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Valencia Horchata – Why and Where You Gotta Try Valencia’s Beloved Artisan Drink (Story + Video)

Why try Valencia horchata? This local tradition can be healthy (hint – tiger nuts) and no one knows that better than Valencia’s first organic horchatería.

15 Traditional Spanish Christmas Foods in the Valencia Community

We’re getting our stomachs around all the Spanish Christmas foods during the holiday season. With the help of locals, here’s 15 traditional and rare ones.

For Food Events in Spain Visit Denia’s DNA Gastronomic Festival – Story + Video

Food events in Spain are the hottest new way to travel, and now Denia has one of the best ones. Enjoy our tasty story and video to discover more.

Enjoying Vermouth in Denia – A Gastronomy Travel Guide

For an authentic Spanish drink experience, enjoy vermouth in Denia with our latest gastronomy travel guide. Complete with food tips and interactive maps.

A Spanish Beer Tasting of Artisan Beers in Spain

Read about our recent Spanish beer tasting to learn about some of the latest artisan beers and the growing craft beer culture here in Spain.

For One of the Best Restaurants in Madrid, Eat at the Oldest Restaurant in the World – Story + Video

Among the best restaurants in Madrid, is the oldest restaurant in the world. Watch the video to see what their nearly 300-year old oven is still cooking up.

Enjoying Vermouth in Valencia – A Gastronomy Travel Guide

Vermouth in Valencia is not only a great drink, but an amazing experience. Use our latest gastronomy travel guide for where to enjoy this Spanish tradition.

Intro to Spanish Vermouth and How to Enjoy it When in Spain

Spanish vermouth is one of our favorite drinks, and we aren’t alone. So, with this Spanish aperitif in hand, let’s get you introduced.

Celebrating Easter in Spain with the Local Foods

Easter in Spain is a big deal, and a yummy one! So we’re introducing you to some of the local foods for celebrating Easter in our part of España.

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Visiting Extremadura – An Insider’s 10 Enticing Reasons & Itinerary Tips

While visiting Extremadura is overlooked by many travelers to Spain, it is a hidden gem for so many great reasons that we share with you here.

Our Favorite Things to do in Madrid, and More

If you’re looking for things to do in Madrid, start with some of our favorites and tips on how best to enjoy this magnificent city.

For One of the Best Restaurants in Madrid, Eat at the Oldest Restaurant in the World – Story + Video

Among the best restaurants in Madrid, is the oldest restaurant in the world. Watch the video to see what their nearly 300-year old oven is still cooking up.

Our First Correfoc in Spain – Denia’s Mesmerizing Fire Run Caught on Video

Until our first Correfoc in Spain, we didn’t understand the Spanish obsession with fire, but now we do. Watch our video about our first ‘fire run’ in Denia.

Playa Ambolo, Story & Video – A Hidden-Gem Beach of Spain’s Costa Blanca

Like hidden treasure, Playa Ambolo lies waiting to be discovered. Watch our video and get helpful tips for enjoying this Mediterranean gem in Spain.

What We Love About Visiting Asturias, and Think You Will Too

We love visiting Asturias, for so many reasons. From its natural beauty to its food and people, we think you’ll like this northern region of Spain as well.

Cocas de Guisantes Recipe with a Touch of Trujillo

Our Cocas de Guisantes Recipe is the touch of Eric Trujillo to a traditional savory torte here in Denia, Spain. Enjoy the downloadable recipe here!

Retire in Spain: An American Couple’s Story – Part I

Retire in Spain?! Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Learn from this American couple of how Spain was their way to early retirement.

Discover Cayetano’s Cuir, A Treasure of Traditional Spanish Leather Craftsmanship

Our story takes you into the cuir of Cayetano, a Spanish leather worker. There, we get a glimpse of the immense value of handmade craftsmanship.

Abruzzo, Italy (Part I of IV) – A Private Tour of Masciarelli Winery

When I first visited the region of Abruzzo in Italy, I enjoyed a private tour of the Masciarelli Winery. It taught me about far more than wine.

Abruzzo, Italy (Part III of IV) – Eccentric Dining at La Vineria di Salnitro

When I first visited the region of Abruzzo, Italy, I was introduced to La Vineria di Salnitro. Meet owner Angelo and step inside another dimension of Italy!

A Day Visiting Bergamo, Italy

In Northern Italy, I spent a day visiting Bergamo. It was a town I almost overlooked, but am so glad I was introduced to. Learn what a day there is like.

For the Best Seafood in Tuscany, Visit Livorno

Livorno, Italy has the best seafood in Tuscany? Amalia experienced a historic restaurant that continues to specialize in this area’s local cuisine.

The First Bed and Breakfast in Italy

One of my favorite travel discoveries is the first bed and breakfast in Italy! Don’t miss out on this hidden gem. It’s reason enough to visit Italy today.


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Central America

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For the Best Beaches in Costa Rica, Follow the Surfers!

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy these great surf spots as the best beaches in Costa Rica. Time to follow the surfers and!

Discover the Conchal Hotel in Costa Rica – Story + Video

This video introduces you to the Conchal Hotel in Costa Rica. You’ll be ready to go stay with them for a true Costa Rican experience.

The Hotel that would Lure Us Back to Visit Costa Rica

The next time we visit Costa Rica, we know where we’re staying! The Conchal Hotel makes for an unforgettable Costa Rican experience.

Personal & Tasty Insight into Boca Chica for Local Beaches in Dominican Republic

Nothing cures my cold-weather-blues better than local beaches in Dominican Republic. Boca Chica can be underestimated, but family and food never fail!

Flying Out of Costa Rica

Before flying out of Costa Rica, learn from us about how to be prepared for the departure tax. Don’t let it surprise you pre-coffee like it did us!

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