The Benefits of a Spain Scouting Trip: Find Your New Spanish Life

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Are you captivated by the idea of living in Spain? Years ago we were as well, and we eventually discovered our Spanish home in Denia on the Costa Blanca. With its stunning Mediterranean coastline, picturesque towns, and breathtaking mountains, the Costa Blanca is a fantastic option to consider for living overseas. While Spain may seem small, it holds wonderful diversity across its regions, and we also encourage you to consider other parts of this beautiful country for a life abroad.

Before embarking on such a significant life change, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and we encourage people to experience the region first hand. In this article, we will explore the advantages of undertaking a Spain scouting trip, how it can help you make an informed decision about relocating, and how I can assist you in creating the perfect exploratory journey.

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Unveiling the Charms of the Costa Blanca through a Spain Scouting Trip

Above ImageThe Las Rotas beach in Denia, Spain.

Embarking on a Spain scouting trip allows you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Costa Blanca, located in the vibrant Valencia region. From the golden beaches of Denia to the idyllic white-washed village of Altea, the Costa Blanca offers a range of alluring destinations, including Javea, Moraira, and more. Experience the magic of this region firsthand and explore its unique features during your scouting trip.

On a Spain scouting trip, you can experience one of the unique traits about life on the Costa Blanca, its own distinct Valencian culture. There is even the Valencian language which is prominent on traffic signage, in government and social services, and cultural events. Many of the local Valencians speak Valenciano just as much or more so than Spanish. This is in addition to the Spanish language so you will do fine learning and speaking Spanish.

From the glorious weather to the enticing Mediterranean Sea, this area of Spain provides a rich quality life. Traveling around Spain and the rest of Europe is also convenient, with major airports in the vibrant coastal cities of Valencia and Alicante.


It is helpful to be aware that up to 80% of classes in the public schools throughout the Valencia Region are taught in the Valenciano language so if you have children, keep this in mind and consider one of the great private schools that teach in Spanish and English.

First Hand Experience: Unleashing the Power of Spain Scouting Trips

Descriptions and photos, and even the typical vacation, can only offer a glimpse of life in Spain, which is why a Spain scouting trip is crucial. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with the community, and explore various neighborhoods. As you stroll through charming streets, savor authentic cuisine, meet with trusted service providers and engage with locals, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the daily life, customs, and atmosphere of the region.

How is a Spain scouting trip different from simply vacationing? It’s an itinerary expertly crafted to experience the everyday life of an area. It’s personalized for you and is a beautiful balance of enjoying the local culture and meeting with trusted professionals who are important in the residency process and other logistics of moving to Spain. You still get to enjoy a vacation, while also making steps towards a life in Spain. I can create your Spain scouting trip to focus on one or more of its wonderful regions.


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Expert Guidance and Personalization for Your Spain Scouting Trip

Above ImageSome of the fishermans’ houses in Denia, Spain along Las Rotas.

As a certified Fora Travel Advisor, my Spain Scouting Trip planning service comes with expert skill and resources in designing and executing your ideal itinerary to cater to your specific needs and desires. I make searching for your Spain home, a vacation at the same time. Combining our curated resources, personalized attention, and our extensive first-hand experience of living in Spain for over eight years, we ensure your scouting trip is informative and enjoyable.

By understanding your preferences, budget, and lifestyle requirements, we craft a personalized itinerary that encompasses all the aspects you wish to explore, making your Spain scouting trip a truly transformative experience.

Education and Connection: Empowering Your Relocation Journey

Moving to a foreign country involves numerous logistical, cultural, and legal considerations. My Spain Scouting Trip planning service goes beyond exploration. I provide educational resources and connect you with local experts, real estate agents, language schools, and other expatriates who have successfully made the transition.

You can have informative activities provided and even scheduled for you, such as private property showings and consultations with legal professionals. With my help, you’ll be able to gain the knowledge and connections necessary to navigate the intricacies of relocating to Spain.

Beyond the Costa Blanca: Customizing Your Spain Scouting Trip

Visiting Asturias

Above ImageThe Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.

While the Costa Blanca is our specialty, I understand that you may be interested in other regions of Spain to live in. After years of living in Spain and traveling throughout its regions, we’ve been able to learn about the variations and differences in important factors, from culture and lifestyle to weather and living costs. I also have the resources to connect you with valuable service providers around Spain who are trusted in their field of expertise.

Whether you’re interested in the north, center, or south of Spain, my Spain Scouting Trip planning service can help you. Simply share your preferences, and I’ll customize your journey accordingly, ensuring you have the opportunity to explore the regions that intrigue you most.


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Get Started on Your Spanish Adventure with a Spain Scouting Trip

Dreaming of a life in Spain is exciting, but taking the first step toward making it a reality is essential. And you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you’re considering the Costa Blanca or other regions of Spain, my expertise and personalized approach will guide you towards finding your new Spanish life.

Let my Spain Scouting Trip planning service assist you in crafting a personalized journey of discovery, ensuring your scouting trip is educational, inspiring, and tailored to your unique needs. Start your Spanish adventure today and let me guide you towards your new life in Spain. Contact me today!

The First Step for Moving to Spain

Above ImageThe Madrid Royal Palace.

A Spain scouting trip is an invaluable investment when considering a move to the Costa Blanca or any other region in Spain. By experiencing the vibrant culture, connecting with experts, learning from our own experiences, and exploring different areas firsthand, you’ll gain the insights needed to make an informed decision.

Make the most of my resources and support to make an informed decision about your future in this beautiful country.

Take the First Step for Moving to Spain

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Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Written by Amalia Maloney Del Riego

Fora Certified Travel Advisor & Content Creator

I love living in Denia, Spain and traveling worldwide. My idea of a great time is ‘eating and drinking’ my way around a new place and meeting the people. As a Fora Certified Travel Advisor, I specialize in custom travel planning for trips throughout Europe, as well as scouting trips for moving to Spain. Here on you can enjoy our Europe travel resources to experience Europe and live in Spain.


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