Authentic Valencian Paella with Local Friend Joaquin – Story + Video

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Paella is in the air! But not just any paella. We’re talking the original, the authentic, Valencian Paella. What better way to experience this dish than at home with a native Valencian and bistro owner, Joaquin Ten. It wasn’t just about showing up at his house and outdoor barbecoa in Lliria. We got to take part in what is a family tradition that his father passed on to him. Watch our video and see how Paella Valenciana is made from the heart and truly enjoyed, from beginning to end.

Watch Our Video About Authentic Valencian Paella

Ingredients for Valencian Paella

The ingredients of Valencian Paella (known in Valencia as Paella Valenciana) are simpler than the stereotypes out there about this famous rice dish. It’s chicken, rabbit, green beans, and a local white bean called garrofó. Some olive oil and tomatoes. Then of course, don’t forget the main ingredients – rice and saffron. For the rice, try to get rice from Valencia, like the local Bomba Rice.

What was especially fun about this Valencian Paella was going with Joaquin into his town’s historic center to get the ingredients. The highlight was the trip to the butcher, where we got to witness them chop up the local, wild rabbit that we would later cook and eat. We got the chicken there too, but come on – for Americans it’s a little more unusual to buy and cook rabbit at home!

The Heart of Valencian Paella

We think you’ll see from the video, that for the locals in Valencia, Valencian Paella is very personal. They put their heart into it and it’s a culturally rich dish that is for enjoying with those close to you. That’s when it’s the best.

For Joaquin, it reminds him of his father and how every Sunday, it was his father’s turn to cook. While his mother cooked the rest of the week, Sundays and the Valencian Paella was his father’s speciality. We’ll never think of paella the same way again, now that we’ve experienced what it means for our friends here in Valencia. It’s truly a dish that can be satisfying for the body and the heart.

When in Valencia, visit Joaquin’s Tasca Sorolla for great fresh seafood, local dishes and wine.

Located just a block from the Mercado Central, it’s one of the best local food experiences in the city’s historic center.

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

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