Embrace Mindful Travel with this Mindfulness Retreat in Spain

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We’re excited to introduce guest writer and Mindfulness Coach, Kate Greenslade. In this article, she wonderfully introduces us to the benefits of mindful travel. 

What does mindful travel really mean? Being mindful benefits everything we do, and when we apply this approach to travel, we can have a richer experience. We can feel more in charge of our time and have a deeper connection with what we’re doing.

Traveling doesn’t start when you get on the plane. It doesn’t even start when you leave your house to catch that plane. It begins when you first consider where you want to go and why. With that in mind, let’s delve into what it means to embrace mindful travel with these great insights and an introduction to a special mindfulness retreat in Spain.

Mindful Travel Starts with How You Want to Feel

mindful travel - gazing at sunset from one of the lighthouses in Denia, Spain.

Above ImageEnjoying the sunset from one of the lighthouses in Denia.

One thing we don’t often think about in terms of a holiday or traveling is how we want to feel. We might want to be in a warmer climate or in a different environment and culture. Reflecting on how you want to feel while you’re traveling gives you the opportunity to create an experience that will nourish and serve you more deeply.

This starts by being mindful, by connecting to yourself and listening to what you need. This might take a little time as we’re not used to thinking like that. More than ever, it feels like we need to be aware of how we spend our precious time and the impact it has on our mental and physical health, other people and the world.

Being mindful is to be aware or conscious. It’s about fully paying attention non-judgmentally in the present moment. Rather than being stuck worrying about the past or feeling anxious or depressed about the future.

We can often feel frazzled when we come home from traveling. We’ve filled our time away with so much stuff that we can feel like we need a holiday to recover! By approaching your trip planning a little differently you can change that.

Questions to Ask to Embrace Mindful Travel

mindful travel - enjoying a beautiful view from the top of the Denia castle.

Above ImageTaking a moment to bask in the sunlight on top of the Denia Castle.

I’m definitely guilty of packing too much into a holiday. I want to make the most of the limited time that I have. I want to see the best sights, eat the best food and see the best views. But this can sometimes take over the whole experience. It can be yet more distractions, getting in the way of simply ‘being’ in a new place.

So, we can ask ourselves some helpful questions here:

  • How do I want to feel when I’m away?
  • Considering my answer, where do I want to go and why?
  • How do I want to BE when I arrive?
  • What qualities will I bring to my time away?
  • What do I need to leave at home?


What Mindful Travel Gives Us

mindful travel - admiring the entrance to the Denia castle.

Above ImageAdmiring the entrance to the Denia Castle.

One of the amazing opportunities that mindful travel gives us is the freedom to be in a different environment, to take a step back and see new perspectives on life. It offers the perfect conditions for positive change. What difference could it make to give yourself some space on your trip?

We can find ourselves dashing from one thing to another but what would it feel like to have a pause and savor just BEING while you’re traveling?

Mindful Travel in Denia, Spain

mindful travel - enjoying the gorgeous waters of Las Rotas in Denia.

Above ImageThe Las Rotas beach in Denia with the healing touch of the sea.

Denia, Spain is surrounded by the most stunning nature. Mountains, sea, vineyards, beaches… It serves as the perfect environment to experience a mindful reset. Particularly if you have responsibilities at work or home, with people demanding things of you.

It can take some time to change gears when you first arrive on holiday. So why not treat yourself to a two day private restorative retreat, and begin your restful break in a naturally slower gear?

Enjoy a restorative weekend of mindfulness, yoga, walks, delicious local food and time to rest in the beautiful coastal town of Denia, a UNESCO Creative City of gastronomy.

Welcome to Denia Mindfulness Retreats

mindful travel - the simple pleasures of nature

Above ImageEnjoy the simple pleasures of nature.

I run bespoke mindfulness weekends tailored to your personal needs. Whether that’s some peaceful time out of your busy life to restore and build some resilience or whether you want to take a closer look at an area of your life that you’d like to improve. The time is completely yours and I create a personalized experience to reflect this.

The mindfulness techniques and tools that you’ll use will be tailored to what you need right now but they will help you to cope with any difficult situation for the rest of your life.

By intentionally decompressing at the start of your trip, you will be able to appreciate it more fully and be more present. You’ll enjoy it more instead of feeling like it’s yet another thing to get through. This is a great way to embrace mindful travel.

You Can Embrace Mindful Travel

mindful travel - sunset on the Las Marinas beach in Denia.

Above ImageThere’s nothing like a sunset on the Mediterranean.

Clear the clutter of overthinking, settle that feeling of overwhelm and make space to just BE. Practicing this in a new environment will refresh your memory of what it’s like to simply be you. It will give you greater clarity of mind and the ability to feel more at ease with yourself and those around you.

I actually felt a little stuck while writing this so I went for a walk on the Montgo mountain here to clear my mind and invite some space. It helped to allow what I wanted to share with you flow much more easily.

Are you ready to embrace mindful travel? Enjoy a mindfulness retreat in Denia, Spain with Kate Greenslade and scroll further below to learn more. It’s a perfect way to start or end your trip in Europe, or a great pick me up if you live in Spain. Need help planning your trip? Learn about our custom trip planning services and DIY travel booking tools.

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Written by Guest Writer, Kate Greenslade

Written by Guest Writer, Kate Greenslade

Mindfulness Coach

Kate Greenslade is a certified mindfulness coach who runs bespoke mindfulness retreats in Denia, Spain. She helps clients reconnect to their innate wisdom and contentment so they can enjoy life with more ease.

Website | Retreats | Instagram


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