Meet Latasia: A New Era of the Spanish Restaurant in Madrid

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The typical Spanish restaurant in Madrid has had a consistent style and taste for some time. Yet change is inevitable and even this mecca of Spanish cuisine is expanding into fusions of both decor and taste. We’ve visited Madrid numerous times over the past decade and in just the past five years have seen a rapid evolution in the restaurant and food scene here. The new Latasia Casa de Comidas really proves that for us. It is a fantastic dining experience that takes Spanish food traditions to a new delicious level with some satiating flair. Get to read, and see more, about the passion of the owners/chefs that bring the magic to the table. Oh, and make sure to have a servilleta(napkin) ready for the drooling that will commence!

Dishes at this Spanish Restaurant in Madrid

Have that servilleta ready? Good! Because we’re jumping right into the thing that any foodie wants to see the most – the dishes. Just click on each image to make them bigger. But, really…we recommend you don’t lick your screen. Tempting, we know, but that technology isn’t here yet. You have to simply get to Madrid and eat at Latasia ?

To start with, we had an appetizer of Foie Gras garnished with goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, and a vinaigrette of dried fruits.

This was one of the best foe gras dishes we’ve ever had! Delicate and light tastes; a great way to start dinner.

The next tapa was their Ceviche Limeño de Ají Amarillo (Ceviche with Lemon and Yellow Pepper).

We loved the freshness of the ingredients, featuring generous chunks of fish and avocados. The balance of zany citrus juices and the accompany crisps were super tasty and oh-so refreshing during the summer heat of August.

The next shared plate was the Caballa Marinada y Tomate Semiseco, featuring marinated tuna, sashimi style, semi-dried tomatoes, and dollops of sauce.

It was surprising how this plate blew our tastebuds and our minds. The tuna was fantastic, yet the tomatoes were the star; they were savory and sweet, infused with a soy sauce that had a taste of smoked barbecue.

Pez mantequilla al horno, marinado en miso y amontillado (butterfish baked, marinated in miso and other seasonings), was the next shared plate. Yes…the food was still coming!

Butter is the right word for this dish…buttery, delicious goodness. The roe sprinkled on top was a great touch of delicacy and the greens cooked just right. 

Yes! Even more food came – next the Chili Crab. Accompanied by toasty, soft bread rolls for enjoying it bon-mi style.

Not only was this a welcoming spicy dish for us, it was fun to enjoy and a rare delight of Asian flavor.

Chuletón de vaca con 60 días de maduración (Beef Ribeye with 60 days of ripening), was the grand finale and main course.

This was an amazing treat, perfectly cooked for a beef that was rich, tender and so satisfyingly tasty. 

Oops! Did we say we were done. Latasia takes no shortcuts and served us up two of their desserts: their Lime Pie with Mango and Sorbet and their Carrot Cake.

The desserts were what sweets should be, especially after so much food – naturally sweet and light, even the cakes. The sorbet was of refreshing lime and both plates were presented with beautiful detail. 

The Creatives Behind this Spanish Restaurant in Madrid

Latasia only opened in May of 2016, yet already they’ve developed quite the following; locals and visitors. We know about this Spanish restaurant in Madrid because we know the owners/chefs, brothers Roberto and Sergio Hernandez Sevillano. How did we meet them? In January of 2015, we were in Spain for a month before we moved there full-time and while visiting Madrid, we walked into their past restaurant La Chusquery. We remember thinking on that day, Man, we so want to find a great place for lunch today…, and then it happened! It was a fantastic lunch and we got to know Roberto and Sergio. We really hit it off with them because they were so friendly and love food for more than just taste; they love the creativeness and experience of it. No wonder people like us agree that it’s an art!

Since then, they decided to move on from La Chusquery for a different location that better targeted their true audiences. Thus Latasia was born. Pronounced La-tasha, it is a word they made up from their passion of Latin, Peruvian and Asian foods. It’s located in the more northern urban area of Madrid, away from the average tourist spots and almost as far north from the center as the Chamartin Train Station.

Having stayed in touch with them, we were excited when we saw that they had recently opened this new Spanish restaurant in Madrid and made sure to visit before they were closed for three weeks of summer holiday this August (they’re closed only from August 1st – 24th).

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The Spanish Restaurant in Madrid for Quality Dining

The dinner we enjoyed was shared with our wonderful friend Jordi. He is a Spaniard who is from Catalunya, but also a local to Madrid, working and living back and forth between these two major parts of Spain for over the past 14 years. It was great to enjoy this dinner with him, since he works in the restaurant industry as well and really appreciates wonderful food and dining.

This particular array of Latasia’s dishes were handpicked by the chefs for us. We enjoyed peering at the menu, but ended up giving them full reign to craft their own custom menu for us. We love eating like that; just sit back, relax, and savor each plate that comes and the surprise of learning about what it is.

We feel inspired by the food-passions of Roberto and Sergio. While talking with them before we left, Eric and Roberto especially went off on a rant of their seasonings, flavors and methods behind their cooking – it’s fun when you meet people on your travels who you share passions with! We’re very proud of Roberto and Sergio and so excited for them and their success. We hope you enjoy and savor it too!

Hey! Guess what? We were not hired, paid or compensated in any way to write this article (the dinner was not comped). It shares our sincere opinions and thoughts without bias. We wrote it because we wanted to ? 

Eat at Latasia in Madrid

Stop on in! Reservations recommended, but not required.

Written by Amalia & Eric

Written by Amalia & Eric

Founders & Producers of Move to Traveling

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