by the front office where the wine shop is to purchase wines, olive oils, and other gastronomical treats that make ideal gifts to take home. Or make these purchases a little later, at the same time that you check-out.

If you have time on this final day, enjoy other activities that you may not have had time for before, such as a tasting in the Cheese Room or the Tapas Experience (only available on Saturdays and Sundays).

Planning Services for Your Wine Getaway in Salamanca

As a certified Travel Consultant, I can plan this trip, and any others you dream of. Click here to learn more and get started. 

Combine Itineraries

For visiting the historical city of Salamanca, use our itinerary for experiencing its Spanish history and gastronomy.

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

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